Snowfall Places Nearby Kathmandu

Snowfall Places Nearby Kathmandu

Looking for Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu, then keep reading our blog to find Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu to know it. We have listed some major hill stations around Kathmandu which has a large potential of snowing in the winter time. Kathmandu is situated at the height of 1400 meters from the sea level. There are numerous hills which surrounds Kathmandu. The highest hill is Phulchoki which lies in the south-eastern part of Kathmandu. There won’t be regular snowfall in our listed hills however high changes of snow is Winter season is expected. Our blog, Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu is based upon past few years history of snowfall so that you can expect in the mentioned hill for the snow.


Phulchoki is the renowned place for the snowfall for so many times of the year. When it comes to Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu, Phulchoki will always rank high on the list of travelers. Phulchoki is situated in the hill of 2762 meters from the sea level. This hill offers the magnificent view of a mountain in the north and Terai region in the southern part. Phulchoki is approx 30 KM far from Kathmandu. You need to cross Godhabari to reach this hill station. Black topped road which goes through Rhododendrons forest make you feel amazing. You can travel in your own private vehicle to reach the hill to enjoy the snowfall during winter.


Nagarkot is one of the tourist destinations among national and international tourist. It lies in the eastern part of Kathmandu which is approx 28 KM far from the country capital. Nagarkot lies at the height of 2200 meters from the sea level. Nagarkot offers the panoramic view of mountains and also it is believed that you can see Mt Everest, which is the highest mountain in the world if the weather is clear. There is a frequent snowfall in the place in winter so we have listed it in the list in the second number when it comes to Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu. Nagarkot is also popular hill station for Sunrise and Sunset. You need to allocate 1 hrs to reach this snowfall hill during winter.


Daman is quite outside of Kathmandu valley however when it some in the mind for Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu then it is popular among travelers. Daman is at the height of 3250 meters from the sea level which is quite far from the capital. You need to travel approx 70 km to reach this hill station. 2 hours scenic drive takes you to this place where you can see the marvelous view of Himalayan range from Annapurna to Everest region. Snowfall in Daman is very common in winter. You can spend your night there but you need to hurry up due to lack of hotel so if you wanna enjoy the snow then booking your accommodation in advance is highly recommended.


Kalinchow is few hundreds of kilometers from the Kathmandu however you can enjoy the snowfall for the long span of time. The height of Kalinchowk is 3700 meters from the sea level. Kalinchow is popular the Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple which is popular among the domestic tourist. You need to hire a vehicle to reach this place an manage a day to play with snow. You can enjoy the 360 views of snow-capped hills during winter and its one of the emerging snow playing destination among Nepalese in the past few years. Basic accommodations are available here to stay for the travelers who make their visit. You also can enjoy ski here during the snowfall time. So you are more keen to visit Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu then you must not miss Kalinchowk.


Chandragiri Hill

Chandragiri hill is the historic hill which lies in the south west of Kathmandu valley. The elevation of Chandragiri hill is 2551 meters from the sea level. You can see the stunning view of Kathmandu valley along with the wide angle of Mountain range. When it rains in winter then snowfall in Chandragiri hill is normal so there will be a long queue of travelers to play snow here. You can easily reach the hill station by Cable Car which takes approx 15 minutes to reach the hill. So considering about Snowfall places nearby Kathmandu, then this also might be one of the best destinations for you.

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