Car Rental in Pokhara

Car Rental in Pokhara

Searching for a car rental in Pokhara then we offer a cheap luxury car hire service in Pokhara for any of your purposes. We send our cars with our experienced driver to your requested location for your use. Either it’s a luxury car or a standard one, we can arrange it as per your request. Renting a private car and exploring the city with your near and dear one is a different comfort you can experience in the vacation.

There are plenty of areas to explore in Pokhara during your travel time which can’t be always convenient to travel in public transport or a taxi. So in this case, hiring a car in Pokhara is one of the best and comfortable options. 

Not only for inside Pokhara valley, but we also offer our car rental service outside Pokhara too. You can rent a car and travel towards the other major cities of Nepal with our experienced driver. We are offering our services to major cities like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Butwal, Sauraha, Bhairahawa, Palpa, Janakpur, Lumbini and more. 

Car Rental in Pokhara

Popular Car Rental Services in Pokhara

  1. Pokhara to Sauraha, Chitwan Car Rental 
  2. Pokhara to Lumbini Car Rental 
  3. Pokhara to Kathmandu Car Rental 
  4. Pokhara to Janakpur Car Rental 
  5. Pokhara to Bhairahawa Car Rental
  6. Pokhara to Nayapul Car Rental 
  7. Pokhara to Dhampus Car Rental 
  8. Pokhara to Ghandruk Jeep Rental 
  9. Pokhara to Bandipur Car Rental 
  10.  Pokhara to Palpa Car Rental 
  11.  Pokhara to Sunauli Car Rental 
  12.  Pokhara to Nagarkot Car Rental 
  13. Pokhara to Ghandruk Transfer.
  14. Pokhara to Baglung Transfer
  15. Pokhara Sightseeing Car Rental 

There may be different purposes of cab hire in Pokhara but whatever the reasons are, you need a neat and clean car with experienced drivers to make your event successful. We do have a wide range of car modes to offer for you from the latest to the vintage model. 

Car Rental in Pokhara Sightseeing 

Planning for a trip to Pokhara and wondering where to rent a car then we offer a car rental service in Pokhara. Exploring the different places by car is the best way to know about Pokhara. There are plenty of options to travel and explore in Pokhara by car which can be done during your vacation.

Either it can be a Sarangkot or World Peace Pagado temple – a car can be a good option for it. Regular sightseeing places like Mahendra Cave, Gupteshwor Cave, Davis Fall, International Mountain Museum, and more are popular destinations for sightseeing.

We also offer cars as per your group size and the budget. Either it can be a luxury trip – we do have both types of cars on our list. 

Available Car Brands to Rent in Pokhara 

These days fleets are not only a mode of transport you choose but the class you show to society and friends. Renting a budget car during your important business meeting with a national or international client changes the perception towards you so think twice before you choose a car to hire in Pokhara. 

It can be your international program or a domestic one, we can offer a car as per your budget and need in Pokhara or around the cities. 

We can offer the below-mentioned brands of cars in Pokhara on rental. 

  • Mercedes
  • Toyota 
  • Land Rover 
  • Range Rover 
  • Suzuki 
  • Tata 
  • Ford 
  • Skoda 
  • Jeep
  • Chevrolet 
  • Mazda 
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Kia 
  • Volkswagen
  • Fiat
  • Renault 
  • Datsun 

Car Rental in Pokhara for Sightseeing 

Traveling with your family friend seeking a car rental company in Pokhara for your holiday then we can be the best option available. There is plenty of sightseeing attractions around Pokhara where you can spend quality time. 

Here is the top sightseeing attraction around Pokhara below: 

Car Rental in Pokhara for Airport Transfer 

Pokhara airport is now upgraded into a regional international airport in 2021. Obviously, every airport has its own public taxi, however, if you want some luxury then we are here to assist you in the car rental purpose. 

Car Hire in Pokhara Pokhara Airport

If you book a car rental service for airport transfer then our representative will be at the airport with your nameplate to receive you. Once you will be picked up, our driver will drop you at the scheduled drop-off point. 

Car Rental in Pokhara for Wedding 

A wedding is one of the lifetime memories you can have in your life. To make this event, we need to craft your events perfectly where the vehicle is one of the important factors. Whether it can be your budget wedding or a luxury one: we do have cars on hire in Pokhara for Weddings as per your need. 

If you have a dream to do your wedding in a vintage car then also we can offer it. Our quote price for the wedding car in Pokhara comes with decoration and driver’s salary along with fuel charges. 

Car Rental in Pokhara on Disposal 

Hosting an event and need a wide range of fleet on a disposal basis then we are happy to offer these services to you. Need to make a reservation for at least 4 hours and onwards you pay for what you use. 

It can be your airport transfer, Hotel to the event hall, event place to a house, or any other assigned places, it doesn’t matter. Our driver will be standing by for your services.  

Car Hire in Pokhara for Delegates( VIP & VVIP) 

If there is any kind of state program or a VVIP program then vehicles are the first and foremost thing it comes. Among the vehicle, the luxury vehicle comes in the list of rentals which shows the class and hospitality to the guest from the organizer. 

The car likes Land Cruiser, Land Rover, Mercedes, Jeep are among the top picks. Or you also can request the brands of the car so that we can search in our database and offer you. Kindly be informed that we only offer the latest model car for these kinds of events. 

Cheapest Car Rental in Pokhara

We also offer an affordable car rental price if you are looking after the cheapest car rental in Pokhara. Depending upon your uses of the vehicle and the area of driving, we will be quoting the price of the rental.

Popular car brands like Swift Dezire, Ford, Tata, Kia come under this rage which is comfortable too. Whether it can be sightseeing in Pokhara or a destination tour, these cars in Pokhara can assist you to save your budget.

Rent a Car without Driver in Pokhara

Self Drive car rental in Pokhara is currently unavailable, however, we are planning for it in the future. You can hire a cab and take it to your desired location and explore the local beauty.

Most of our youth customers are seeking this services to we will lunch renting a car without a driver in Pokhara in near future. Having said that, you always can rent a car with a driver in Pokhara with us.

Our experienced drivers can make your vacation perfect and enjoyable. They also can assist you as semi guide and give some detail of the location so that you don’t need to hire a guide for sightseeing if you are doing some serious research into it.

Pokhara to Kushma Car Hire 

Renting a car for your trip to Kushma is one of the luxury ways to reach the place. You can take a 2 hours ride in our comfortable car to enjoy the adventure sports and get back to Pokhara. The distance between Pokhara to Kushma is only 60 KM in distance but it takes approx 2 hours to reach due to the narrow and hilly road. 

Due to the popularity of Kushma Bungee, a large number of domestic and international travelers are planning their trip to Kushma. So to concur the adventure journey, we offer a car rental service in Pokhara with affordable prices and experienced drivers. Day trip from Pokhara to Kushma and back to Pokhara is a basically 6 hours trip.  

Car Hire in Pokhara Basic Rates 

From To Vehicle Cost
Pokhara Pokhara Full day Sightseeing Car Rs 3200
Pokhara Pokhara Half-day Sightseeing Car Rs 2800
Pokhara Begnas Lake  Half-day Sightseeing Car Rs 1800
Pokhara Sarankot Half-Day Sightseeing Car Rs 1800
Pokhara Naudada Half-day Sightseeing Car Rs 2500
Pokhara Nayapool Drop Car Rs 2000
Pokhara Kathmandu Car Rs 9000
Pokhara Chitwan Car Rs 8000
Pokhara Lumbini Car Rs 12000

Note: Mentioned prices are subject to availability so can’t always assure that we can offer it at the same price. 

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