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How Do You Say Hello in Nepali
Wondering about How Do You Say Hello in Nepali during your trek to Nepal then we will teach you how to say hello in Nepali in this blog. As you know, Namaste is a common greeting in Nepal instead of Hello in the third world. Namaste is the most listened-to word you can hear in the trekking trail of Nepal.

Hello in Nepali

Namaste = Hello/ Greetings

When to use “namaste”: when greeting others

Pronunciation: Na-mas-tay

Other Related Worlds in Nepali 

Dhanyabad – Thank you 

When to use “dhanyabād”: when thanking others

Pronunciation: Dan-yah-bad

Maaph Garnuhos = Excuse me/ Sorry

When to use “maaph garnuhos”: “Maaph garnuhos” is basically used when apologizing for mistakes or excuses, but it is also used in the crowd if you get collided with others or any other situation.

Pronunciation: Maff Gar-nuu-hos

Translation: excuse me or sorry

Hello in Nepali

Mero Naam ______ ho. My name is _________.

Tapaiko Naam k ho? – What is your name (respectful)?

Malai Maaf garnuhos – I’m sorry

Tapailai Kasto Chha? – How are you?

Malaai Thik Chha – I’m fine.

Ramro Chha – Good/Beautiful

Ramro Chhaina – Not good

Malaai bhok lagyo – I am feeling hungry.

Malaai thakai lagyo – I am feeling tired.

Mero tauko dukhyo chaa – My head hurts.

Mero pet dukhyo chha – My stomach hurts.

Khanna mitho chha – The food is tasty.

Mitho Thiyo – It was tasty.

Pugyo! – I’m full/Enough

Jaam- Let’s go! (slang)

Subha Bihani – Good Morning

Subha Raatri – Good Night

Pheri Bhetaulaa – See you again

Pachhi bhetaula – See you later

Nepali Greetings Learning Video

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