Manung Kot – Attraction of Damauli

Manung Kot

Manung Kot is one of the popular tourist destinations located in Tanahun, Damauli. Manung Kot is hyped recently in the popular social media Tiktok for it’s Sunrise view and the amazing white lake of the cloud. You can enjoy the majestic view of sunrise from Manung Kot in the morning. The height of Manung Kot is 1000 meters from the sea level.

Tent House in Manung Kot

Besides the amazing sunrise view, Manung Kot also offers a magnificent view of Mountain ranges from Mt Dhaulagiri to Mt Manaslu. Popular mountains like Mt Machhapuchre, Mt Annapurna, Mt Lamjung, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Manaslu, Mt Himchuli, and more small mountains can be seen from Manung.

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Alongside these two things, Manung Kot is also rich for Magar Culture and their living standing these days. You still can experience the Magar Kaura Dance in Manung on some special occasion.

In the daytime after the cloud/fog is cleared, you can see the clear view of Damauli Bazar, Gunadi, Madi River, Seti River, Sage Valley, and other minor places from the top of Manung Kot.

Fog Lake from Manung


The edged of the Manung Viewpoint is fenced by the iron barrier to keep you safe. Once you reach here, you can take plenty of pictures and make your friend jealous. If you are in popular social media Tiktok, you can see the videos of Manung Kot trending.

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After this effect, Manung Kot received thousands of domestic tourists per day to experience the sunrise and spend their quality time on the hill.

How to reach Manung Kot?

Reaching Manung Kot is not an ice-breaking job. Catch a vehicle for Damauli which lies between Pokhara and Mugling. Once you are in Damauli, there are mainly 3 options to reach the hill of the Manung.

Hiking: You can hike to the top of the hill which takes you approx. 2 hours to reach there. We suggest you take water with you during a hike. Hiking to the top of the hill can be the best day trip if you are planning to spend your whole day.

Public Vehicle: Once you are in Damauli, you can catch a public vehicle to reach Manung Kot. A Jeep takes Rs 70 for a one-way fare of Manung.

Private Vehicle/ Motorbike: If you have your own fleet then you can reach Manung Kot from Chapaghat to the top of the hill. The distance from Damauli to Manung Kot is approx. 6 KM in the distance which takes approx. 20 Min to reach the top of the hill station.

Road Route: Damauli – Chapaghat- Way to Talim Kendra and all the way to Manung Kot. 

Night View of Damauli Bazar

Where to stay in Manung Kot?

To this date, there are not any professional hotels/resorts in Manung Kot. The only option is homestay and tent accommodation. You can enjoy the local hospitality and enjoy your time in Manung.

Homes in Manung are old style and mud house. Do not expect any kind of fancy accommodation here during your visit. If you are an ok guy with accommodation then only plan for an overnight stay in Manung otherwise you might be in trouble.

And our strong suggestion for a couple, this is not an overnight destination to this day due to accommodation lacking. We suggest you plan for a day trip instead of an overnight trip to Manung Kot.

Self-Camping Option in Manung Kot

If you are comfortable carrying a backpack along with a tent then you also do have that option open for you. You can install your tent near the Temple and enjoy the night.

Camping in Manung Kot

Manung is safe in terms of safety, however, weekends are safer. There will be other groups with a tent to enjoy their night in the Manung. Preparing BBQ, Playing Music and singing, dance, taking pictures of glittering Damauli Bazar are some activities you can do at the night in Manung.

Things you can experience in Manung Kot during your trip?

If you are making a lot of expectations during your trip to Manung Kot then you are in the wrong place. You will find basic things here not like another tourist destination. The major highlights of Manung are the Mesmerizing view of Sunrise, Magnificent View of Mountains ranges, White Lake of Fog/Snow, Magar Heritage and Culture, and Organic Foods.

If you are here then here is the list of items you should definitely give a try in Manung:

  • Local Rakshi
  • Chyyang
  • Local Kukhura /Hen
  • Dhido with Gundruk
  • Kaura Dance if possible – Upon Request can be arranged but pre-reservation needed.

Best time to visit Manung Kot?

Manung Kot is a 365-day destination. You can visit any day of the year but having said that we strongly suggest you visit in September, October, November, December, January, and February here.

Besides these months, you can see the other things but the white lake of fog is low. Summer is also the perfect time to spend in Manung Kot. You can escape the hot weather and spend your quality time in a chilling breeze.

And if you want to capture the lighting night of Damauli Bazar and surrounding then the night time of any days of the year is the perfect time to visit this hill station.

Manung Kot in Map 

Manung Kot Video of Sunrise


How far is Manung Kot from Damauli?

The distance between Manung Kot to Damauli is approx 6 KM only.

Is camping safe in Manung Kot?

Till to this date, there is no issue with camping safety so Manung Kot is safe for camping overnight.

Any tent renting office in Manung Kot?

Kindly contact Manung Kot Tent hours for booking the tent in the following number: 9851236336

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