Things to Do in Bhairahawa

Things to Do in Bhairahawa

Looking for Things to Do in Bhairahawa, there we have prepared the list of things to do in Bhairahawa. Attraction and major places are listed in the list of things to do bucket which you should not miss. Firstly, talking about Bhairahawa, it is one of the growing cities in Nepal and the second international airport in Nepal after Kathmandu. Bhairahawa shares the border with India and can be easily accessible from the Indian side too.

The major attraction of Bhairahawa is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha, Lumbini. Besides that, Maya Devi Temple, Ashok Pillar, Different monasteries, Eternal Peace Flame, Tilaurakot are some of the renowned places in Bhairahawa.

Lumbini is located in south-central Nepal, very close to the Indian border. It is a sacred and pilgrimage site since it houses the stone that marks the exact birthplace of Buddha. It has been included within Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

Maya Devi Temple

One of the essential places to see in Lumbini is this temple dedicated to the mother of Buddha. Entry price 250 NPR to get into the temple area you have to take off your shoes. They have small shelves enabled. The temple area also includes a garden, so we recommend that you also take some socks.

Inside this temple is the stone where according to the experts, the Buddha’s mother gave birth. It is protected by a showcase and can be seen through a walkway. Inside you can not take pictures and you have to be absolutely silent, as there are people meditating inside.

The Peace Pagoda – Things to Do in Bhairahawa

Other recommended places to see in Lumbini is the Peace Pagoda. Admission is free. It is located outside the complex, just at the other end of the Maya Devi Temple, about 4 km away. A good way to get there is by bike. Walking can be about 45 minutes.

Throughout the complex, and on both sides of the longitudinal lake that runs through it, there are a number of temples from different countries: Burma, China, Thailand … If you go with enough time you can go to the Peace Pagoda by seeing the temples of one side, and those on the other side around the corner. At the end of the complex, in the direction of the Pagoda of Peace, there are restaurants and shops, in case you run out of the water and/or supplies.

Ashoka Pillar – Things to Do in Bhairahawa

It is a stone column on the side of the Temple of Maya Devi. King Ashoka, during his reign in the third century BC, has placed pillars anywhere that has been important in the life of Buddha throughout India and Nepal.

The Bodhi Tree – Things to Do in Bhairahawa

It is a kind of tree with a large cup in the shape of a heart and under which Buddha reached enlightenment. They are usually planted near Buddhist temples and are decorated with prayer flags and other objects that are left behind. pilgrims

Manimukunda Sen park or Fulbari Park

Manimukunda Sen Park also knows as Fulbari Park one of the local attractions. You can spend your day visiting this park with your family and friends during your visit to Bhairahawa. Fulbari Park can be reached within 5 minutes a drive from Butwal. Or you also can take an electric rickshaw to visit this park.

Ostrich Farm in Gangoliya

Things to Do in Bhairahawa

Ostrich Farm in Gangoliya is another attraction among many visitors. This ostrich farm is the first Ostrich Farm in Nepal. Thousands of people visit this park in a week. The visiting purpose may differ from person to person but you can visit this place as a fun place. The farm is spreading into 8.81 acres in the Tilottama Municipality. You need to pay Rs 100 per person to enter this farm.

And for a student, they offer 50 % OFF at normal rate. You can enjoy different recipes of the Ostrich in the nearby restaurant. Dishes like Momo, Choila, Khana Set, Sekuwa are some popular to name it. The farm gate opens at 07:00 AM in the morning and closes at 06:00 PM in the evening.


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