Krishnastami – Festival of Lord Krishna

Krishnastami celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna on the eight days of the dark fortnight of Bhadra (August). Krishnastami is one of the most famous and greatest festivals of Hindus. Who celebrate it with great pomp and show. Hindu people take fast and worship Lord Krishna in the evening. The worship of Lord Krishna is conducted in Nepal by decorating the houses and streets with pictures of Lord Krishna and numerous other pictures connected with the legends of Lord Krishna.

The Krishna Mandir of Lalitpur becomes the center of attraction and fairs is held here. Their Majesties The King and Queen with other members of the Royal family and thousands of man and woman visit here to pay homage to Lord Krishna during this festival in the past. However, nowadays, the President of Nepal visit Krishna Mandir to pay homage during the festival.

Krishnastami - Festival of Lord Krishna

Hindu peoples of different parts of Nepal took vigil, they will sing songs of praise of Lord Krishna, they celebrate the whole night with dancing for entertainment attended with music. They also offer oil feed lamps to Lord Krishna, different kinds of sweetmeat specially Malpuwa, Swari, Mohanbhog and Apung, and fruits. Malpuwa is a kind of circular bread made from wheat flour mixed with (Sakhar) Sugar of brown color. Swari is a circular bread of wheat Bour of white color and Mohanbhog is a paste type bread made from wheat flour, sugar, coconut mixed together and Apung is a kind of powder type of bread made from wheat flour mixed with sugar and ghee (Refined Butter).

During this Krishnastami Festival, a procession goes around the town putting on a display of a picture of Lord Krishna in Kathmandu organized by Sanatan Dharma Sewa Sangha of Kathmandu and various religious functions and meetings also organized by different religious organizations.

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