Vishwakarma- The God of Architecture, Artisans and Scientists

Vishwakarma- The God of Architecture, Artisans and Scientists

Vishwakarma is the God of Architecture, Artisans and Scientists. Vishwakarma is a god of machines and tools of technicians and scientists. If Lord Brahma created a spiritual world relating to the soul Vishwakarma created physical, elemental and materials such as machine, tools, weapons, and apparatus.

The face of Vishwakarma is bright with a white mustache and beard and he holds bow and hammer by his hands. There is a golden necklace in his neck and bangles in the wrist. His descendants are artisans and skilled as goldsmith, painter, ironsmith, wood-carvers, metal workers, carpenter, sculptor, museum (break-layer) and mechanic etc.

Vishwakarma received heat and light from Surya (sun god) Chakra (wheel weapon) from Lord Vishnu, Trisul (Trident) from Lord Shiva, Vajra (Thunderbolt) from Lord Indra, Axe from Agni (Fire God), a spear from Kumar and wealth from Kubera. Vishwakarma is also called Prajapati. (Lord of people)

There are images of Vishwakarma in the struts of famous temples like Pashupatinath Temple, and Indreswari Temple of Panauti. There is a stone image of Vishwakarma near Aryaghat in Pashupati in a small temple. In Patan Ekhagalli there is a small temple of Vishwakarma with a stone image of Vishwakarma holding by his upper right hand Khadga, lower right hand Arrow, upper left-hand Bow lower left-hand Book. In the right and left sides of the image of Vishwakarma there are images of Lord Bhairaba. In Chakababil of Patan, there is a wall painting of Vishwakarma holding Khadga (Sabre), Arrow, Bow, and Book.  Om Bahal of Kathmandu is also called Bikamabaha or Vishwakarmabaha.

On Kanya Sankranti Technicians and Labourers of Nepal celebrates Vishe karma Divas (Day) with joy, pomp, and grandeur with a feast.  During Chaitra Dasain and Durga Puja Hindu peoples worship machines and tools and sacrifice goats, cock or duck to pay homage to Lord Vishwakarma.

There are names of Vishwakarma such as Taksha, Karmar, Jagannyanta, Virat, Vishnu, Shiva. Twasta, Narayana, Vishoroop, Kasyap, Vachaspati, Prajapati, Hiranyagarbha, Jagat Guru and Silpacharya. It is said that Manjushree is also an incarnation of Vishwakarma.

Vishwakarma as a god of Machine and Tools

Tools are used in the various industries. Before metal was used, there were adzes, awls, axes, hammers, saw and other tools of stones. Machine tools (tools operated by machinery) include lathes, drills, planes and milling and grinding tools of electric power to operate tools make possible great speed and uniformity of products. The metal used for machines tools is subject to much greater strain than that used for most hand tools. High carbon steel is hard and tough, and they retain their hardness and effectiveness even in the great heat generated by the friction, at high speed, of the tool against the metal machined.

The machine, commonly the term is used to indicate a complicated arrangement of moving and stationary parts a device made up of wheels, gears, levers and other parts mounted on a base. Which acting together can perform some useful work. The technical definition, however, is not based upon the degree of complexity of structure or appearance but upon the fundamental principles involved in the contrivance by means of which some specific things are accomplished. A machine on the basis, any device, simple or complex by which the intensity of an applied force is increased its direction changed, or any one form of motion or energy changed into another form. Therefore such simple contrivances as the lever, the pulley, the inclined plane, the screw, and the wheel and axle are a machine. The electric motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. The widespread use of machines has led to the designation of the present time as the Machine Age. But labor has opposed their introduction on the basis that, the labor-saving machine creates. On the other hand, it is claimed that an increase in production brings about a reduction in price this creating a greater demand for the commodity and an increased employment.

Vishwakarma is also the god of Artists, Turner, Electricians, Brasier, Black-smith, Gold-smith, Potter, Mason, Weaver, Carpenter, Embroiderer, Darner, Tailor, Cobbler, Wood Carvers, Stone Carvers and many other handicrafts engaged in Technical and Artistic Works.

Lord Vishwakarma Aarti

Jai shri vishwakarma prabhu, jai shri vishwakarma
Sakal srishti ke karta, rakshak stuti dharma.
Aadi srishti me vidhi ko shruti updesh diya
Jeev matra ka jag me, gyan vikas kiya.
Rishi angira tap se, shanti nahin pai
Rog grast raja ne jab aashraya leena
Sankat mochan bankar door duhkha keena
Jai shri vishwakarma…

Jab rathkaar dampati, tumhari ter kari
Sunkar deen prarthna, vipat hari sagari
Ekanan chaturanan, panchanan raje
Tribhuj chaturbhuj dashbhuj, sakal roop saje
Dhyan dhare tab pad ka, sakal siddhi aave
Mann dvividha mit jave, atal shakti pave
Shri vishwakarma ki aarti jo koi gave
Bhajat gajanand swami, sukh sampati pave
Jai shri vishwakarma.

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