Hotel with Swimming Pool in Chitwan

Hotel with Swimming Pool in Chitwan

Looking for Hotel with Swimming Pool in Chitwan then here goes the list of hotels with Swimming Pool in Sauraha and around Chitwan. Swimming Pool in one of the most has an asset in the hospitality industry today. Customers want to have it in their staying hotel not to splash water. It is required for the photo only.

Talking about Chitwan, a hotel without a swimming pool is not a hotel in the view of travelers. And they don’t prefer to stay in these hotels. Temperature goes 35 degrees Celsius in the summertime. To beat the heat, dipping into a swimming pool is a good idea for the guest. So most of the customers want to stay in the hotel with a swimming pool in Chitwan. Swimming is very good for health where every part of the body gets exercised.

Some Swimming Pool in Chitwan hotel is picturesque which lures a large number of customers. Some hotel does have big swimming pool up to 10 feet however some do have an only dipping purpose.

 Green Park Chitwan

Green Park Chitwan is located in the tiger point of Sauraha. It’s near an elephant safari riding point. Location of Green Park is off compared to other property which is based on prime. Hotel is loaded with all modern facilities so guest can enjoy the hospitality. In-house guest can enjoy the complimentary swimming pool.

Landmark Forest Chitwan

Landmark Forest Chitwan is also in the line of Tiger Point of Sauraha. The hotel has 46 rooms in total with modern facilities. If you are looking for nightlife and want to stay in Sauraha then this hotel might not be on your list. However, if you want to enjoy nature then this needs to be in your bucket list. Complimentary swimming pool in rewarded for in-house guest which is small in size compared to an ideal one.

Hotel Rainforest

Hotel Rainforest recently builds a swimming pool which is located near Elephant Statue. Elephant statue is known as the starting point of Main Street. The hotel room is average. Green garden and open space is the plus feature of this hotel. You can enjoy swimming in this hotel if you book a room.

Hotel Parkland

If you look at the hotel according to the location then this might not be in your picklist. Off location and muddy roads are the negative points of this hotel. Rooms are an average and beautiful garden is the positive point of this hotel.

Hotel Wildlife Camp

Hotel Wildlife camp is located in the main street of Sauraha. The old-style room but the beautiful garden is the wow factor of this hotel. If you are looking for an average hotel in the main street then this might be the perfect choice for you.

Hotel Jungle Crown

Hotel Jungle Crown is located in Tiger Point. Off location for the downtown hotel lovers however perfect for the nature lover. You might feel the sense of Chinese amenities used in the rooms here. A complimentary Swimming pool is available for the in-house guest.

Safari Adventure Lodge

Safari adventure lodge is not in proper Sauraha. It’s on the way to the Elephant Breeding Center so you might get tricked if someone told you this lies in Sauraha. It was closed for a long time, however, now the old renovated building and a small pool near the jungle is in operation.

Hotel Paradise

This is the hotel run by President Travel in Sauraha with a huge space. Hotel Lobby needs to be updated and the room is average in look compared to other modern rooms. The hotel is rich in a botanical garden.

The Rhino Residency Resort

The Rhino Residency Resort is one of the old property in Sauraha with a swimming pool. One can use the facility of swimming pool during their stay here.

Hotel Hermitage

Hotel Hermitage will be the perfect stay for the people who are seeking budget accommodation in Sauraha. The hotel is in the bank of the Rapti River and offers a great view of the Rapti River.

Hotel Seven Star

Don’t get confused by the name of the hotel. Its 4 Star hotel in Sauraha which the name of seven. They do have a big swimming pool which is up to 10 feet deep. Property is popular for the big events in Sauraha.

Park Safari Resort

Park Safari Resort is a brand new property in Sauraha which is located in the bank of Rapti river. The hotel offers a breathtaking view of Chitwan National Park from half of its room. You can enjoy the pool and watch rhino grazing at once.

Center Park Resort

Center Park Resort lies on the edge of Sauraha. Around the local village, you can’t get a sense of Sauraha while staying here. The swimming Pool is located on the back side of the hotel. You are permitted to enjoy the pool upon the room booking.

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