White Gumba ( Seto Gumba )

White Gumba ( Seto Gumba )

White Gumba ( Seto Gumba ) is also known as  Druk Amitabh Mountain which is located north to Swyambhunath. White Gumba ( Seto Gumba) is one of the attractions of Kathmandu where hundreds of people visit in a day. Kathmandu’s view from Gumba is spectacular. It was previously purposed to built-in Swayambhunath but due to some issues, it was shifted northern side of the purposed location. White Gumba( Seto Gumba) is the place where a nun comes for different parts of the world to meditate. They receive nun from Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh, Lahaul.

White Gumba ( Seto Gumba )

Different ages of people came here to learn Buddhism. They practice Buddhist early in the morning from 3 AM till 11 PM. White Gumba ( Seto Gumba) is a place for religious people who are seeking a feeling of peace and want to enjoy in the lap of nature. Winds in White Gumba ( Seto Gumba) is very strong in the evening time with noise. And if you visit this place early in the morning then you can see the first ray of sun in Kathmandu valley.

White Gumba ( Seto Gumba) is the giant structure that is rich in Tibetan art, architecture and Buddhist culture. Instant sticks smell, chanting sound, playing flag helps you to make your mind calm and peace. If you are not a nonreligious person then the panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley makes you fall in love with this place.

White Gumba ( Seto Gumba) is not only a place where you need to religious and visit it. It also has a great restaurant on the premises which offers hygienic food at a good price. So this place might be a perfect destination for a couple to visit with a loved one and enjoy a day on the edge of nature and peace of mind.

White Gumba ( Seto Gumba) Earthquake Update: White Guma ( Seto Gumba) has not been opened after the devastating earthquake of 2015. Due to the earthquake, some cracks appeared in the building so to maintain it, it’s closed and no further notice has been updated.


What is the entry fee of White Gumba ( Seto Gumba)?

You need to obtain a visitor’s pass to enter the Gumba. You can buy the pass which costs Rs 40 per person per visit to enter it. Besides this, if you have a vehicle then you also need to pay for the vehicle depending upon the fleet.

How to reach White Gumba ( Seto Gumba)?

First, you need to reach a place called Sitapaila or Halchowk. Once you reach there, ask the locals about the direction of the White Gumba ( Seto Gumba). It’s approx. 30 min hike from Sitapaila or Halchowk. If you don’t want to hike then hiring a cab will be the perfect option. For the people who are traveling with a private vehicle can mode directly towards the destination.

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