Bungee Jump Kushma 2022

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Looking for Bungee Jump Kushma, Baglung then get ready for the world’s second-highest Bungee Jump in Kushma, Nepal. Price, Height, Duration, Price for Nepali – Everything about the Bungee Jump of Kushma. Kushma Bungee Jump lies in the Baglung district of Nepal. It is part of province 4 and needs to pass through the popular tourist city, Pokhara to reach here.

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The 520 Meters suspension bridge connects the two districts: Parbat and Baglung. The bridge is based on the Kaligandaki river which is also known as the world’s deepest gorge. The height of the Kushma Bungee Jump is 228 Meters. Compared to The Last Resort, it is approx 65+ meters higher. Bungee Jump Kushma is only 9 meters shorter than the world’s highest bungee jump.

Trip Name Bungee Jump Kushma
Bungee Jump Price NPR 7500 Per Person
Kushma Bungee Height 228 Meters
Bungee Jump Location Kushma, Baglung, Nepal
Opening Time 08:00 AM – 03:00 PM
Facilities Available Bungee Jump, Swing, Rope Cycle, Sky Chairs, Crazy Bridge
Kushma Bungee Operator The Cliff Pvt Ltd
Kushma Bridge Length 520 Meters
Bungee Weight Limit 45 KG – 98 KG
Tandem Swing 128 in total

The hilly small city doesn’t have anything to offer for the visitors besides this Bungee Jump. Now the tourist attraction is going on so the Bungee Jump of Kushma is building a resort nearby the Bungee spot so that guests can take a break at night and enjoy the second-highest bungee jump.

Bungee Jump Kushma

Far from the hustle and bustle city crowd, you can enjoy a peaceful night in the lap of nature with a pleasant atmosphere. This is also the world’s highest natural bungee jump in the world. The world’s second-highest bungee jump is done from an artificial tower in Macau, China. Prior to the opening, Bungee Jump in Kushma has created buzz and hype in the market which definitely lures more travelers towards Kushma, Nepal during operational days.

Bungee Jump Kushma Price

The management has not disclosed the price yet, however, the price will be slightly more than “The Last Resort” as per rumor. The Bungee Jump of Kushma is proposed to open from April 2020 so the thrill-seekers and adventure lovers can enjoy the jump from April onwards. Now the test jump is going on by the management to enhance the safety of the customers.

Package Name Price Per Person Optional Services
Kushma Bungee Jump Price for Nepali Citizen NPR 7500 Per Person NPR 1500 – Photo, Video, and T-shirt
Kushma Bungee Jump for Foreigners NPR 7500 Per Person NPR 1500 – Photo, Video, and T-shirt
Kushma Swing Package for Nepali Citizen NPR 7500 Per Person NPR 1500 – Photo, Video, and T-shirt
Kushma Tandem Swing Package for Couple NPR 13000 Per Person NPR 2000 – Photo, Video, and T-shirt
Kushma Ping For all National NPR 150 per person NPR 1500 – Photo, Video, and T-shirt
Second Bungee Jump /Swing Price for Nepali Citizen NPR 3750 per person Note: This applies to the same jumper.
Third Bungee Jump/Swing Price for Nepali Citizen NPR 1875 per person Note: This applies to the same jumper.
Fourth Bungee Jump Price for Nepali Citizen FREE Note: This applies to the same jumper.

Now the current price of the World’s highest bungee jump is US $ 499 per person. Compared to the Macau rate, the rate of the Kushma Bungee Jump will be affordable. So mostly foreigners used to take the benefit of visiting Nepal and enjoy the Bungee Jump to save the cost and enjoy the adventure in the Himalayan country.

How to reach Bungee Jump Kushma?

Well, getting to Bungee Jump Kushma is not tough from Pokhara. You can hire a car from Pokhara to reach the Bungee Jump sport of Kushma and return back to Pokhara by the same day. And if you are wondering about the cost, then, you also can take an early bus to Kusma and again take another public bus to return back to Pokhara.

Pokhara to Bungee Jump Kushma is only 60 KM. But the road condition makes the journey longer to 3 hours to reach. You can enjoy the hilly landscape along with the Annapurna Region and Dhaulagiri Region in the drive. You can take a short ride before your trekking or after trekking to experience an adventure at a reasonable rate.

Kushma Bungee Jump
The bungee bridge over the Kaligandaki river with Gura Himal in the background

Reaching Kushma bungee from Kathmandu takes 7 hours. The distance between Kathmandu to Kushma is 260 KM. You can leave Kathmandu in the morning after breakfast and reach Kushma in the evening. Take a rest in the tented night room and the next day, enjoy the jump and return back to Kathmandu by the same. 

And the other major market of Kushma Bungee is Butwal. Butwal to Kushma is 220 KM and takes 7 hours to reach. To reach Kushma from Butwal, first, you need to be in Pokhara then you need to travel 60 KM more towards Kushma then only you will reach the Bungee Jump spot. 

Best time to visit Bungee Jump Kushma?

Bungee Jump is not a kind of activity that needs to be favored by nature. Bungee Jump Kushma can be done 365 days a year. Having said that, there are some particular months which are more suitable to get involved in this adventure activity. We suggest you skip months of Monsoon for the late Bungee Jump. Early morning jumps are fine, however, the late jump goes, rain, the wind might cause the disturbance and ruin your plan. 

Months like September, October, November, December, January, February, March are the perfect months in terms of weather conditions for Bungee/Swing Jump in Kushma.

The weather condition remains cool and calm at the mentioned time. Greenery and the natural scenery make the hilly atmosphere appealing. Bungee Jump Kushma will be an excuse for you to take a break from your busy schedule. On this note, you can enjoy a day with your near and dear one with a lifetime adventure.

Kushma Bungee Day Tour from Pokhara

Kushma Bungee Jump day tour package is perfect for the visitor who is in rush and doesn’t have multiple days in Pokhara. You can leave for Bungee Jump in Kushma on the same day and enjoy the jump from the height of 228 Meters and return back to Pokhara.

For the same day Bungee jump trip, you have 2 choices: 

Sharing Bus by The Cliff: Daily buses to Kushma Bungee leaves from Hallanchowk, Lakeside, Pokhara at 07:00 AM sharp. This will be a private but a sharing ride. Both way transfers along with lunch in the resort cost Rs 1450 per person. This is the cheapest option if you are single or two. Once the Bungee Jump is over, you will drop back to the same place where you were picked up.

Private Transportation: We can assist you to arrange a private transfer from Pokhara to Kushma. Our experienced drivers will receive you from the mentioned point and drive towards Kushma Bungee Jump. Once your adventure activities are done, you will again drive back to Pokhara and drop you in the desired location. Here goes the price list of different types of a vehicle below:

No of People Vehicle Types  Cost from Pokhara
1-3 People Car Rs 7500
4-7 Jeep Rs 9500
8-14 Toyota Hiace Rs 15000
15-24 Toyota Coaster Rs 20000
25-35 Sutlej Rs 22000

Bungee Jump Kushma

Bungee Jump Kushma Itinerary from Kathmandu in Details – 2 Nights 3 Days Package

Day 1: Kathmandu to Kushma 

On the first day, we will drive from Kathmandu to Kushma which is approx 260 km in distance and takes 8 hours by private transfer. You will pass through Pokhara which is one of the perfect places to explore if you have some spare time.

Magnificent Mountain View, Boating, Sightseeing, Paragliding, Zipper Flyer, and other activities can be enjoyed in Pokhara.

From Pokhara, it is only 62 KM in distance to reach Kushma. Once you reach The Cliff, you will be welcomed by welcome drinks and the accommodation will be allocated for that night by the front desk staff.

Day 2: Bungee Jump Day and Drive Back to Pokhara

Once the completion of documentation and health check, your final bungee time will be scheduled. All the necessary security checks and measures will be applied before your jump from the bridge by THE CLIFF staff.

Once the bungee jump is completed, you will receive a certificate from the management and we will have our lunch in the resort and drive back to Pokhara.

Explore the city of lakes in the evening by yourself.

Day 3: Pokhara to Kathmandu

Today we will drive back to Kathmandu after breakfast in the hotel. We will have our lunch on the way to Kathmandu.

We will drop you at your destination and in this way our Kushma Bungee Jump trip is completed.

Photo Video of Bungee Jump 

Capturing the lifetime movement during the event is the major thing these days so it applies in bungee jumping too. There are two major ways to capture the jump: Gopro Camera in the wrist and DSLR from the top of the bridge. 

GoPro camera will be attached to your wrist which captures the close view of your face and body movement during the jump till you are pulled back. And the DSLR video captures the wide-angle of jump and other movements. 

Once the event is over, the video is transferred to the editing team where they will assemble both videos and make a perfect one. Bungee Jumper will receive a photo, video, and T-shirt at the price of Rs 1500 per person. T-shirts will be offered instantly, however, photos and videos will be sent by email within 3 days of a jump. 

Weight Limit for Bungee Jump

The current weight limit for Kushma Bungee Jump is 95 KG in maximum and 45 KG in minimum. If you think you are fit to Jump then nothing stops you from making it. To conduct this jump process, you need to sign the waiver form which will be offered during the preparation process, and then you will be weighed. And the group will be allocated and then taken to the bridge from where you need to make a bungee jump. 

If you are planning for Bungee Jump then we request you to take your weight at home so that you don’t need to return back without the adventure. 

Couple Bungee Jump in Kushma

Every couple is wondering about a couple of bungee jump but we are so sorry to inform you that till this date, there is no couple bungee jump in Kushma. However, you can enjoy the couple’s swing from the same height and location. Due to the height and rope, Kushma is not operating a couple of bungee jumps. Hope so you can enjoy the jump with your partner in Kushma. 

The weight limit for swing in Kushma is 120 in total for couples. You can enjoy the free fall of 5 seconds during this period. 

Kushma Bungee Jump Phone Number 9851236336

In order to place your reservation or any inquiries regarding Kushma Bungee Jump, you can call us directly at our cell number +977-9851236336 or drop us an email by filling the form below. We are happy to assist you in every aspect of this trip inquiry.

About The Cliff Pvt Ltd 

The Cliff Pvt Ltd is one of the adventure tourism promotion companies which is focused on adventure tourism which is established in 2020. The Cliff Pvt Ltd offers the world’s second-highest bungee jump in the world and the world’s highest swing jump. The Cliff is located in the western part of Nepal and is only 60 KM far from Pokhara. 

The Cliff Resort Kushma

Besides Bungee Jump and Swing, you also can enjoy the Sky Chairs, Ping, and overnight stay in the hotel with your near one. There are two types of accommodation available in the resort now: A standard sharing room and a Deluxe Couple room. All the rooms are cottage rooms with an attached bathroom. The resort is located on the edge of the Kaligandaki river, from where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt Dhaulagiri and the Kushma Bazar night view. 

About Kushma 

Kushma is the district headquarter of Parbat district which lies on the edge of the Kaligandaki River. Kushma Municipality was established in 2014 with the merger of 8 village development committees.  Kushma lies in the western part of Nepal and is only 60 KM far from Pokhara. Which is one of the popular tourist destinations. The height of Kuhsma is only 1294 from sea level. There are two major rivers that flow by the edge of Kushma: the Kaligandaki River and the Modi River.

Kaligandaki river is also known for being one of the deepest gorges in the world. And also about Kushma is the old route that was used to connect the two popular towns: Baglung and Pokhara, previously before the road transportation was not constructed. Kushma is also renowned for being the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. The longest suspension bridge is 334 Meters which connects Kushma and Gyadichour village. The bridge is over the Kaligandaki River. 

Kushma Bazar

Recently Kushma is also known for being the World’s Second highest bungee jump in Nepal. The height of the Kushma Bungee Jump is 228 Meters and it is built in a suspension bridge of 520 Meters. It is a viral domestic tourist destination these days.  

Located at Kushma – Balewa over the depth of Kaligandaki river, it is also known as Yantrik Pool. Having a carrying capacity of 8 people, this cable car is 550m long with a speed of 3m per second. It has a 32KVA of a generator and the type of lift is gig-back. The distance between the two stations is 45m. It provides a stunning view of hills, mountains, waterfalls, etc from the window and runs over the holy river, Kaligandaki. However, because of the shortage of electric power, sometimes visitors have to face inconvenience while traveling through cable cars. Besides this, Kushma can be the best place to have the experience of a cable car with a lot of fun.

Booking Process of Kushma Bungee? 

Vivaan Adventure Pvt Ltd offers the easiest way for guests to make a reservation for Kushma Bungee Jump. There are different modes of booking and payment for Kushma bungee. 

Booking Options: You can simply write us an email at info@vivaanadventure.com or call us at our cell number( +977-9851236336 ) to make an inquiry regarding this trip. And the other options are you also can send us an inquiry regarding Kushma Bungee Jump by WhatApps & Viber messenger. We are happy to assist you in the arrangement of the Kushma Bungee Jump. The final option is visiting our office in Thamel, Bhagwan Bahal, and making an inquiry regarding the Kushma Bungee. Once we are clear about our trip then we will move on towards our second option which is the advance paying option. 

Payment Option One: eSewa/Khalti/ IME PAY 

We accept payment via different wallets like eSewa, Khalti &IME PAY for an advance of Kushma Bungee Jump. Here go the account details of the wallet below: 

ID NAME: Manoj Ghimire | ID NO: 9851236336  

Option Two: Bank Transfer 

If you are not using any of these above-given options then you can make an advance payment via transferring a few amounts to our bank account. Kindly ask for these account details. We need full payment a day before the bungee jump. 

Option Three: Visiting Office and Paying Cash

The final option is by visiting our office in Thamel and making a payment for the trip. We are happy to receive cash for the advance payment of the Kushma Bungee Jump.   

Once the advance payment is done for the Kushma Bungee Jump then we will offer you a final confirmation of reservation via email or message. 

Additional Things to do in Kushma Bungee 

Besides Bungee Jump, you also can pick other adventure activities during your visit to Parbat Kushma Bungee. There are numerous options available inside the resort for you to make your trip memorable. Here are some of the major things to do in Kushma Bungee for you below: 

Sky Chairs: Sky Chairs are a newly introduced program you can enjoy during your trip to Kushma Bungy. The chair made of iron will take you from one end into another end by rotating. The down below the chair, you can see the Kaligandaki Gorge view which is itself a thrilling experience. 

You can enjoy coffee or breakfast with your partner or loved one. You will be tightened with a seat belt before being taken to the next end of the river which marks safety. 

Crazy Bridge: Crazy Bridge in Kushma is also another thing to do program. The bridge is built on the edge of Kaligandaki River which is shaky and thrilling in itself. You are tied with a harness before the mode and you will be walking in the bridge. 

The length of the bridge is approx 15 meters which takes you from one end to another end. This is not a program if you fear altitude. 

Kushma Bungee Jump FAQs

What is the average cost of Bungee Jump Kushma?

If you wish to try just bungee jumping in Kushma then the cost per person is Rs 7000. However, if you book a Swing and Bungee then the price cuts down slightly in the combo package.

Is bungee jumping safely in Kushma?

Yes, Kushma Bungee Jump is safe and authorized by the Government of Nepal. It also follows the international safety standard test so it is safe for Jumpers. Safety is the major concern in such kinds of adventure sports so they check their equipment and safety drills are performed on a regular basis.

What is the age limit for bungee jumping in Kushma?

You need to be at least 18 years old to do the bungee jump in Kushma. And if you are under age then you need to provide the approval of parents so that you can proceed through it.

Is there a weight limit for bungee jumping?

For bungee jumping the maximum weight limit is 81 KG.

How fast do you go when bungee jumping?

The average speed of the person falling from a height of 228 meters is around 140-160 kph.

What is the free-fall time in Kushma Bungee Jump?       

You can experience 3.5 seconds of free fall during the Bungee Jump in Kushma.

How much do we need to pay for photos and Videos?

You need to pay extra Rs 1200 for the photo and video. It normally takes approx. 5 days to receive a photo and video via email.

Video of Bungee Jump in Kushma 

Maps of Bungee Jump Kushma 

Kushma Bungee Jump Gallery

Is Kushma Bungee Jump open for Public?

Yes, The Cliff, Bungee Jump of Kushma is open from 29th October 2020.

Where can we get the contact Number of Bungee Jump of Kushma?

You can make a reservation by calling us at +977-9851236336 or dropping us an email.

What is the price of Kushma Bungee Jump for Nepalese?

The bungee Price for Nepali in Kushma is NPR 7000 per person. If you need video and photo then you need to pay an extra NPR 1500 each.

Is Swing also available in Kushma?

Yes, Swing is also in operation in Kushma from 29th October, 2020.

What is the distance between Pokhara to Kushma?

The distance between Pokhara to Kushma Bungee is approx 62 KM by surface which can be reached withing 2 hours.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Bungee Jump Kushma 2022