Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking is one of the scenic and easy hiking routes around Kathmandu valley. A day Lakuri Bhanjyang trek is an awesome idea to recharge yourself and keep motivated in your daily life. The hiking starts from Lamatar, all the way to Lakuri Bhanjyang, which takes approx 2 hours uphill hike. The elevation of Lakur Bhangjyang is 1325 Meters from sea level and located in the southeast part of Kathmandu valley. If you want to hike long then Champa Devi Hiking can be the alternative to this trek nearby Kathmandu valley.

The weather condition of Lakur Bhanjyang is cool and pleasant compared to Kathmandu where you can still see rural life.

You can enjoy the jaw-dropping view of Kathmandu valley and mountain range along with the surrounding of Lakuri Bhanjyang. Most people are still unaware of this place which is an awesome and must-go destination.

The hiking route and the motorable road often meet together during this trek. You will hike through the pine forest during this trek. The hiking trail of Lakuri Bhanjyang is managed well and maintained. Stone step and easy hiking route make this trail comfortable.

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking Itinerary 

07:00 AM: Gather in one point before heading towards the trek. We will drive towards the Lakuri Bhangyang, which will be our day hike towards the beautiful hill nearby Kathmandu.

08:00 AM: Start of Lakuri Bhangyang Hiking from Lamatar, Kathmandu. We will hike upwards towards the hill with a stone-paved step route. The hiking trail goes through a pine forest and small bushes.

The hiking trail gets connected with the motorable road in few places which will be perfect for taking pictures in the blacktopped road.

10:00 AM: Reach the view tower of Lakuri Bhanjyang and explore the surrounding.

12:00 PM: Enjoy the lunch in the local restaurant or you can enjoy your own packed lunch with the view of Kathmandu Valley and mountains.

01:00 PM: Hike back to Kathmandu. It’s easy downhill hiking for an hour.

02:00 PM: Drive back home. In this way, Day Lakuri Bhanjyang Day hiking ends here.

Lakuri Bhanjyang as Picnic Destination 

Lakuri Bhanjyang is most popular as a picnic destination among teenagers and college students. A large number of travelers visit Lakuri Bhanjyang during weekends to get refreshed among family and friends.

There are plenty of picnic spots in Lakuri Bhanjyang where you can make a reservation and enjoy your quality time.

Drive from Kathmandu to Lakuri Bhanjyang is approx. 2.5 hours drive by private vehicle to reach the destination.

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking 

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