Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020 is announced by the government of Nepal after the consecutive success of Visit Nepal 1998.  Visit Nepal 2020 target to bring 2 million people in Nepal. Nepal is one of the highly rated countries by renowned travel magazines however due to the unstable politics of the country, Nepal is unable to attract foreigners towards Himalayan country Nepal.

After the earthquake in 2015, the backbone of tourism was hit high and few destinations were affected by the earthquake. Most parts of Nepal was not affected by the devastating earthquake. But today, everything is back to normal and the most affected Langtang is receiving thousands of tourism now. Nepal is now receiving approx 1 million tourists in 2017. So there is a huge target in front of Nepal Tourism Board and Government of Nepal to meet the set visitor’s target of Visit Nepal 2020.

In the context of rising tourist from China and India, this Visit Nepal 2020 set target can easily can be meet. In the prior to the Visit Nepal 2020, Nepal Airlines just purchased 2 Boeing which can carry 260 passengers in each can make a huge difference to reach the target. The recently elected government of Nepal with the mandate of two third can definitely make a change and make the tourism entrepreneurs optimistic.

Vist Nepal 2020 can be a milestone setup for Nepali tourism. The government of Nepal has already set the target of Visit Nepal 2030 which target is to bring 5 Million tourists into Nepal. So it’s a challenge for newly appointed tourism minister to make this campaign successful.

Visit Nepal 2020 – Reason to Visit!

You don’t need to wait to visit Nepal 2020 campaign to visit this beautiful county. Nepal is a highly rated travel destination by renowned travel institutions which is still cheap to travel compared to the services tourist receive. Himalayan country Nepal is the home of Lord Gautam Buddha, world tallest Mt Everest(8848) is in Nepal. Everest Base Camp trekking is one of the renowned trekking routes in the world which is visited by thousands of trekkers in a year. And for Hindus, Muktinath and Pashupatinath’s country is Nepal so Nepal carries religious value too.

Where and what to see during Visit Nepal 2020?

Being a small Himalayan country, Nepal has wide varieties to offer for visitors of 2020. You can experience 3 types of weather within 150KM in Nepal which is the unique feature of Nepal. Cultural Tour, Religious Tour, Wildlife Safari, White Water Rafting, Adventure activities, Trekking in some of the highly recommended routes is the best thing you can do in 2020.

Culture Tour in Nepal in Visit Nepal 2020

From a Newari culture of Kathmandu to Tharu Culture of Terai region and Himalayan Sherpa culture to Rajbanshi culture, all cultures can be experienced in Nepal. Visit the narrow allies of Bhaktapur to explore more about the cultural history of Nepal which has been ruled by different dynasties. This small country has lots more to offer for the visitors. Nepal has 123 ethnical groups and they do have their own language, culture, and identity.

Culture is different according to the people staying in different regions of Nepal. Nepal is mainly divided into 3 regions, i.e.: Mountain Region, Hilly Region & Tarai Region. The majority of mountain region people are Sherpa and they are attached to Tibetian Culture where Hilly region peoples are Gurung, Magar, Bahun, Chhetri, Rai, Tamang, Newari, Kami, Sarki, Damai and other many more. Where Tarai people are Tharu and Madhesi are more popular who do have their own culture and language to communicate.

Religious Tour in Nepal in Visit Nepal 2020

Another flip of Nepal is a Religious tour which is the good product of Visit Nepal 2020.  Nepal is the place where we can see the combination of two old religions: Hinduism & Buddhism. Destinations like Pashupatinath, Janakpur, Muktinath, Halesi Mahadev, Damador Kunda, Gosaikunda, Bouddhanath, Swambhunath, Tengboche Monastery, Lumbini are the places you must visit during your Nepal tour as per your religious faith.

Wildlife Safari in Nepal to visit in Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal has some endangered wild animals to offer for guests to see. There are total Nine National Park and Three Wildlife Reserve in Nepal.

Wildlife Reserve in Nepal

  • Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
  • Parsa Wildlife Reserve
  • Kosi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

List National Park in Nepal 

Nepal national park is popular for Royal Bengal Tiger and One Horn Rhino which is rare on the verge of existence. There are approx 650 One Horn rhino in Nepal and approx 160 Royal Bengal tiger in Nepal which is the attraction of Nepal wildlife. Mainly Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the popular habitats of these two animals. Besides these animals, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Different species of Deers, Snow Leopard, wild boar are some commonly seen animals during a wildlife safari tour in Nepal.

Nepal is also the home of 900 species of birds and 651 species of butterflies, 187 species of fish are the attraction of Nepal. Nepal is also open for reserve hunting area, Dhorpatan Wildlife Reserve is popular for hunting in Nepal. Few species of mammals like Barking Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Blue Sheep & Wild Boar are open to hunting after obtaining a hunting permit from concerned ministry.

White Water Rafting Nepal in Visit Nepal 2020

Not Surprising, a country which as 8 tallest mountain among 10 in Nepal does have good rapid water for white water rafting. Nepal has 6000 rivers in this small geography. Tourists can enjoy the rafting as per their choice in different rivers. Sunkoshi River is listed on the top 10 dangerous river rapids in the world. The easiest grade river is the Trishuli river where thousands of tourists get splashed with white water. It is from Kathmandu to Pokhara so once can enjoy the rivers rapid during their surface travel. So White Water Rafting Nepal should be in your bucket list of Visit Nepal 2020.

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