Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus

Traveling in Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus is one of the most luxurious ways to travel between Kathmandu Pokhara. There are limited options in this segment for travelers who are looking for surface luxury travel options. Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa buses are available in both Morning and Night. Newly introduces bus with modern luxury seats and facilities makes these buses popular among travelers at affordable price.

Besides the VIP Sofa Bus, you also can find a Normal AC Tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara which is comparatively cheaper than this option. The bus fare between Kathmandu to Pokhara starts from NPR 1100 per person up to NPR 1600 per person. 

Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus Schedule 

VIP Sofa Bus Sector  Departure time Reaching Time Bus Station Bus Fare
Kathmandu – Pokhara 07:00 AM  03:00 PM Shorakhutte/Jorpati NPR 1700 per person
Kathmandu – Pokhara 09:00 AM 04:00 PM Shorakhutte NPR 1700 per person 
Kathmandu – Pokhara  07:00 PM 04:30 AM Jorpati NPR 1700 per person

There are mainly three time slots available for Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus. The early bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara leaves at 07:00 AM from Shorakhutte and Jorpati. And the next option after this one is available at 09:00 AM. This will be a Toyota Coaster VIP seat bus which will be leaving from Shorakhutta. 

And the last option of the day will be available at 07:00 PM which will be leaving from Jorpati. You can can the bus en-route of Jorpati – Bouddha –  Chhabahil – Sukedhara – Maharajgunj – Basundhara – Samakhusi – Gongabu – Balaju – Swayambhu  and Kalanki. 

Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus
Kathmandu Pokhara Night Bus Seat

Pokhara Kathmandu VIP Sofa Bus Schedule 

VIP Sofa Bus Sector  Departure time Reaching Time Bus Station Bus Fare
Pokhara – Kathmandu 07:00 AM  03:00 PM Parsyang NPR 1700 per person
Pokhara – Kathmandu 07:20 AM 03:00 PM Fishtail Gate NPR 1700 per person 
Pokhara – Kathmandu 08:00 AM 03:30 PM Tourist Bus Park NPR 1700 per person
Pokhara – Kathmandu 07:30 PM 04:45 AM Hallanchowk NPR 1700 Per person

And the VIP Sofa buses from Pokhara to Kathmandu mainly leave from Tourist Bus Park, Pokhara which is nearby Lakeside. Morning buses don’t go through lakeside streets so you need to be at the bus station on your own. However, the Pokhara Kathmandu VIP sofa bus comes through the street of lakeside so you don’t need to rush to a bus station, you need to be in the main street of lakeside where you will be picked up by the bus. 

Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus Ticket
Kathmandu Pokhara Morning Bus Seats

Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus Facilities

  • Air Condition
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Seat Belts
  • Mineral Water
  • Multimedia
  • Fixed Glass
  • Fan
  • Coffee Cup Holder
  • Folding Seats
  • Large Leg Space
  • Air Suspension Bus

Difference between Normal Bus and VIP Sofa Bus

The major difference between a regular tourist bus and a VIP sofa bus is all about the seat. You can enjoy the luxury and most comfortable seats on the Sofa bus compared to the regular tourist bus. Another difference is about the body of the bus. Sofa buses are air suspension, however, regular tourist buses are not air suspension which makes the bus more uncomfortable and shaky.

All the Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa buses are fixed glass buses however you can open the window of the regular ac buses. Not being a fixed glass, an openable window creates noises during travel.

Here go below the comparison of both regular and Sofa Bus. 

Regular Tourist Bus  VIP Sofa Bus 
Window Can be Opened Fixed Glass so window can’t be opened
Normal Seats Sofa Seat
Normal Body of Bus Air Suspension Bus
No Coffee Holder Coffee Holder on the side
More Number of Seats Fewer seats with extra space
Unappealing Bus Layout Appealing Bus with Luxury
Best for Budget Travelers Made of Luxury Travelers
Kathmandu Pokhara Vip Sofa Bus
Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus – Morning

VIP Sofa Bus Boarding Points in Kathmandu – Morning 

There is numerous boarding point you can opt to book upon a Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa bus. You can choose among the list for the boarding but we highly suggest that you need to be at the station as on mentioned time. First of all, there go below the boarding point of VIP Sofa seat bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara morning one: 

  • Shorakhutte – 6:50 AM 
  • Balaju Bhatbhateni – 07:10 AM 
  • Banasthali – 07: 15 AM 
  • Swayambhu – 07:20 AM 
  • Sitapaila – 07:25 AM 
  • Bafal – 07:25 AM 
  • Kalanki – 07:30 AM 
  • Naikap – 07:40 AM 
  • Thankot – 07:45 AM 

Drop Off Point of VIP Sofa Bus – Morning 

If you are traveling in our VIP Sofa bus from the Kathmandu Pokhara route then you need to be aware of your drop-off point so that you can find something or someone if there is a receiver. Here goes below some of the most popular drops of points between the Kathmandu Pokhara bus route. 

  • Muglin 
  • Abu Khaireni 
  • Dumre 
  • Damauli 
  • Khaireni 
  • Dulegauda 
  • Kotre 
  • Talchowk 
  • Buddha Chowk 
  • Amarsing Chowk 
  • Prithvi Chowk 
  • Birauta 
  • Tourist Bus Park 

Booking Process of Kathmandu Pokhara VIP Sofa Bus

Step One: Call us or send a message on our WhatApp’s / Viber – +977-9851236336

Step Two: Get seat confirmation and make payment to confirm your reservation.

Step Three: Make payment in our wallet or bank account. 9851236336 – Manoj Ghimire – eSewa/Khalti/IME Pay/ Prabhu Pay

Step Four: Receive ticket confirmation in your message.

NOTE: You also can visit our office in Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel, and get a copy of the ticket after making payment. Everything is going digital so we don’t suggest our clients visit our office for just a piece of paper and waste their valuable time so making a digital payment is highly recommended. If you need a copy of the ticket for an official claim then our staff will offer it on the bus so you don’t need to worry.