Bindabasini Temple

Bindabasini Temple

Bindabasini Temple is situated in Mohariya tole of Pokhara near Bhimsen tole Bazar at the top of a beautiful mound. Bindabasini Temple was built by Kaskeli King Siddhi Narayana Shah in 1842 B S. The whole area of this temple compound is covered by 47 ropanis lands. The temple of Goddes Bhagawoti stands in the middle of a paved courtyard. One can be reached thereafter climbing the long stone stairway. It is situated about 10 meters above the valley floor and affords a beautiful view of the Pokhara city and surrounding places.

The Bindabasini Temple is a small Shikhar Styled temple. The fine stone images of Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman, and Goddess Laxmi are also worth seeing. Every Saturday, hundreds, and during Durga Puja thousands of devotees of Pokhara valley visits here to worship and pay homage to Goddess Durga with animal and birds sacrifice. Bidabasini is really worth seeing in Pokhara.


A staircase leads to the sanctuary courtyard and temple. Inside the courtyard of Bindabasini Temple, there is a Bhajan Griha room for religious functions and a group of people enchants devotional songs and hymn and Haban Kunda. The courtyard overlooking the most popular area of Pokhara City. The road to Sarangkot starts from the foot of the mound of Bindabasini. Bindabasini Temple is a significant place for Hindu religious people. Also, the stamps were printed with a picture of the temple in the year 2045.

Bindabasini Temple is one of the major tourist attractions among foreigners and Indian tourists. It is the part of day tour activates in Pokhara. Travelers can enjoy majestic Mountain View from the premises of Temple. You can purchase religious books along with taking souvenirs for your family and loved ones. Temple is well managed and the garden is maintained well to make the temple appealing among the visitors.

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