Religion of Nepal

Religion of Nepal

Talking about Religion of Nepal, Nepal Census 2011 has states 10 types of Religion of Nepal. There are ten types of Religion of Nepal categories reported in the census of 2011. Hindu religion is followed by 81.3 percent (21,551,492) of the population. Where Buddhism is followed by (9%; 2,396,099), Islam (4.4%; 1,162,370), , Kirat (3.1%; 807,169), Christianity (1.4%; 375,699), Prakriti (0.5%; 121,982), Bon (13,006), Jainism (3,214), Bahai (1,283) and Sikhism (609).

Hinduism – Religion of Nepal

As mentioned above, a majority of the population are Hindu. 81.30 % of Nepal population used to follow the Hinduism. Nepal was the Hindu country previously but lately after dethroning the Royal Family from the ruling seat, Nepal was announced as a secular nation.  It was believed that the Royal family where the status of Vishnu so the ruling party took the decision to make Nepal as a secular country. King Prithvi Narayan Shah was the person to declare the Nepal nation as a Hindu country. In early 1990, Nepal was the only Hindu nation by the constitution.

In Hindu culture, 3 main gods are being worshipped: Shiva, Brahma & Vishnu. Dashain and Tihar are some of the major festivals of Hindu people which are celebrated nationally. A cow is a holy animal in Hindu religion which is being worshipped in the festival too. Hinduism is also known as the oldest religion in the world. Temple are the places to do worship of Gods in Hindu Culture. Pashupatinath, Janakpurdham, Muktinath Temple are some of the popular temples for Hindu religion followers. Gita is the holy book in the Hindu religion.

Buddhism – Religion of Nepal

Buddhist is the second-largest Religion in Nepal. Buddhism is followed by 9 % of the total population in Nepal. Buddhism was coined by Siddhartha Gautam Buddha who was the son of Hindu parents. He was born in 563 B.C in Kapilbastu, Lumbini. People, especially from the Mountain range are the followers of Buddism. They used to go to Gumba to do Pooj and Medication. Swayambhunath, Bouddhanath, Kapan Monastery are some of the major Buddhist Gumbas renowned among the people. Buddhist people also do their rituals in Muktinath Temple.

 Islam – Religion of Nepal

Islam is followed by 4.4 % population of Nepal. The followers of Islam are mainly based in the lower belt of Nepal with Nepal – India border. It is believed that the Indian Muslims and Pakastini Muslim were to introduce Islam in Nepal. Approx 97 % of the population lives in the Terai region where rest 3 % are living in the major cities of Nepal.

 Kirat – Religion of Nepal

Kirat religion is another religion which is in existence in Nepal. 3.1 % of the population are the followers of Kirat Religion. Kirat religion used to worship nature and their ancestors. Ubhauli and Udhauli are the two major festivals of Kirat Religion of Nepal.

Christianity – Religion of Nepal

Christianity is one of the fast growing religion in Nepal. According to the 2011 census, there were only 1.4 % Christian people. The conversion rate is very high in Nepal compared to other religion. Recently, the government deported a couple of people who were forcefully converting people into Christianity which is against the constitution of Nepal. They used to pray in Chruch on Saturday and their god is Jesus Christ and follows the rules mentioned in Bible.

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