Janaki Mandir

Janaki Mandir

Janaki Mandir is one of the renowned Hindu temples in Janakpur. Mithila region of Nepal, Janakpur Dham is a beautiful white palace temple of Janaki Mandir. It is the most famous temple of the Terai region of Nepal. The temple of Janaki Queen Vrisabhana Kumari Devi of Tikarmgarh in 1911 AD at the cost of Nine Lakhs and therefore it is called by local people the Naulakha Mandir (temple). The Temple may be called the Taj Mahal of Nepal. Architecturally it is one of the most important buildings in the country. The Temple has been built in Mughal Style and its Sisha Mahal and Tahakhana are the two most notable structures.

Janaki Mandir

Thousands of Hindu people visit Janaki Mandir from Nepal and India during Biwaha Panchami and Rama Navami which falls in November and December.  Janakpur lies nearby India- Nepal border so it’s very easy for pilgrims to visit Janaki Mandir. In Janakpur Dham there are many images of gods and goddesses such as images of Rama and Janaki (Sita), Pan Chatanam image the Rama Temple, mother and child in Rama Mandir, Jaleshwarnath Mahadeva, Shiva Linga, Surya sun-god, Narayana in Raniratawada Mandir, Garuda, Kamadeva, Vishnu in Tulasiyahi temple, Ganesa in Satokhar, Shiva Linga of black stone in Chhakar, Sun in Piparadi, Laxmi Narayana in Matihanis and Shiva in Loharpatti.

Near Janakpur Dham in Dhanusa district there is a legend runs of the great Shiva Dhanus (Great Bow of Lord Shiva). Which was broken by Ram during the marriage with Sita, daughter of King Janak. In Rama Navami and Biwaha Panchami fairs and festivals are held at Dhanusa.

Recently the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits this historical place to pay homage during his visit to Nepal.  A special puja was offered here during this visit by the organizers where 12 priests were involved in it. Now Janaki Mandir is also the part of Ramayan circuit which was officially announced during the visit.

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