Seasons in Nepal 

Seasons in Nepal 

Seasons in Nepal – Nepal is the most beautiful country in the world in terms of Seasons in Nepal. Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter are the major seasons of Nepal’s weather which has been divided into five major seasons in terms of geographical diversity. The five major weather areas are Temperature Zone, Arctic Zone, Tropical Zone, Cold Zone, and Subarctic Zone. 

The perfect time to visit Nepal or enjoy the weather is the Autumn and Spring Seasons. The weather condition remains calm and pleasant. Day and night remain neither hot nor cold in these Seasons in Nepal. Besides these two seasons, the rest of the seasons in Nepal have some backdrops – it can be cold, rainy, or hot. 

Nepal is one of the countries where you can enjoy breakfast in the Himalayas in the cold weather, lunch in the mountain region in the pleasant temperature, and night in the Terai region in warm weather. 

Autumn Seasons in Nepal 

Autumn is one of the perfect seasons in Nepal which starts in September and ends in November. A large number of travelers plan their Nepal visit in Autumn Seasons for trekking and tour in Nepal. The weather is pleasant and warm in this season. You can enjoy the magnificent view of mountains and blue sky 

As the natives get a little relief from scorching summers and heavy rains, then comes autumn which lasts from September to November. This is certainly the best time to visit Nepal, as the surroundings get clear by summer monsoons. During the autumn months, the weather remains pleasant, not much affected by the cold. 

The day temperature used to be around 20-30 and at night it went around 10-15 degrees. 

Winter Seasons in Nepal 

Winter Seasons in Nepal fall from December up to February. Major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and more don’t go below -1 degree temperature. Some hill stations and major trekking routes are covered with heavy snowfall which is not favorable for trekking in Nepal. 

Winter seasons in Nepal

You can enjoy the fresh snowfall in Kalinchowk, Sailung, Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, and other major trekking routes of Nepal. 

Hill stations around Kathmandu valley like Shivapuri, Chandragiri, Nagarkot, Phulchowki sometimes receive snowfall for a day if the temperature goes extreme. 

Monsoon Season in Nepal 

Monsoon Seasons in Nepal fall from June till September where it receives around 2500 Millimeters of rain. Monsoon in Nepal is good for nature lovers where nature and surroundings look so green and fresh. 

Trekking in Nepal during the monsoon is a different experience where you can enjoy the big natural springs on the way. Nepal is a mountain and hilly country so heavy rainfall can cause landslides and floods in the Terai region of Nepal. 

Summer Seasons in Nepal 

Summer Seasons in Nepal fall from March till May where there is no rainfall and the temperature goes extreme up to 40 degrees in some parts of Nepal. Popular cities like Nepalgunj, Biratnagar, and Birgunj are some of the most burning cities in Nepal.  

The temperature of Kathmandu goes around 34 degrees and so does Pokhara. Hilly and mountain regions of Nepal are somewhat calm in terms of temperature; however, most of the Terai region goes above 35 degrees in the summer season. 

Spring Seasons in Nepal 

Spring Seasons in Nepal are the other beautiful months in Nepal. There are months where a large number of travelers visit Nepal for trekking, tour, and expedition. Spring season is months after winter where you can see greenery everywhere along with flowers.

Spring Seasons in Nepal 

The color of the sky used to be blue and we can enjoy the magnificent view of the mountains.

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