Sukute Beach Tour Package 2022

Sukute Beach Tour Package: a blend of rafting and adventure package to spend an overnight with your friends and family on the edge of the Bhotekoshi River. Sukute beach camp overnight tour package is the perfect tour package if you want an exit from maddening Kathmandu. The distance between Kathmandu to Sukute Beach Resort is only 70 Kilometers. Which can be accessible within 3 hours of drive by a private jeep or car. We offer different packages for Sukute beach as per your request and budget.

An alternative of Sukute: Trishuli River Rafting Package

If you are mentally or physically tired by the daily routine and want some chill environment then Sukute beach is the place you should be. You can enjoy quality time with your near and dear ones in the resort environment. If you are a nature guy, then, you will definitely love the atmosphere of the Sukute beach resort. You can take a seat on the bank of the Bhotekoshi river and enjoy the river’s shore and spend your evening.

For Reservation by Phone: +977-9851236336 – WhatApp / Viber 

Sukute Beach camp is an alternative destination for Kathmandu valley citizens. Besides this, they have Chitlang Tour Package, Kalinchowk Tour Package on the list of their bucket to visit nearby destinations.

Sukute Beach Tour Package Rate List 

Sukute Beach overnight package in A-SAP Tent NPR 2500
Sukute Beach overnight package in Safari Tent NPR 2500
Sukute Beach overnight package in Room / Ac Room NPR 3000 / 3500
Sukute Beach overnight package and Rafting in the Tent  NPR 4000
Sukute Beach overnight package and Rafting in Room  NPR 5000

A-SAP Tent Stay in Sukute Beach Package Price 

Sukute Beach Tour PackageBesides the peaceful environment, Sukute Beach Tour Package is the combo package of meals, accommodation, transportation, fun things to do, a campfire, and more other things. In the Overnight Sukute Tour  Package, you also can enjoy or take part in or use the complimentary facilities of the resort. Sukute beach resort offers numerous gaming options like Pool-board, carrom board, table tennis, and use of a swimming pool. To add to this, the hotel also offers beach volleyball, beach volleyball, dartboard, dancing room, Projector screening of live games, Chess, and more.

Note: Above mentioned rates are strictly applied for Nepalese Citizens only and don’t valid for Special Occasions, i.e.: New year, Holi, Christmas, Dashain, and so on. 

Major Highlights of Sukute Beach Tour Package 

  • Bonfire with live BBQ 
  • Tented night accommodation 
  • Peaceful and calm environment 
  • White Water Rafting in Bhotekoshi River 
  • DJ Music and other facilities 
  • 3 Course buffet non-veg Meal 
  • Complimentary use of indoor facilities inside the resort 

Itinerary of Sukute Beach Tour Package with Rafting

Sukute Beach Tour Package Rafting

Day 1: Kathmandu to Sukute Beach Resort 

We request our guests to arrive at the collection point at 07:00 AM sharp – once all arrive, we will drive towards Sukute Beach Resort as per our tour package itinerary. The total distance between Kathmandu to Sukute is only 70 KM and it takes approx 3 hours by a private transfer.

10:00 AM: Your tent will be allocated and you will be given time to change your clothes for rafting and the meeting will be 11:00 AM on the bank of the river.

11:00 AM: Your rafting in the Bhotekoshi river starts and ends around 03:00 PM. You will be transferred from the Bhotekoshi river to the Sukute Resort.

Evening Free time: In the evening, enjoy complimentary snacks served from the resort. And after this, you can engage yourself in whatever activities you like to enjoy. Swimming, DJ Music, Drinking, different sports activities are available inside the resort.

07:30 PM: Dinner will be available up to 10:00 PM. You are requested to take your meal at the mentioned time.

OPTIONAL: Live BBQ, Campfire is available at extra cost. 

For Reservation by Phone: +977-9851236336

Day 2: Drive Back to Kathmandu

07:00 AM: Wake up and explore the surroundings and again enjoy the resort premises taking pictures, swimming, playing, or any other available options.

08:00 AM: Breakfast in the resort.

11:00 AM: You will be served a buffet lunch in the resort. Once the Lunch is over, our check process will be continued. We will drive back to Kathmandu with the memories of the Sukute beach 1-night package.

03:00 PM: Drop at the same location where you all were received. In this way, your Overnight Sukute Beach Resort tour package ends. 

Cost Includes

  • Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, and Breakfast as per itinerary
  • Rafting in Bhotekoshi River
  • Rafting essential gear and fees
  • Private transfer from Kathmandu – Sukute beach resort – Kathmandu
  • Drivers Salary, accommodation, fuel charge, parking, troll charge
  • Entertainment facilities available in the resort
  • Campfire in the resort
  • Things mentioned in the itinerary

Cost Excludes

  • Extra meals besides itinerary
  • BBQ facilities
  • Things not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Nature of personal expenses
  • Bar bill
  • Trip for staff and drivers – Optional

Sukute Beach Tour Package for Couple

Sukute Beach Overnight trip is the perfect package for couples. Spending quality time with your loved one is a part of your life and Sukute Beach is the place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Sukute Beach Tour is on the bucket list of youngsters these days.

You can reach Sukute Beach resort within 2 hours on a motorbike and just 70 KM in distance from Kathmandu. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu during weekends with your partner is necessary.

Sukute Beach Tour Package

You can simply take a break or get involved in the activities like Rafting, Kayaking, or any other activities offered by the resort.

The atmosphere is so romantic that you can’t simply stay dull here. Being in the mood with your girl and spending a night and creating memories is a must.

A colorful night on the bank of the Bhotekoshi River with your partner or taking a dip in a swimming pool can be romantic for a couple. Or you can simply enjoy a glass of wine with your loved one watching the surrounding of the resort.

Best time to visit Sukute Beach Resort

Sukute Beach Resort can be visited throughout the year. It is one of the perfect places to plan your visit every day of the year. If you are looking for a relaxed and fun then you can plan any day of the year. However, if you are looking for a combo package of Rafting with Relexe and fun then Summer is perfect.

March, April, May, September, October, November are the perfect months to visit Sukute Beach Resort. Any of these months will be worthful for you. You can enjoy water sports during these months so the visit will be more worth it during these months.

For Reservation by Phone: +977-9851236336

The river water flow is high during March, April, and May so you can enjoy the rapids of the river with an experienced rafting guide during these months. So our suggestion for Sukute Beach Tour Package will be in these months if you want to enjoy rafting.

About Bhotekoshi River

“Bhote” roughly translates as a river from “Tibet” so there are quite a lot of rivers with this name in Nepal. This Bhotekoshi is the main branch of the Sun Kosi and it has been descended by kayak from near the Tibetan border at Kodari. The river is followed by the Amico Highway from Kathmandu to Lhasa so access and scouting are relatively easy.

The highway is normally blocked by landslides above Kodari so there is usually little traffic. The river drops very steeply before Kodari as a youthful mountain torrent; then the gradient gradually eases off to become quite placid and relaxing before Dolalghat.

River view from Sukute Beach Tour Package Location

Technically, the Bhotekoshi ends just after Bahrabise where the Sun Kosi joins as a stream from the left: we have taken our description down to Dolalghat as this is where most Sun Kosi raft trips start. The upper valley above Bahrabise is impressively steep and narrow, and there are some dramatic and scenic gorges down at river level. Just to drive up the highway and look at the river is like reading an erotic novel – it quickens the blood and excites the mind!

A dam at Lamasangu takes water out of the river for a few kilometers but luckily has not spoilt the most beautiful sections of the river. The river below the dam is quite different -the section down to Dolalghat has well-wooded sides and a wide blue river winding between white beaches.

Rafting in Bhotekoshi River, Sukute – Grade 3 River

Rafting in the Bhotekoshi river is full and adventure and fun. The good rapid of the river, Narrow river, and cold water are some of the features of the Bhotekoshi River. Compared to Trishuli River Rafting, Bhotekoshi is preferred and perfect for Rafting among the known rafters.

Grade 3 White Water River Rafting is and a package of fun for first-time rafters. You will be given brief details and instructions before the rafting starts with our experienced rafting guide. Our guide will teach you about the use of the paddle, code language used in the rafting, body structure in the rapid, leg lock in the boat, and more in detail.

You will be given a set of rafting gear before the rafting gets started. Helmet, Paddle, Life Jacket is the complimentary things you will receive from the resort. The rest of the extra essential things need to carry by yourself.

For Reservation by Phone: +977-9851236336

We suggest you take a Sunblock 50, Slipper, t-shirt, shorts, plastic ziplock bag, and a camera with you. These things are not the part of Sukute Beach Tour Package includes so we suggest you carry them.

In the past before getting Sukute Rafting gets hyped, Travel agents and rafting agencies used to take VIPs rafting in the Bhotekoshi River.

Sukute Beach Tour Package

About Sukute

Sukute is one of the popular tourist destinations nearby Kathmandu valley. Sukute is another similar name of Rafting among domestic travelers. You can enjoy the night on the bank of the Bhotekoshi river and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Sukute is only 70 KM in the distance which can be accessible within 3 hours by surface. Sukute beach has become a cheap place for Nepali in terms of cost calculation. You can spend a night in Sukute Beach at the price of Rs 2500 in a group including meals.

The place Sukute came into the limelight once the communist leader Mr. Puspa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” choose to get refreshed on the bank of the river in a peaceful and calm environment.

Nowadays many corporate houses, NOG, INGO choose Sukute for team building, staff refreshment, Seminars, and staff refreshment. There are dozen of Resorts in Sukute these days to accommodate guests for services.

Vehicle Rental cost for Sukute Beach Tour

Sukute Beach Resorts lies on the edge of the Bhotekoshi River so reaching Sukute is easy and simple. You can drive from Kathmandu to Sukute which is approx 70 KM in distance and can be reached within 3 hours.

You can hire different types of vehicles to reach the resort as per your group size and range of budget along with comfort. Here goes below the rate list of vehicles for Sukute Beach Resort Tour Package:

Vehicle Type Drop Only Overnight Trip 
Car – 4 Pax NPR 10000 NPR 14000
Jeep – 8 Pax NPR 12000 NPR 18000
Hiace – 14 Pax NPR 15000 NPR 20000
Coaster – 24 Pax NPR 20500 NPR 28500
Coaster – 35 Pax NPR 22500 NPR 30000

The above-mentioned cost includes the driver’s salary, fuel charge, parking fee, driver’s accommodation, and toll charges. There is no hidden fee in the given cost so you don’t need to pay extra besides the quoted price.

Sukute Beach Tour Package 2023 Booking

Booking an overnight Sukute Beach Resort Tour Package is easy. you can simply drop us an email regarding your queries and requirements. One of our staff will get back to you with detailed information. Kindly fill out the below form and send us.

And if you want to get more info on Sukute Rafting Tour Package then you can ring us directly and talk to our local experts regarding the package details and cost. We are happy to attend your call and offer more info regarding Sukute Trip.

The other way is to visit our office in Thame and get info from our staff. We will try our best to offer the Sukute Beach Trip info as possible to make you clear.

For Reservation by Phone: +977-9851236336

Once you receive the trip info, we need the trip payment to confirm it. Once the trip is confirmed, we will offer you a Sukute Beach Tour Package service voucher with details. This voucher needs to be shown in the hotel reception once upon your check-in process.

This is how Sukute Beach Resort Package booking works. We also offer Upper Seti River Rafting in Pokhara if you are looking for the short and best white water rafting. 

Sukute Rafting Beach Tour Package Gallery

Sukute Beach Tour Package from Kathmandu Map

Sukute Resort Beach Tour Video

Sukute Beach Tour Package FAQs

How far is Sukute Beach Resort from Kathmandu?

Sukute Beach Resort in approx. 70 KM distance from Kathmandu. You can reach the resort easily by a 2-hour drive from Kathmandu. 

What is the cheapest price range of Sukute Resort?

The starting cost of Sukute Beach Resort for an overnight package is Rs 2500 per person including meals and indoor activities. 

What types of accommodation are included in the price?

The cheapest package includes tents for accommodation. If you opt for another one then you can go with a deluxe room on a higher budget. 

Does Sukute Beach need advance reservation?

No, Sukute Beach doesn’t need any advance reservations. However, if you are traveling during weekends then it might be due to a large number of travelers visiting. The wise decision is to make a reservation in advance and depart towards Sukute beach resort.

What types of Vehicles will be used for this trip?

Normally, we use a car for 2-4 people. And from 4-8, we offer Mahendra Scorpio and people from 9-24, we offer coaster and people more than 24, we offer Sutlej bus for Sukute Beach Tour Package.

Is a Swimming Pool available on Sukute Beach? 

Yes, Swimming Pool is available in almost every hotel in Sukute. You can use a swimming pool free of cost.

Is the Bhotekoshi river safe for Rafting?

Yes, the Bhotekoshi river is safe for Rafting. Our experienced guide will give you a safety explanation before the rafting starts. If hear carefully and follow the instruction there is no chance of error during the white water rafting in the Bhotekoshi river.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Sukute Beach Tour Package 2022