Champa Devi Hiking

Champa Devi Hiking

Champa Devi Hiking: One of the short trek routes around Kathmandu valley. Champadevi hill hiking trail offers insane beauty of nature along with amazing landscapes. Champa Devi hill lies in the southern part of Kathmandu valley at an elevation of 2278 meters. If You Want to Escape from the Hustle and bustle of Kathmandu then Champa Devi Hiking is the perfect option for you. 

Champa Devi Hiking normally starts from Hattiban which is 20 KM far from Kathmandu. Once you reach the Hattiban resort then your hiking starts for Champa Devi. The hiking trails are well managed and maintained so that you don’t feel any trouble walking and finding the routes. 

Once you reach the top of Champa Devi, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of different mountains like Mt Everest, Mt Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gauri Shankar, and more. Besides the mountain, you also can enjoy the wide-angle view of Kathmandu valley in the Champa Devi trekking trail. 

Champa Devi Hiking

Besides the Kathmandu valley view, you also can see Phirping village along with Chandragiri Hill, Fulchoki hill, Bhasmasur Danda, and more. Champadevi route is also perfect for amateur hikers so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Base Camp trek. To get recharged and get connected with nature – the Champa Devi trek helps you a lot. 

A large number of hikers can be seen during weekends in the Champa Devi hiking trail. There are no shops or any vendors on this trail so taking all the essential supplies is advisable. And if you are a camping lover then also you can enjoy overnight camping in Champa Devi

Trip Name Champa Devi Hiking 
Trip Duration Day Tour – 6 hours 
Trip Grade Easy 
Max Altitude 2278 Meters 
Hiking Starting  Hattiban Resort 
Hiking Ending  Hattiban/Machhegaun 
Best Months Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Mar, Apr & May 

Highlights of Champa Devi Hiking

  • Walking through pine forest 
  • Aerial view of Kathmandu valley and Pharping
  • Less crowded hiking trail around Kathmandu valley 
  • Well Maintained trail with stone steps and picturesque trekking route 
  • Amazing view of Mountains 
  • Easily accessible by Local bus and Private vehicle 

Champa Devi Hiking Itinerary

10:oo AM: Leve from Kathmandu to Hattiban Resort

11:00 AM: Reach the Champa Devi hiking starting Point.

11:20 AM: Start your hike towards Champa Devi Hill

01:30 PM: Reach the Chapa Devi Temple and explore the surroundings

02:00 PM: Hike back to Hattiban

03:30 PM: Enjoy snacks in Hattiban Resort or your packed one.

04:30 PM: Drive back to Kathmandu

Things to pack for Champa Devi Hiking 

Heading for hiking towards Champa Devi and wondering what to take and what not then here goes the checklist of the most essential items you need during this trek. Talking about the items, carry plenty of water with you which is required for this entire trek. There are no shops, tap, or spring water on the Champa Devi hiking route so we highly recommend you to carry water with you. Besides water, snacks, chocolate, cookies, and other personal items are recommended. 

If you want to eat hygienically and stay within your budget then carry a prepared meal with you from your resident. You can enjoy lunch in the middle of the jungle with the view of Kathmandu. And for the hikers who want to enjoy the short trek of Champa Devi and experience the luxury then we highly suggest you take your lunch in Hattiban Resort and then start a hike. 

  • Water Bottle 
  • Snacks 
  • Dry Food 
  • Dry Nuts 
  • Prepared meal from Home 

Champa Devi Hike Time 

Planning for Champa Devi hiking then we suggest you go for it early so that you can enjoy the spectacular view of Kathmandu Valley along with mountains. We suggest you leave your home/hotel after breakfast towards Hattiban, starting point of the Champa Devi hiking trail. 

Champa Devi trail is easy and the best short trekking around Kathmandu Valley. You can enjoy your time with nature, bird watching, Mountain View, Kathmandu Valley view along with Pharping village. You can reach the Chama Devi temple within 2-3 hours of hiking from Hattiban which depends on your pace of walking. And the return is comparatively easy so you can hike back to Hattiban in less than 1.5 hours. 

Map of Champa Devi Hiking 

Champa Devi Hiking Map

Best time to go for Champa Devi Hiking 

Hiking in Champa Devi can be done around the year, however, there are a couple of months we suggest you skip due to unfavorable weather conditions. Monsoon season and months of winter are not recommended for hiking in the Champa Devi trail. 

We don’t suggest you go during the months of June, July, August, January, and February for hiking in Champadevi. 

You will encounter lots of Leeches and snails on the hiking track due to rain in the monsoon months of monsoon. And in the winter, the hill remains foggy so you can’t enjoy the view of the valley along with the mountains so we suggest you skip it. 

How to reach Champa Devi Temple

There are multiple ways to reach the starting point of the Champa Devi trek route. You can reach Hattiban via Public Transfer, motorbikes, Rental Jeep, or private vehicles depending on your mode of available transfer. 

Public Transfer: Public buses are available from Ratnapark which leaves every 15 min towards Dakshinkali Temple. Ask the bus staff to drop you at the gate of Hattiban resort. Once you reach the gate, hike towards the resort for 20 min and your real hiking towards the trail starts. 

Motorbike/Car/Jeep: Take a route of Balkhu towards Dakshinkali Temple and on the way to the temple, stop at the bus stand where you need to take a right uphill road. Distance from Balkhu to Hattiban bus park is approx 12 KM and take a drive towards the resort. Park your bike outside the resort and start your hike to Champa Devi hill. 

Alternative trails of Champa Devi Hiking 

Champa Devi hiking via Chandragiri Route

Hiking from the Chandragiri Temple route towards Champa Devi is one of the full-day hiking trails. The hike starts from Thankot or Chandragiri Temple and all the way to Hattiban/Bosan Danda. You can hike the uphill of Thankot towards Chandrigiri or take a cable car ride and skip it. Once you reach the Chandragiri Temple, explore the temple and hike towards Bhasmasur Hill. Chandragiri Temple to Bhasmasur hill takes approx 2-3 hours hike depends on your physical condition.

The elevation of Bhasmasur hill is 2496 Meters. You can enjoy the magnificent view of Kathmandu valley along with mountains from this hill station. After resetting for some time, then hike again towards Champa Devi Temple which is another 1 hours hike from Bhasmasur Danda.

Once you reach the temple, If you wish, pay homage towards Champa Devi Temple or just relax and spend some time in the temple surroundings. Then again hike towards Hattiban Resort which takes downhill and uphill 1 – 2 hours hike.

Once you reach the Hattiban Resort, your hiking ends here. If you have a private vehicle hired then you can continue your journey otherwise you need to hike an extra 20 min to reach the bus station.

Champa Devi Hiking via Bosan Danda

Champa Devi hiking via Bosan Danda is another alternative trail that skips the Hattiban Resort route. You can hike upwards to Bhanjyang via a pine forest before reaching the Champa Devi Temple. Once you reach Champa Devi Temple, you can hike back via a Hattiban hiking route.

In this hiking trail, you will need to hike first hours with a jungle route which is not a stone step but once you reach Bhanjyang, you will hike via a stone-stepped well-managed trail.

Hattiban – Champa Devi – Bhasmasur – Chandragiri – Thankot

If you want to go for a full day of hiking then this route is perfect for you. The hike starts from Hattiban towards Champa Devi Temple and all the way to Chandragiri Temple via Bhasmasur. This route is perfect for exploring the southern jungle of Kathmandu valley from where you can enjoy the view along with the jungle trek.

The hiking trail is full of an amazing view of Kathmandu valley along with mountains. You will pass through a pine forest along with the Sal forest in this route. Once you reach Chandragiri temple, you can either hike towards Thankot or take a cable car ride downhill.

Champa Devi Hiking Gallery 

Champa Devi Hiking Video

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