Tindhare Jharana

Tindhare Jharana

Tindhare Jharana or Bahubali Waterfall lies in the Kavre district Nepal. Tindhare Jharana is located in Kafal Danda which is the part of Roshi Municipality. To reach Tindhare Jharana from Kathmandu, you need to drive and hike. The total ride from Kathmandu to Kafal Danda will be 3.5 hours in total and from there, you need to hike approx 45 min to reach the waterfall. Tindhare Jharana is approx 45 KM far from the Dhulikhel in distance. 

For the Kathmandu people, there was only Jhor Waterfall to experience. But now, there is a brand new destination and can be a perfect ride with your friends. The height of Tindhare Waterfall is 300 Meters which is separated from the middle and makes 3 major streams.

How to reach Tindhare Jharana from Kathmandu? 

Ride to Bahubali Waterfall can be a hectic ride you are a beginner rider. The total drive will be approx 3.5 hours one way in total. So, you need to ride around 7 hours if you are traveling from Kathmandu. Among the 7 hours journey, you need to ride 5 hours on an unpaved and bumpy road.

Here go the road details to reach this Tindhara Waterfall from Kathmandu: 

Drive from Kathmandu towards Dhulikhel. Once you reach Dhulikhel, take a B.P Highway and take a road towards Kavre Bhanjyang from where you will reach Fulbari after 20 min a ride. You can see the magnificent view of Namobuddha Monastery on the ride. Now take a road to Kapardhung which takes you to the Dapcha village, one of the old Newari settlements.

From Dapcha village, you will reach Mathillo Hatiya. From here you need to take right towards Nepane and you will reach Gahate and onwards you will reach Baghmare  – Damirbote – Pipaltar. After a few minute’s drive from here, you will reach Falamesanghu which is part of Roshi Minucipulaty.

Once you reach Falamesanghu, park your vehicle nearby and hike towards Kafale Danda for around 45 min if you are a normal hiker. The road is pretty dangerous towards the waterfall so walk carefully.

Driving Map from Kathmandu to Tindhare Jharna

Entry permit of Tindhare Jharana 

The good thing is you don’t need to pay a single penny to visit this waterfall to this date. But gaining lots of popularity, the local municipality is might see this waterfall as its income in near future. There will be around 200 -300 visitors on a normal day and around 1000 at the weekend.

Due to the rainfall these days, the road condition to the waterfall is pretty bad. Riding a normal bike is not suggested on the road, however, a dot bike is fine.

UPDATE: Bungee Jump Kushma is now or Public. Enjoy the world’s second-highest bungee jump in Nepal.

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