Chitlang Tour Package

2 Days

Book our updated Chitlang Tour Package for 2021. We are offering Chitlang Markhu Tour package with the best rate and awesome hospitality. Chitlang is one of the popular holiday destinations among Nepalese these days. Either it’s a weekend or weekdays: Chitlang received hundreds of travelers.

Chitlang is nested in the lap of green lush forest which is also known for this organic theme. Travelers can enjoy organic food during their tour to Chitlang. Where Kulekhani offers fresh local fish as per choice for travelers. Getting hectic from your busy schedule and want a night of escape then Chitlang can be a perfect place for you to recharge yourself.

Chitlang Tour Package
Tour to Chitlang can also be a good educational tour for students who are keen on the history of Nepal. Chitlang is the oldest road that connects our two giant neighbors India and China. Ancient traders used Chitlang village as part of their trade-in past. The first vintage car in Kathmandu which was carried by 60 men also passed this village before entering the Kathmandu valley via Chandirgiri pass.

The Newari civilization of Chitlang is regarded as one of the oldest Newari civilizations in Nepal. Till this date, you can see the beautiful Newari temple, houses, and landmarks during your tour to Chitlang.

 Chitlang Facts

Destination Name Chitlang
Location Makwanpur District
Altitude 1850 Meters
Distance from Kathmandu 26 KM – Chandirgiri Route

58 KM – Dakshinkali Route

Major activities
  • Quad Bike Ride
  • Horse Riding
  • Temple Tour
  • Camping
Things to do
  • Morning Hiking
  • Village Cycling Tour
  • Boat Ride
  • Cultural exploration
  • Photography
  • Goat Cheese Tour
  • Visit Chisapani Gadi
Best months to visit September, October, November

January, February, March, April

Travel Theme Fun, Holiday, Picnic, Relaxation

Local Attractions of Chitlang Tour Package

  • Goat Cheese Factory Tour
  • Boating in Kulekhani
  • Chisapani Gadi
  • Learn History of Chitlang
  • Pear Garden Visit
  • Saat Dhara Tour
  • Exploring Manjgaun
  • Green Lush Atmosphere
  • Visit Chandragiri Temple
  • Organic Fish Lunch
  • Kulekhani Dam visit
  • Markhu Village Tour
  • Cycling in Chitlang
  • Quad Bike Ride

Chitlang Tour Package is a bundle of fun and recreational package. For the office working people, this can be a great refreshment package which helps to get rid of all tensions and workdays hectic life. The Chitlang Tour starts in Kathmandu and also ends in Kathmandu. Currently, our Chitlang Tour Package from Hetauda is closed until another notice. However, people who don’t want to transfer services and require only a tour package of Chitlang may contact us. 

You will be picked up from Kathmandu by Jeep or Bus and our journey to Chitlang start. It takes approx two and a half hours to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu. Once you arrive at Chitlang Hotel, you will be given a welcome drink and greeting by the hotel staff.

In the evening time before dinner, you can enjoy the music with your near and dear ones at a campfire. Additionally, you can prepare your own BBQ in the fire upon extra paying to the hotel directly.

Chitlang Tour Package

Chitlang Tour Package by Jeep

Chitlang Tour Package by Jeep is the most preferred mode of transfer by visitors. If you are traveling from Kathmandu then, the Chitlang tour by Jeep is the fast and safest way to spend your weekend and vacation. You need to be at least 7 people in the group for the best rate. We will receive you from your mentioned location inside Kathmandu Valley/Ringroad.

Day 1: Kathmandu-Chitlang Tour Day

11.00: Drive to Chitlang in Private Scorpio Jeep. 

02.00: Lunch at Markhu and Boating at Khulekhali

03.30: Check-in at the hotel of Chitlang with welcome drinks and light snacks.

07.00: Dinner

08.00 Camp Fire, Music  and Overnight

Day 2: Chitlang -Kathmandu Tour Day 

07.30: Breakfast in the Hotel

08.30: Sightseeing of Goat cheese factory, Saat Dhara & Manjgaun.

11.00: Lunch

12.00: Drive back to Kathmandu by Scorpio Jeep

Chitlang Tour Package

Chitlang Tour Package by Bus

Day 1: Kathmandu-Chitlang Tour Day

12.00: Drive to Chitlang by Bus

03.30: Check-in at the hotel of Chitlang with welcome drinks and light snacks.

07.00: Dinner

08.00 Camp Fire, Music, and Overnight

Day 2: Chitlang -Kathmandu Tour Day 

07.30: Breakfast in the Hotel

08.30: Sightseeing of Goat cheese factory, Saat Dhara & Manjgaun.

11.00: Lunch

12.00: Boating in Markhu

12.00: Drive back to Kathmandu by Bus

Chitlang Day Tour Package

Chitlang day tour is perfect, go the quick glimpse of Chitlang Village along with Kulekhani Dam and Markhu other areas in a short span of time. You can leave Kathmandu early in the morning towards Chitlang. On the way to Chitlang, you can enjoy lunch in the Markhu/Kulekhani. Don’t miss having a fresh fish meal in this area during your tour.

Chitlang does really have anything to offer for a day tour visitors, however, the one you should not miss is Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang. You can enjoy this quad bike only in Chitlang all over Nepal. Having lunch in Kulekhani /Markhu, you can enjoy this bike ride and explore the village on foot for a couple of hours.

Once the village tour is over, you can also enjoy the boat ride in the Kulekhani Dam. Boating is a fun activity you can enjoy during this tour. Once the boat ride is done, you need to prepare to return back to Kathmandu which takes another 90 min.

And if you are lured by the beauty of this place then you can plan for an overnight stay and enjoy a night in the lap of Nature.

Chitlang Markhu Day Tour Itinerary

06:00 AM: Drive from Kathmandu to Chitlang

08:00 AM: Reach Chitlang Village

08:30 AM: Breakfast in Chitlang Resort

09:30 AM: Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

10:30 AM: Explore the Chitlang Village and Surroundings

11:30 AM: Drive towards Kulekhani/Markhu

12:30 PM: Enjoy the Lunch in the Kulekhani

01:00 PM: Enjoy the boat ride in the Kulekhani Water Reserve

02:00 PM: Take a picture and enjoy the free time now

04:00 PM: Drive back to Kathmandu

Note: You can catch your office the next day also from Chitlang. The distance is only 25 KM in distance and it takes approx 90 min travel time via Chitlang – Chandragiri – Thankot route to reach Kathmandu.

Chitlang Tour Package for Couple

Chitlang Holiday with your partner can be an ideal place. Whether you are married or unmarried, it doesn’t matter, spending quality time with your loved one is the only matter. Take a ride from Kathmandu to Chitlang which is only 2 hours drive. Make sure you book a perfect resort to make your night romantic.

There are normally two types of accommodation available in Chitlang: Cottage and Room. If you are more conscious about the privacy of the night then book a deluxe room that is safe and good for a couple. Compared to the Deluxe Room, Tent accommodation is cheap and less privacy.

The couple can ask fora private campfire which you need to pay extra directly to the hotel. Besides that, you also can enjoy the BBQ in the hotel with your partner. The next day, hiking around the Chitlang village and take a boat ride in Kulekhani is another activity you can do.

Chitlang Tour Package

Chitlang Tour with Quad Bike Ride

Adventure seekers people now can experience a Quad Bike ride in Chitlang. We also offer different types of a package with Quad Bike and accommodation in Chitlang. Our package starts with Rs 5800 per person which includes transportation, accommodation, Quad Bike ride for 1 hour, boating in Markhu, Campfire and so many things.

Note: Mentioned Trip cost applied for group only. If you accept a public vehicle then we can operate this trip.

Best time to visit Chitlang

Chitlang is a destination that can be visited 365 days a year. Chitlang offers tropical weather conditions so in the summer hot days too, Chitlang is cool and the weather is perfect. September, October, November, January, February, March, April are highly recommended months you can visit Chitlang. You also can visit Chitlang in the rest of the months but some are very cold and some other months fall between the Monsoon seasons.

During the time of monsoon, Chitlang and Kulekhani received heavy rainfall. You can enjoy the sound of rainfall in the woods in your hotel in these months. So, if you just want to relax and spend the night then you can visit any date and time of years.

Monthly Weather chart of Chitlang

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 13°/ 3° 5 days
February 15°/ 4° 8 days
March 19°/ 7° 10 days
April 21°/ 10° 16 days
May 27°/ 14° 12 days
June 24°/ 16° 29 days
July 21°/ 15° 31 days
August 23°/ 15° 31 days
September 21°/ 14° 28 days
October 21°/ 11° 10 days
November 20°/ 9° 0 days
December 15°/ 3° 2 days

How to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu?

There are mainly four ways to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu. Bike, Car, and Bus rental are the available options to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu. There is no direct bus from Kathmandu to Chitlang till this date. Either Car, Jeep, or Bus rental needs to do for the travelers to reach Chitlang.

Chitlang can be accessed via two roads: Thankot – Chandrigiri road or Dakshinkali Road. Thankot – Chandirgiri road is short and easy to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu. The distance is only 26 KM and takes approx 90 min to reach.

And the second option: Dakshinkali Road is the longest way to reach Chitlang. The total distance is approx 58 KM and takes around 150 minutes to reach Kathmandu.

Chitlang Tour Package

Mode of Transfer to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu

Motor Bike: Motor Bike is the easy and swift way to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu if you are traveling with a partner or friends. You can reach Chitlang from Kathmandu easily with comfort in the motorbike.

Car/Jeep: Car and jeep rental for Chitlang Tour is the best idea if you are traveling with a family or medium group size. The road choice is yours which one to choose for this visit. A car can accommodate up to 4 people and a jeep can carry 8 people at once.

Bus Rental: Renting a bus is perfect for a big group size. A bus can accommodate 28 people at once. The long tourist bus is not ideal for this road condition so the 28 seater buses are usually used on this road for Chitlang Tour.

Cable Car Ride + Hiking: If you want to experience Chitlang visit in a new way then you also can take a cable car ride and hike downhill to reach Chitlang. This way to travel is also popular among travelers these days.

Vehicle Rental Cost for Chitlang Tour Package

Vehicle Types Day Trip Rental Cost Overnight Rental Cost
Motorbike Rs 1500 Rs 3000
Car – 3 Pax Max Rs 6000 Rs 8000
Jeep – 8 Pax Max Rs 8000 Rs 10000
Bus – 28 Seat Rs 15000 Rs 20000

Note: The vehicle rental cost includes fuel, driver’s accommodation, salary, parking fee, and toll charges. There is no hidden cost in the mentioned cost.

How to book Chitlang Tour Package?

Here are the few steps you need to pass to make a reservation regarding your trip to Chitlang.

You can send us your requirement for the Chitlang Tour via email, phone, and WhatApp’s or Viber.

Once we receive your requirements, we will send you the details of the tour package via email or offer you over the phone or any other social media platform. And then after, you can transfer some advance payment to secure your seats or confirm your reservation. And finally, once the payment is received, we will send you the service voucher along with payment acknowledgment.

Your Chitlang tour starts and the rest of the payment will be done during check-in at the hotel.

Kathmandu – Chitlang Digital Map

Chitlang Tour FAQ’s

How much does the Chitlang Tour Package cost?

Tour package of Chitlang cost Rs 1800 per person up to Rs 4500 per person. It really depends on your group size and the hotel standard you prefer to stay.

Is there a hotel with A/C in Chitlang?

Yes, one hotel in Chitlang does have air condition facilities for the luxury guest who is looking for it.

Is staying in a tent safe?

Staying in a tent is safe. No report has been filed of security till today regarding the issue of safety.

Is it safe to visit Chitlang for a Couple?

Chitlang is safe destination in-terms of security for couples. You can enjoy quality time in Chitlang with your loved one with peace.

How far is Chitlang from Kathmandu?

The shortest route from Kathmandu to Chitlang is 25 KM via the Chandragiri route. And if you go with another alternative route via Dakshikali temple then it is 58 KM.

How to go to Chitlang from Kathmandu?

The best way to go to Chitlang from Kathmandu is by private jeep. Motorbike is also widely used to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu.

How much time does it take to reach Chitlang?

If you take a route of Thankot – Chandragiri then it takes approx. an hour to reach Chitlang. But if you take a route of Dakshinkali, then it takes approx. 2+ hours to reach Chitlang.

How is the road condition to Chitlang from Kathmandu?

Half of the road is blacktopped and the half is still the dusty and bumpy road to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu.

How can we get a bus to Chitlang?

Taking a public vehicle to reach Chitlang is a hectic one. There is no direct vehicle to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu to this date. You can find a jeep from Balkhu which can only take you to Kulekhani Lake. From Kulekhani, you need to hike approx. 40 min to reach Chitlang Village.

How is the road condition to Chitlang from Chandragiri?

Chandragiri road to reach Chitlang is recommended by us. This is also the shortest way to reach Chitlang from Kathmandu.

Chitlang Tour Video

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Chitlang Tour Package