Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu

Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu

Searching for Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu? Give your luck to find Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu but it’s quite a tough job due to security reasons. Cars are very expensive in Nepal compared to other countries. You will only be able to hire a car with a driver in Nepal. The road condition is not too good compared to your country and the driving side is also the right hand compared to European and American left-handed.

Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu is not an easy job in the narrow street of this hustle and bustle in the country capital. You are strictly not recommended to hire a car from self-driving where the GPRS in the vehicle are not added so that you can easily get puzzled.


The main reason behind reason for not getting Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu is the security and the damage of the vehicle. Nepal is a landlocked country where people from the border country come here and attempt crime and return back to their own without hassle. In this case, the vehicle rental company needs to bear all the burden raised so that Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu is not possible.

If you received any company that is ready to offer Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu then they ask for your passport along with a big sum of money in a deposit to make sure that you won’t attempt any crime here. If you are thinking of price will get down where you hire a car without a driver then you are getting the completely wrong information. The price of the car will remain the same without drivers too so don’t get yourself in trouble in search of Dinosaurs in Nepal. If you are now in the mood to renting a car in Kathmandu with a driver then we can arrange it at an affordable cost.

Required Documents for Self Drive Car Rental in Kathmandu 

In addition to rent a self-driving car in Kathmandu, Nepal, there are a few documents you need to submit to us. We need a full amount of trip before renting a car and along with that, we also need your ID copy, a cheque amount of Car and a formal contract according to Nepali law in Nepali paper with our company.

Once this process is done then only we can rent you our car as your need. Kindly be informed that you are only responsible to drive in the mentioned areas during the time of contract. Our vehicles are monitored with GPS so if we found any violation of the contract then we can terminate our contract instantly on this basis.

Purpose of Self Drive Car Rental in Nepal

Most of the self-driving car rental in Nepal is for personal use who visit Nepal for a month or less. Renting a car for privacy and easy convenience is the main reason among the Nepali diaspora community. Besides the Nepalese community, travelers are also seeking a car to hire during their tour in Nepal which assists them to explore the country on their own.

Besides this, people who are in their corporate job for the short term are also in seek of a self-drive car rental in Kathmandu, Nepal. So, we feel glad to assist you in this renting process so kindly feel free to contact us.

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