Budha Subba Temple

Budha Subba Temple

Budha Subba Temple lies in Dharan 14 of Sunsari district. Budha Subba Temple is one of the renowned places among travelers in Dharan. It is believed that people who visit this place cames their wish true once they tie a religious thread in the bamboo.

Budha Subba Temple premises is full of bamboo with a colorful religious thread tied everywhere. This small place lies in the hill of Dharan which is also a good dating sport among youngsters.  There is a small parking spot in the main gate of the temple.

There is no entry fee to enter the Budha Subba for all citizens. Besides the Bamboo, there is also a temple where you can make worship and make a wish. Few souvenir shops are around the temple where you can buy some love token for your beloved and family. 

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