India to Nepal by Train

India to Nepal by Train

Looking for India to Nepal by Train then there is not possible to travel from India to Nepal by Train now. Nepal doesn’t have access to the railway till today. However, recently developed cargo train comes to Janakpurdham with cargo only from the Indian port. The nearest railway station in Gorakhpur to enter Nepal via India. There is numerous train which leaves to Gorakhpur from Delhi. You are suggested to take a train which reaches Gorakhpur in the morning so that you can travel in the daytime. Train fare from Delhi to Gorakhpur goes from approx INR 500 in 4 sleeper class.

If someone tells you that there are trains available from India to Nepal then he/she is telling a lie for you. Gorakhpur, which is the nearest station to enter Nepal. You can find buses to Nepal border from Gorakhpur railway station which is approx 3 HRS journey and it cost INR 150 each. You need to walk around 10-15 min to cross the border to enter the Nepali territory. If you are foreigners then kindly take a visa and get stamped in your passport otherwise you will be in trouble. Foreigners need to pay US $ 25 for the Visa fee at the post.

Once you enter Nepal, you can find multiple buses or cabs to different parts of Nepal as per your needs. The nearest city to the Sunauli border is Lumbini which is also the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Or you can take a bit longer ride to Chitwan National Park which is the home of Royal Bengal Tiger, One horn Rhino and other many wild animals. Chitwan National Park is considered as one of the best national parks of Aisa. You can enjoy jungle safari here during your stay in Nepal. From here, you can reach Kathmandu or Pokhara which is the other largest city in Nepal.

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