Butwal Hill Park

Butwal Hill Park is the place you should not miss during your visit to Butwal. Butwal Hill Park can be visited from different perspectives. For the health-conscious people, Butwal Hill Park will be visiting as the place for jogging and doing multiple exercises in the fresh air inside the green jungle. The new method to be healthy in the dance, which you can experience early in the morning in the park. People are organized here to make themselves healthy who use to play a song and dance early in the morning which is one of the good things you can see here. Travelers who want to organize the event and have fun can have their picnic here and the couple who are seeking a place to spent their quality time also can visit Butwal Hill Park.

Temple according to religion, Greenery, Bird Watching, Picnic, Events, Film shooting, Music Video shoot and lots more be done in Butwal Hill Park. This park is well organized and offers multiple options for visitors. There is also a view tower at the top where you can watch the sunrise and you can see the panoramic view of Butwal city from this tower.  For nature lovers, hiking in Butwal Hill Park can be a good option. Working for a week and a day walking in the sal tree forest gives you a good vibe and make you fall in love with nature.

You need to take a ticket before entering the park which costs Rs 25 per person. Butwal Hill Park was opened in 2057 BS which lies in the Rupandehi district of Nepal. The park is open seven days a week. This is one of the most popular destinations among domestic tourists which is promoting local tourism. So, if you want to spend your leisure time and seeking a proper destination then this Butwal Hill Park might be the best place for you.


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