Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park Cost, Itinerary, Details, Time, Entry Fee

Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park Cost, Itinerary, Details, Time, Entry Fee

Everything about Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park Cost, Itinerary, Details, Time, Entry Fee, Guide. Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park Cost, Details, Time, Entry Fee, Guide information can’t be obtained easily however we offer all the information about the safari done in Chitwan National Park on this page. Chitwan National Parks offer services for thousands of tourist every year. Chitwan National Park is one of the first national parks in Nepal. Before converting into National Park, it was a wildlife hunting reserve for Nepali Rana & Royal Family. International delegates were invited into Chitwan National Park for hunting in past.

Travelers can enjoy different types of jungle safari activities in Chitwan as per their interests and budget. Chitwan National Park is famous for THREE BIG: One Horn Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Wild Elephant. In the small premises of the national park, these three wild animals can be seen in Chitwan. Jeep Safari and elephant rides are used to see the wildness of Chitwan National Park. Besides this, Canoe rides and Jungle Walks are other activities one can enjoy in the park to see wild animals closely.

You need to pay a certain amount to enter the park as per your national categories. Nationalizes are created in this way: Nepalese, SAARC Nation & Rest of others comes under foreigners. Chitwan National Park is listed in The 35 Most Amazing National Parks on Earth by Huffington Post.

Chitwan National Park Entry Fee

Every individual guest needs to obtain a national park permit to enter the park. The price of a national park permit is categorized according to the guest nationalities. National Park permit is valid for a single day only so if you want to do a multiple-day jungle excursion then you need to purchase a new national park permit to enter the park.

Foreigners Rs 2000 Per Person 
SAARC Country Rs 1000 Per Person 
Nepali Rs 150 Per Person 

Where to buy National Park Permit?

National Park permits can be purchased at the entry point of National Park. Or you can ask your hotel to arrange the ticket, they can do it with a smile.

Elephant  Safari inside Chitwan National Park Cost

There are two types of Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park. One elephant safari is done inside the park and another safari is done in the Community forest. There is a limited elephant to do safari inside Chitwan National Park. Their elephant is not for regular jungle safari. They are for the protection of the park. Nepal Army uses these elephants to patrolling the park.  You need to book this elephant safari in advance which costs US $ 35 per person and a National Park Permit of Rs 200 is mandatory.

Elephant Safari inside Chitwan National Park US $ 35 per person
Maximum: 4 people in one elephant
Duration: 1.5 Hours

Elephant Safari in Community Forest Cost

Almost all hotels and safari arrangers Elephant Safari outside the park. Private elephants are now allowed to enter the park so why they operate elephant safari in the community forest. The community forest is attached to the park so there are the movements of wild animals. Being a community forest, guests can see wild animals like rhino, leopard, sloth bear, wild boar, monkey, deer, and other many more during elephant safari.

US $ 30 per person on sharing Basis + National Park Permit which is mandatory
Maximum: 4 people in one elephant
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Reserved ( solo) Elephant Ride US $ 100 for 1.5 hours journey.

Tower Night Stay in Chitwan National Park Cost

Tower Night Stay is one of the least heard activities you can do in Chitwan.  You can enjoy the overnight experience in the jungle in Chitwan where you can hear the roar of wild animals from your room which is built in the tower. Tower offers basic room facilities for overnight guests and a basic toilet. You need to bring all the essential food and water from outside during your stay in the tower. These towers are previously built for the observation of wild animals which is now turned down to the room for the unique experience of the guest.

US $ 45 per person + National Park Permit which is mandatory.
One Pack Dinner will be served at this price along with unlimited mineral water.

Jeep Safari inside Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park offers different types of Jeep Safari. Among them, Jeep Safari inside Chitwan National Park is famous among the guest. One jeep can accommodate 10 people once. Jeep Safari will be 4 hours and its last stop will be Kasara which is also the headquarter of Chitwan National Park. Kasara is the place where you can visit the Crocodile Breeding Center. It is the breeding farm where the crocodile is grown up and released into different rivers of Nepal.

Jeep Safari is a jungle excursion where there are high chances of seeing wild animals. Wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horn Rhino, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Deer, Wild Boar, Monkey, and other many more. Jeep Safari rates are being categorized as the need of the guest. In the reserved Jeep Safari which can be taken from early morning up to 5 pm in the evening. During this time period, you can explore deep into the Park.

Full-Day Reserved Jeep Safari US $ 210  + National Park Permit which is mandatory
Half-day reserve Jeep Safari 4 HRS = US $ 180 + National Park Permit which is mandatory
Jeep Safari on a sharing basis = US $ 25  per person + National Park Permit which is mandatory

Chitwan Bird Watching + Nature Guide Cost

Chitwan National Park is the right place for bird watching in Nepal. It is the home of 500 bird species. Among the mentioned number, 170 are the regularly seen birds however other species of birds are seen during seasons time only. Best time to see birds in March, April, September, October, November & December. You need to have a professional naturalist during this tour who can offer you information about the seen birds in the park. Janakauli Community Forest, 20 Thousand Lake, and Chitwan National Park itself are the most popular hub for bird watching. Normally Jungle walk is the best and preferred way to watch the bird.

Indian Peafowl, Little Egret, Honey Buzzard, Darter, Alexandrine parakeet, Hoopoe are some of the popular species of birds found in Chitwan National Park.

US $ 30 per person + National Park Permit of Rs 2000 which is mandatory
Duration: 4 hours
At least 3-4 hours bird-watching trip to spot more than 250 species of birds

Chitwan Canoe Ride + Short Jungle Walk and Elephant Breeding Center Cost

Canoe Ride in the activities the guest prefers to do. The canoe ride is done approx. 1.5 HRS in the Rapti river. Normally the canoe ride is done with a short jungle walk. Canoe ride + Jungle Walk is the best way to see different species of birds in Chitwan National park. Wooden Boat can accommodate from 10 people up to 25. It depends upon the size of the boat. Boat flows upon the flow of the river water. Crocodile with open mouth heading the body, Rhino Drinking water is the best thing you can see during these activities.

Elephant Breeding Center is another activity you can see at the same cost which is one way back to lodge. This is the first breeding center in Nepal where you can see baby elephants playing with each other. These elephants are used for National Park patrolling in the morning and daytime. If you are lucky then you can see male wild elephants around the center for mating.

US $ 20 per person + National Park Permit of Rs 2000 which is mandatory
Duration: 2-3 hours where it’s preferred in the morning or afternoon.

Tharu Village Tour in Ox-Cart Cost

Tharu Village Tour in Ox- Cart is a unique experience you can do in Chitwan. Tharu are the indigenous people who live in the Terai region. Tharu do have different languages and different cultures along with their special food. During this tour, you will be taken to the Tharu community village where you can watch their lifestyle, accommodation, culture, and many more.

US $ 5 per person
Duration: 1-2  hour    /    Minimum: 2 people required

Chitwan Elephant  Bathing Cost

Elephant Bath is done on the bank of Rapti River. Elephants are brought from Safari and washed here and taken to their accommodation. It doesn’t have any fixed time for washing the elephant. Elephant Bathing is closed in the winter season due to freezing weather. Summer is the best time for Elephant Bath.  US $ 5 per person which will be done for 5-10 minutes and starts at 11:00 AM on the bank of Rapti river. You can enjoy taking pictures of elephants bathing from the perfect space of the river edge.

If you don’t want to participate in Elephant Bathing then you can enjoy people playing with elephants from the bank of the river. For this, you don’t need to pay a single penny. 🙂

Chitwan 20 Thousand Lake Tour Cost

Jeep Safari in 20 Thousand Lake is the place where the guest does an alternative jeep safari. During monsoon season, Jeep Safari inside Chitwan National Park will be closed so the guest does have the only option of 20 Thousand Lake at this time. 20 Thousand Lake is a wetland where you can also see wild animals like Rhino, Sloth Bear, Deer, Wild Boar along with different species of birds. 20 Thousand Lake is also popular for a bicycle tour. You can rent a bicycle and drive to the forest. The nature guide will accompany you during this trip. During this trip, you can explore dip inside the forest with the

knowledgeable nature guide.

Jeep Drive: US $ 20 per person
Bicycle Tour: US $ 20 per person
Duration: 4 hours
Minimum: 4 people require a guided tour  

Jungle Walk inside Chitwan National Park Cost

Jungle Walk inside Chitwan National Park is the best way to understand the park. Chitwan National Park is spread into 932 km² so there are plenty of routes for hiking inside the park. An experienced naturalist can take you close to the habitat of wild animals during this walk. You can encounter animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, One horn Rhino. Sloth Bear, Leopard, Deer, Wild Boar, Monkey, and others many more on this tour.

If you are a bird lover then Bird watching on foot is the perfect way in Chitwan National Park. Small lakes inside the park are the home of birds where you can watch them plentifully. There are many Machans ( Wooden Tower)  inside the park which are built to watch wild animals. You can climb the tower and wait for wild animal movement nearby.

US $ 40 per person  + National Park Permit of Rs 2000 which is mandatory
Duration: Whole Day Excursion with Naturalist
Minimum: 2 people required

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