Camping around Kathmandu 

Wondering where to go for camping around Kathmandu valley then we have a list of camping sites around Kathmandu valley for hikers or travelers. Camping is an outdoor activity you can enjoy with family and friends for an overnight stay without a proper room and shelter. 

Tent camping is one of the popular camping options in Nepal among hikers who want to enjoy the weekends or weekdays with nature. Outdoor camping came into popularity in the 20th century which basically used to be a tented night outdoor camp with family and friends. However, in the context of Nepal, gradually camping is spiking among teenagers. 

In the context of Nepal, hill station camping is most popular among travelers. You can enjoy the serenity of nature along with mountain views from your camp in these types of camping. Besides the view, you also can enjoy the chirping of birds early in the morning which used to be your morning alarm outside your tent. 

Camping around Kathmandu valley can be a single day or a multi-day – it’s totally up to you. You may opt how long you should go for overnight camping around Kathmandu with your colleagues or family.  We have listed some of the most popular camping destinations around Kathmandu valley for your ease below. 

List of Destination for Camping around Kathmandu

  1. Hattiban Resort Camping 
  2. Tarebhir Camping 
  3. Jarsing Pauwa Camping 
  4. Markhu Chitlang Camping 
  5. White House (Bosan Danda)
  6. Shivapur Camping 
  7. Kakani Camping 
  8. Suryachaur 

Hattiban Resort Camping 

Hattiban Resort camping is one of the popular and nearby overnight camping destinations around Kathmandu valley. Staying a night inside the pine forest and enjoying the nature view is one of the best parts of Hattiban resort overnight camping. Kathmandu to Hattiban Resort distance is only 20 KM in the distance which can be reached within a 1-hour drive. You can collect the firewood from the forest and enjoy the campfire along with preparing bbq inside the jungle during your overnight camping in Hattiban Resort. 

Hattiban Resort camping - Camping around Kathmandu 

The next day, if the weather is clear then you can enjoy the magnificent view of Kathmandu valley along with a wide range of mountains. You can take a long hike up to Chandragiri Temple and return by Cable car to Thankot or a short hike towards Pharping all the way to Khokana or Bungmati. If you are not a hiker then Rock climbing and Mountain bike ride are the additional activities you can engage yourself to enjoy. 

Tarebhir Camping 

Tarebhir camping is another beautiful overnight camping place around Kathmandu valley which is located in the northeast part. There are mainly three ways to reach Tarebhir which are one from Bhudhanilkantha, another via Sundarijal, and the last one from Jagdol in Gokarna. A large number of travelers opt for the third option via Jagdol which is relatively easy to reach Tarebhir overnight.

Tarebhir Camping - Camping around Kathmandu

You can find plenty of private and public space for camping in Tarebhir. We suggest you ask for permission before setting up your camp nearby the village. And also kindly take care of water resources before it which makes it a lot easier. If you stay in the private camping sport then they offer you water and washroom facilities at a reasonable cost. 

Jarsing Pauwa Camping 

Camping in Jarsing Pauwa is another perfect option for outdoor lovers who are planning for a stay in nature. Jarsing Pauwa is located on the northern side of Kathmandu valley which is approx 25 KM in distance. You need to travel for 1.5 hours to reach Jarsing Pauwa from Kathmandu valley. There are plenty of camping sites in Jarsing Pauwa available for camping lovers. You can enjoy the magnificent mountain view from Jarsing Pauwa during this overnight camping trip. 

Jarsing Pauwa Camping 

Jarsing Pauwa offers Paragliding, Everest Tea Garden in Bhotechaur, and more for travelers. You can extend your trip towards Chisapani, Nagarkot, or Shivapur from here. Camping sites in Jarsing Pauwa can be installed nearby the village so that you can visit the village if you are out of stock or need anything additional. 

Markhu Chitlang Camping 

Markhu and Chitlang are the other popular destinations for overnight camping around Kathmandu valley. Markhu is approx 27 KM from Kathmandu which takes approx 2 hours to reach. You can spend a night on the edge of Kulekhani Lake if you are staying in Markhu and if you spend a night in Chitlang then camps can be set up nearby the village. We suggest you ask permission from a nearby house before unpacking your tent. 

Markhu Chitlang Camping 

You can purchase firewood in a nearby village in Markhu and enjoy the campfire in the evening with your family or friends. We highly recommend you to try a local fish from the lake during your trip to Markhu. Besides your own camping gear, Hotels in Markhu and Chitlang also offer tent night stay if you don’t want to get hassle and willing to pay for it a little bit more. 

Boating in Kulekhni Dam lake also known as Indrasarovar lake, Mohini Waterfall, Goat Cheese, Bheda Farm, Sat Dhara, Old Newari settlement is some of the major attractions of Markhu and Chitlang camping tour. 

White House (Bosan Danda)

White House is also known as Bosan Danda is another ideal overnight camping site around Kathmandu valley for camping lovers. White House is located in the southern part of Kathmandu valley on the way to Dakshinkali.  Bosan Danda to Kathmandu is only 16 KM in the distance which can be reached within 45 min of the drive. 

You can enjoy the amazing view of Kathmandu valley, Taudaha, mountain ranges from this hill. This hill is basically a water reservoir tank where you set up your tent and spend a night. Staying a night on this hill is an idea with friends. The next day, you can visit Kirtipur and explore the town along with local foods with your partners. 

Shivapur Village Camping 

Camping in Shivapur Village is basically camping inside the private property which is separated into 300 ropani of land. Shivapur village is attached to Shivapur National Park so you can experience the jungle vibes in this resort. Besides this, you also can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the mountain from the campsite.  

Shivapur village Camping

There is a facility of water and restrooms in the resort which can be used by paying some charges of camping in Shivapur. Shivapur Village is situated on the northern side of Kathmandu valley so you need to pass Jhor Waterfall all the way to Gurje Bhanjyang. From Gurje Bhanjyang, you need to hike towards the resort for 30 min to reach. Wild animals like wild boar and spotted deer can be seen on the way if you get lucky. 


Kakani is another famous camping site for overnight around Kathmandu valley for outdoor lovers. Kakani is situated at an elevation of 2070 meters from sea level which takes approx 2 hours to reach Kathmandu. The distance from Kathmandu to Kakani is 24 KM but the highway construction is going on so the mentioned time might be delayed. 

Camping in Kakani

You can set up your tent inside the pine forest of Kakani for your overnight stay. You can enjoy the trout fish, Rhododendron forest, bird waiting along strawberries during your camping tour. Besides these, an amazing landscape of mountains and a long range of mountains can be seen from Kakani. 

Suryachaur Camping 

Suryachaur is also another hill station for a camping site around Kathmandu valley. Suryachaur lies in the Nuwakot district but it is just next to Shivapur Village. If you take a left instead of right then you will reach Suryachaur from Gurje Bhanjyang. You can enjoy the amazing mountain view of Langtang Himalaya ranges along with the Likhu valley of Nuwakot from Suryachaur. Mountains like Mt Manaslu 8153 meter, Mt Ganesh Himal, Mt Langtang Lirung, Mt Dorje Lakpa, and holy Gauri Shanker Himal are visible from Suryachaur. 


Suryachaur is popular for homestay and camping so there will be a large number of hikers and bikers for overnight trips during the weekend. 

Tent Camping Essentials for Camping around Kathmandu 

Tent Camping Essentials for Camping around Kathmandu

There is always a list of essential items and supplies if you are planning for outdoor camping. Once you plan to stay outdoors then make sure that you have the right item and gear for camping. Here goes the list of tent camping essentials for camping around Kathmandu valley: 

  1. Sleeping Tent 
  2. Sleeping Bag 
  3. Sleeping Mat
  4. Camp Stove 
  5. Lamp head or lanterns 
  6. Camp dishware 

Sleeping Tent: A quality sleeping bag is highly recommended for these kinds of camping trips around Kathmandu valley. A double Tent which can face the rain and wind is recommended so that you can enjoy extra space if you are single also inside the tent. You also can hire a tent for a day or two if you are not a regular outdoor hiker. 

Sleeping Bag: There are different types of sleeping bags available in the market. A normal sleeping bag works for camping around Kathmandu valley where the weather doesn’t drop in minus beside 1 or 2 days in winter. 

Sleeping Mat: A good quality mat is always a need for these kinds of camping in Kathmandu. If you take a low-quality sleeping mat then it doesn’t block the cold from the ground and absorbs it which makes it tough to sleep in such an environment. So we suggest a thick trekking mat for these types of camping tours around Kathmandu. 

Camp Stove: Going outdoors and doesn’t have a stove to prepare meals then you won’t be enjoying your trip. A camp stove is one of the most essential items you need to have on your list if you wish to enjoy overnight camping around Kathmandu. Either it can be boiling water or noodles, fire is essential. 

Lamp head or lanterns: The other most take the item for camping is Lemphead or Lanterns for your own safety. Without these, dark forests will be darker and you might not be able to make yourself safe. Either if you need to go for the toilet or other – brightness is a must to make yourself comfortable. Only a woodfire might not be able enough for you for the entire night if anything happens. 

Camp dishware: The final item in the list of camp dishware in which you prepare your meal and eat either it can be a place, cup, or a cooking utensil. Take only the essential items you need so that your backpack won’t get big. You also can use biodegradable plates and cups which saves you money and weight. 

What to wear for Camping around Kathmandu valley? 

Well, we suggest you take 2 pairs of clothes with you during overnight camping around Kathmandu. One pair of clothes will be in your body and next for the night use. Kindly avoid heavy clothes along with moisture observing clothes during camping. 

What to wear for Camping around Kathmandu Valley

We suggest you use quick-drying clothing made from merino wool or polyester blends during overnight camping tours. 

Best time for camping around Kathmandu Valley?

Camping around Kathmandu valley can be done all month a year but having said that we suggest you skip the months of monsoon-like June, July and August are wisely. During these three months, Kathmandu valley and the surrounding receive heavy rainfall so camping in the monsoon won’t be pleasant. 

Besides these monsoon months, extreme cold months like January and February are also not recommended for camping overnight trips around Kathmandu. 

The rest of the months are perfect in terms of weather conditions for overnight camping. Days remain sunny and night remains chill which is perfect weather for outdoor camping. 

Note: We suggest you take the info of your planning camping ground in advance along with a weather forecast report so that you can enjoy the overnight camping trip around Kathmandu during your proposed time along with family and friends. 

Tips for Camping around Kathmandu Valley 

Try Setting up the tent at home before going for Camping

Setting up a tent might seem easy but it can be a tough job if you haven’t done it before. Going for an overnight camping trip and not being able to install the tent before the sunlight goes down then you might really be in trouble. Trying a tent set up at home also speeds up your work during the camping area. 

Reach your campsite ahead of time

Since you are planning to spend overnight in the jungle then you are advised to reach the camping site time ahead so that you can book a perfect spot along with prepare your tent in daylight. Reaching ahead to the camping site and selecting the ideal location and other services is most so that you don’t need to panic later.

Make Camp-fire friendly Meal ahead of time

Just because you are not at the home doesn’t;t mean that you can’t enjoy the perfect meal. Prepare the meal for night when daylight is on so that you don’t need to rush in the night. We Nepalese usually eat boiled noodles during the overnight camping in Nepal which is not what you always want to eat.

We wish you also can make a delicious and hygienic meal during camping so that we highly suggest you prepare your meals in advance during the camping trip so later you can enjoy the evening.

Bring Game and Enjoy the Night

If you are not nearby the water then a game to spend a night will be perfect. Either it can be a game of chess, ludo, cards, Guitar, or any other entertainment tools so that you don’t need to get the bored middle in the jungle.

If you are new in the group and it is your first camping trip then such activities definitely help you to mix up with people fastly.

Go during weekdays instead of Weekends 

If you don’t like a crowd and enjoy your outdoor camping in peace then opt for weekdays instead of weekends. Camping sites are less crowded during weekdays so you won’t get bothered by next tent people during weekdays.

Don’t spoil the campsites, leave it as you found it

These are the major rules of camping so that people coming after you don’t need to get into trouble. Don’t harm nature and the area so that it can be reused by next travelers. Leave the camping sites as you found, if possible, improve it if not then don’t harm it.

And make sure that you collect all the trash before leaving the campsite so that wild animals don’t get it later and be in trouble by your trash.

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