Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

Know everything about Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang: Cost, Time, Best Time, Price. Quad Bike ride in Chitlang is adventure activities you can do in Chitlang besides boating and other. Quad Bike is a new adventure activity you can experience first time in Nepal.

You can enjoy the Quad Bike Ride in the different geographic locations of Chitlang. The powerful machine of 200 CC makes your ride adventurous with your friends or family. A person who can ride a bike can easily take part in this bike ride. You need to sign a waiver form before taking it. Signing a form is mandatory which mentioned the driving rules along with safety precautions.

Taking a four-wheeler Quad Bike in the village of Chitlang is amazing to experience. Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang is now another reason to visit Chitlang who is fed up with the same old Chitlang tour package itinerary. Ancient Village, Muddy Road, Jungle road tracks, countryside road are some of the be landscapes you can experience in this ride.

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Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

Cost of Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

Quad bike riding in Chitlang cost Rs 3000 per person per hour. Normally, there will be 3 shifts of Quad Bike riding in Chitlang. There will be a single person in a Quad during a ride. No passenger can accompany in the Quad during this ride strictly.

Quad Bike Riding Schedule and Price

Quad Bike Ride First Shirt

08:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Rs 3000

Quad Bike Ride Second Shift

11:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Rs 3000

Quad Bike Ride Third Shirt

02:00 PM – 05:00 PM

Rs 3000

People who are not interested in a stay in Chitlang and enjoy the Quad ride then they can book a second shift. One can enjoy the ride and return back to their destination enjoying the ride.

People who are staying over are recommended to take a ride in Morning or Evening time. These two times are a pleasant time to enjoy the ride around Chitlang Village.

What to Expect – Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

Before taking a ride, you need to put a few things in your body for safety purposes. You will be given a safety brief before starting a ride by the instructor.

  • Safety Briefing by Professional ATV Ride Instructor.
  • High Visibility Vest.
  • Hair-Net and Helmet.
  • Arm and Knee Guards.
  • Safety Gloves.
  • Changing Room And Toilet Facilities.
  • 10 mins Ride Practice.
  • Immediate Medical Assistance and First Aid.
  • Insurance Coverage.

Accommodation Package with Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

You can take a package of accommodation along with Quad bike which costs Rs 4700 per person. It includes accommodation in a deluxe room, dinner, breakfast, lunch and a bike ride in the package.

And for the tent stay, it cost only 4400 per person with the same mentioned item in the package previously. Besides this, you also can enjoy the local sightseeing of Chitlang Village and enjoy the boating in Kulekhani.

Riding Requirements of Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang

To participate in the Quad ride, you don’t need any specific requirements. People who are above 16 years age can be part of this ride. The ride will be operated throughout the year in Chitlang.

Riding a Quad is not a race, you need to maintain the speed of 20 KM per hour in the ride. In first, you feel quite uncomfortable with the handle of the Quad but you will get adjust it with lately. Don’t get overconfidence with the ride of bike this Quad. It’s similar alike but not as easy as it is.

How to make Quad Bike Ride in Chitlang Reservation?

Ring us at 9851236336 for a direct reservation of Quad Bike Ride. Or you can visit our office to make it. We need full payment to make a reservation and we will offer you a service voucher for Quad bike. Once you are in the resort, present the voucher to the hotel staff and then you can enjoy the ride.

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