Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan

Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan is established in 2044 BS with 6 male and 12 female elephants. An elephant was rapidly decreasing in the time of the establishment. To control the decrease rate, Elephant Breeding Center was born. The elephant in the breeding center at the time of the establishment was gifted from different countries like India, Myanmar, Thailand. Today, Elephant Breeding Center which is located in Khorshor is one of the popular attractions among visitors. Especially, among the student tour. This place is one of the most see attractions in Sauraha, Chitwan when you are visiting with your family and friends.

Location: Sauraha, Khorshor
Reach There: Bicycle, Electric Riksha, Jeep
Entry Fee: NPR 20/30/50
Visiting Time: 07:00 AM – 05:00 AM

Tourist Attractions Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan

Giant Elephants are the main attraction of Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan. You can see a number of Jungle kings in one roof. And if you are lucky then the other wild elephant is also seen around the breeding center. They visit this place to fulfill their quest for sex with protected animals. Dhurbe and Ronaldo are some of the most heard names who are in the media too a few years ago for the killing of local and hunting the elephants.

You are not permitted to enter the fence during your visit to the breeding center. Now you are also not permitted to feed the baby elephant which can be done previously. Red Jungle Fowl, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Wild Elephants are some of the most seen animals nearby Elephant Breeding Center. You can enjoy seeing a baby playing with each other during the visit.

An alternative way to enjoy watching the Food Candy for Elephant nearby house during your visit. Food candy is made using Straw, rice, sugar, and salt. It is a quick process and easy to make by seeing but to make it proper candy, it isn’t.

Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan

How to Reach Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan

An Elephant Breeding Center is located on the Northside of Sauraha. It is approximately 4 KM far from the tourist town. You can reach the breeding center by walking for an hour or hire some local transport to reach. You can find plenty of electric vehicles that will assist you to reach the breeding center. Elephant Statue is the point where you need to take a road to the Elephant Breeding Center. And the alternative way to reach the Breeding Center is to hire a bicycle and visit this popular touristic attraction.

Best Time to Visit Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan

The best Time to Visit Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan is either in the morning or in the evening time. The time frame will be 07:00 AM to 10:00 Am or 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM is the recommended time to visit this elephant sanctuary. In the daytime, elephants are taken into the jungle for feeding and carrying their own food.

September to December is the best month in terms of weather and March to June are some other alternative ones. In the time of winter, you will pass the river with the temporarily made bride of woods and cement circle where you need to take a boat ride in the summertime. In the rainy season, you need to pay Rs 10 for a boat ride for crossing the river one way.

Entry Fee of Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan

The tourist attraction is open 365 days a year from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM. An hour will be enough to explore this place and understand history. Children below 10 are allowed to enter the monument, free of cost.

Nepalese citizens – NPR 30 per person
Nepalese Student – NPR 20 per person ( Valid ID is MUST )
SAARC National & Foreigners – NPR 50 per person per entry.


Elephant Breeding Center Video