Kapuche Lake Trek 

Kapuche Lake Trek is one of the emerging trekking among Nepalese these days. Kapuche Glacier Lake trek is popular for its uniqueness and pristine natural water. Kapuche lake is a hidden germ that recently came into the limelight after the team of Ghumante visited and made a travel vlog. Kapuche Glacier lake trek can be perfect short trekking in Nepal if you are looking for a camping trek in Nepal. Kapuche Lake is also the lowest glacier lake in the world. Kapuche lake lies in the northeastern part of the Kaski district at an altitude of 2546 meters from sea level. 

Kapuche Lake Trek 

Less crowded, isolated, remoteness is some of the features of this Kapuche Lake trek. The starting point of Kapuche Lake trek is Pokhara and also ends in Pokhara. The trekking trail passes through different beautiful villages and landscapes on the way to Kapuche Lake. The main entry point of Kapuche lake is Sikles village where you need to hike from this village to reach Glacier lake. Kapuche Lake Trek lies in the Annapurna region. To reach Sikles, you can find different modes of transfer. 

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Kapuche Lake Trek Itinerary 

You can reach Kapuche Lake within 4 days from Pokhara. So the perfect itinerary for Kapuche lake is 3 Nights 4 Days. On the first day, you will be traveling from Pokhara to Sikles Village. And the second day, the trek starts from Sikles village towards Hugu village also known as Goth Ghar which takes approx 5-6 hours to reach. Hugu is a small shepherd settlement where basic accommodation is available. And the next day, you will hike towards Kapuche Glacier from Hugu Village which takes approx 2 hours hike. 

Kapuche Lake Trek Itinerary 

Explore the beauty of glaciers and lakes for a couple of hours and hike back to Huge village. And the next day, hike early from Huge village towards Sikles for Lunch, and after lunch in Sikles, drive back to Pokhara which makes your itinerary short and sweet for Nepalese hikers. 

Major Attraction of Kapuche Lake Trek 

  • Local Gurung culture and tradition.
  • Glacier lake view.
  • High mountain ranges.
  • Wild birds and forests.
  • Avalancha falling into the lake 
  • Lowest Glacier in the world – 2450 Meters 

Outline Itinerary of Kapuche Lake Trek 

Day 1: Pokhara to Sikles – 4 Hours drive by Jeep 

Day 2: Sikles to Hugu Village ( Goth Ghar). – 6 hours trek 

Day 3: Sikles to Kaphuche Lake and back to Hugu Village( Goth Ghar)

Day 4: Hugu village( Goth Ghar) to Silkes and drive back to Pokhara 

Detailed itinerary of Kapuche Lake Trek 

Kapuche Lake Trek 
On the way to Hugi from Sikles view point. Magnificent view of Annapurna IV and Lamjung Himal.

Day 1: Pokhara to Sikles Village 

Today we will drive towards Kapuche Lake from Pokhara after Lunch. The distance between Pokhara to Sikles is approx 40 KM. We will ride towards Sikles village for our trek to Kapuche lake which takes approx 4 hours drive by private Jeep. Before reaching Sikles village, you will cross beautiful villages like Taprang, Chipli Gaun, and Khilang. There are numbers of guesthouses and homestays in Sikles to welcome travelers. 

You can spend the evening exploring the Gurung village and monastery in Sikles. Sikles is one of the largest Gurung Shettelment in Nepal. Overnight in Sikles

Day 2: Sikles Village to Hugu Village ( Goth Ghar ) 

The next day morning, you can see the mountain like Annapurna II, Annapurna IV and Lamjung Himal from the village in the background of Sikles village. You will have Lunch in Sikles and hike towards our today’s destination: Hugu Village is also known as Goth Ghar. Today’s hike takes approx 6 hours for average hikers. You can enjoy the picturesque view of Mt Lamjung Himal on the trail.  You also can see the avalanche falling from Mt Annapurna and Lamjung Himal if you are lucky on the hike. There are no settlements in this trail between Sikles and Hugu Village. The trekking trail is narrow and steep so follow the instruction of the guide. 

You also can see the 65 Meters waterfall called Yedi in today’s trail where you can take pictures and refill your water bottle. Overnight stay in Hugu Village( Goth Ghar) from where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Mountains. 

Day 3: Hugu – Kapuche Lake – Hugu 

Have breakfast in the Hugu and pack your lunch and hike towards Kapuche Lake today early in the morning. You will reach Kapuche Lake after 2-3 hours of hike. 

Enjoy the beauty of nature once you reach Glacier lake. Reflection of Annapurna and Lamjung Himal can be seen in the lake. Enjoy taking pictures and roaming around the lake and have your packed lunch on the edge of the lake. Once you are done with this, hike back towards Hugu Village. Overnight in Hugu Village. 

Day 4: Hugu Vilage – Sikles Village and Pokhara 

We will depart from Hugu village by having our breakfast early. It takes approx 4 hours to return back to Sikles by the same route. We will have lunch in Sikles and drive back to Pokhara which takes another 4 hours to reach. 

In this way, our 3 Nights 4 Days Kapuche Lake trek ends here. 

Cost Includes

  • Pokhara – Sikles – Pokhara Transfer by Jeep 
  • 3 Night accommodation in Tea House 
  • 3 Course of meal per day during the trek( Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) 
  • Experienced trekking guide 
  • All local and government taxes 
  • First Aid Box 

Cost Excludes

  • Nature of Personal Expenses 
  • Travel insurance, Medical Insurance 
  • Extra night Stay if required
  • Things not mentioned in the “Cost Includes” section

Foods and Accommodation during Kapuche Trek

Food: You can make a choice from the food menu in Sikles where you will receive a proper meal in Sikles, however, basic Nepalese Dal, Bhat, and Tarkari will be offered in Hugu Village. Do not expect too much in terms of food in this trek. You can always carry some dry foods for yourself on this trek which will definitely help you to boost your stamina. 

Kapuche Lake Trek 

Accommodation: Talking about accommodation in Kapuche Lake Trek, you will be staying in 2 destinations. One is Sikles and the other is Hugu Village which is basically a Shepherd place. There are proper guest houses and home-stays in Sikles however you will receive basic accommodation in Hugu Village. 

About Kapuche Lake 

Kapuche Lake is the world’s lowest glacier lake which is at an elevation of 2450 meters from sea level. Kapuche lake lies in Mardi Rural Municipality – 1 which is also the water source of Madi River. The glacier lake is separated into 400 meters in length, 300 meters in width, and 50 meters deep. 

Kapuche lakes receive water from the melting snow of Mt Annapurna and Mt Lamjung Himal. And the alternative water resource is the unexpected avalanche from these two mountains. The name Kapuche was formed by the local Gurung community. The first two letters “Ka” stand for Ice/Snow and the second two letters “Pu” mean breaking down/sliding down. And the final three letters “Che” standards for plain land which basically means snow breaking in plain land. 

Best time for Kapuche Lake Trek

Besides rainy seasons, you can trek to Kapuche for the rest of the months. Having said that, we highly suggest you trek during September, October, November, February, March, and April. These are the pleasant months for trekking in Kapuche Lake. 

If you want to see the blue water in the lake then September, October, November are the perfect months. And if you want to see the Avalanche falling in the lake then February, March, and April are the months you need to trek. 

Kapuche Lake Distance from Pokhara

Kapuche Lake trek is one of the perfect short trekking which is part of the Annapurna region trek in Nepal. Before the Kapuche Trek starts, you need to drive towards Siklesh village which is the starting point of the Kapuche trek. The distance between Pokhara to Sikles is 26 KM which can be traveled by Jeep or Bus.

And from Sikles, you need to hike towards Kapuche Glacier Lake which is another 20 KM and takes approx 8 hours hike. So the total trek distance is 55 KM with the combination of drive and hike.

Kapucke Lake Avalancha Video

Alternatives Itineraries for Kapuche Lake 

Option One: 3 Days Kapuche Lake Trek from Pokhara 

Day 1: Pokhara to Hugu Village 

Early morning drive from Pokhara to Sikles. Lunch in Sikles and hike towards Hugu Village which is a 6 hours hike. Overnight in Hugu Village. 

Day 2: Early Morning to Kapuche Lake and back to Siklesh 

We will visit early morning to Kapuche lake and back to Hugu. Lunch in Hugu and hike back towards Sikles. Overnight in Sikles. 

Day 3: Drive back to Pokhara 

We will have breakfast in the hotel and drive back to Pokhara.  

Option Two: 4 Days Kapuche Lake Trek itinerary from Pokhara 

Day 1: Pokhara to Hugu

Early morning drive from Pokhara to Sikles. Lunch in Sikles and hike towards Hugu Village which is a 6 hours hike. Overnight in Hugu Village.

Day 2: Hugu Village – Kapuche Lake – Hugu Village

Morning breakfast and hike towards Kapuche Lake. Enjoy the beauty of the lake and return back towards Hugu. Enjoy the night in Hugu village. 

Day 3: Hugu Village to Silkes

We will hike towards Sikles village after lunch in Hugu Village. Today’s hike will be approx 5 hours. Overnight in Sikles village. 

Day 4: Drive from Sikles to Pokhara

We will have our lunch in Sikles and drive towards Pokhara. 

Option Three: 5 Days Kapuche Trek Itinerary from Pokhara 

Day 1: Pokhara to Sikles Village

Drive from Pokhara after lunch towards Sikles. It’s only 4 hours drive by a jeep. Overnight in Sikles village. Second largest Gurung Settlement in Nepal. 

Day 2: Sikles to Hugu Village

Hike towards Hugu Village from Sikles which is a comfortable 6 hours hike. Overnight in Hugu Village. 

Day 3: Kapuche Lake and back to Hugu 

We will hike towards Kapuche lake after our lunch. Enjoy the day in the lake and return back to the lodge in the evening. Overnight in Hugu Village. 

Day 4: Hugu Village to Sikles Village

Today we will hike from Hugu village to Sikles which is another 6 hours easy hike. Overnight in Sikles. 

Day 5: Drive from Sikles to Pokhara 

We will enjoy the last lunch of this trek in Sikles and drive back to Pokhara. 

Option Four: 6 Days easy Kapuche Lake Trek from Kathmandu 

Day 1: Kathmandu to Pokhara Drive 

Take a tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara which leaves at 07:00 AM. The travel journey will be approx 7-8 hours to cross 200 KM. Overnight in Pokhara. 

Day 2: Pokhara to Sikles

Drive towards Sikles after lunch which is a 4 hours journey to cross 40 KM road. Overnight in Sikles. 

Day 3: Sikles to Hugu

We will hike towards Hugu Village after Lunch from Sikles. It’s an easy 6 hours trek. Overnight in Hugu. 

Day 4: Hugu – Kapuche Lake – Hugu

We will explore the lake in the daytime after lunch. Enjoy the whole day in the lake and return back to the lodge in the evening. Overnight in Hugu. 

Day 5: Hugu to Pokhara 

We will leave Hugu right after our breakfast is over and have lunch in Sikles. Drive towards Pokhara after lunch. Spend a night exploring the lakeside and surrounding. 

Day 6: Pokhara to Kathmandu 

We will have breakfast early in the morning and drive towards Kathmandu by Tourist bus.

Kapuche Lake Trek 

Kapuche Lake Trek FAQs

What types of accommodation are available in Kapuche Trek?

Basic types of accommodation are available on the trekking route of Kapuche. Tea house and homestay are available in Siklesh, however, Hugu and Kapuche Glacier offer tent accommodation. 

Can I trek to Kapuche without a trekking Guide? 

Yes, there is no provision of taking a trekking guide to Kapuche Lake mandatory. Having said that, the trekking trail towards Kapuche lake is not properly marked so you might get lost in the bushes easily. There is no human settlement on the way towards the lake so we highly suggest you trek with a local experienced guide on this trek. The lake receives a frequent avalanche so to avoid these situations also, the experienced local guide is a most. 

How many days are required for Kapuche Lake Trek? 

If you want to sum up this trek in comfort then 3 Nights 4 Days is perfect for you. 

How much does it cost for a Nepali for Kapuche Lake Trek?

Well, it depends upon your style of the trek and the no of days for cost calculation. Our 3 Nights 4 Days Kapuche trek cost 10000 + per person. 

Is the mentioned itinerary of Kapuchle Lake amended? 

Yes, we tailor the Kapuche Lake trekking itinerary as per your need and budget. 

How tough is Kapuche Lake trekking? 

Kapuche lake trek is not a challenging trek compared with other trekking routes. The highest elevation of this trek is only 2814 meters. So, beginner trekkers can do this trek.  

What is the height of Hugu Village? 

Hugu village is situated at the height of 2100 meters and it’s 5 hours far from Sikles. 

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Kapuche Lake Trek