Dance Clubs in Kathmandu

Looking for Dance Clubs in Kathmandu then we offer a Dance Clubs in Kathmandu

Looking for Dance Clubs in Kathmandu then we offer a list of Dance Clubs in Kathmandu. There are plenty of dance clubs in the country’s capital Kathmandu, Nepal. Nightlife in Kathmandu is growing day by day. Youngsters are now more interested in visiting dance clubs with family and friends. Among the list of Dance Clubs, some charge the entry fee and some don’t. But most of the clubs only charge on weekends for the visitors.

Dance Clubs in Kathmandu offer a special day for ladies on Wednesday. The entry fee for ladies is free and some offer a few discounts for them. Most of the clubs are focused on the tourist area of Kathmandu. Thamel, Lazimpat, Durbar Marg are the destination where nightclubs are located in Kathmandu.

Are dance Clubs in Kathmandu safe?

Yes, dance clubs in Kathmandu are safe to enjoy the night with your friends. There is no security threat in the dance club of Kathmandu.

You need to pay some entry fees in popular clubs in Kathmandu but mostly don’t change the entrance fee.

Most dance clubs also do have different rules for ladies, they don’t change the entry fee for the ladies.

The fashion trend has changed in Nepal. You can see more ladies compared to gents in the dance clubs these days. Enjoying quality music with drinks and smokes is common in a dance club in Kathmandu.

LOD – Lord of the Drinks

LOD – Lords of the Drinks is the number one Dance club in Kathmandu this day. And LOD is also the biggest nightclub in Kathmandu. Approx 2000 people can enjoy the club at once. You can enjoy the wide range of liquor in the club with an amazing sound system. The latest sound technology is used in the club so that you can enjoy popular tracks.

LOD Entry Fee: LOD charges Rs 1000 per person as an entry fee.

Location: Thamel

Senate Club – Dance Clubs in Kathmandu

Senate Club is another popular club in Kathmandu, Thamel after LOD till today. People who are seeking good music and food with liquor then you can find it here. Senate Club is located in JP Street of Thamel which is nearby Purple Haze Rock Bar. Once you enjoy a number of Dance clubs in Kathmandu on the same night with friends.

Senate Club Entry Fee: Complimentary but charges in some special events

Location: JP Street, Thamel 

Purple Haze Rock Bar

Purple Haze Rock Bar is another club where you can enjoy fine live music with a number of youngsters. Purple Haze Rock Bar is located in the center of Thamel which can be easily assessable. Renowned musical bands of Nepal used to perform on the stage of Purple Haze Rock Bar. People who want to enjoy good rock live music can visit this club.

Purple Haze Rock Bar Entry Fee: Rs 500 per person on a weekend

Location: Thamel

Ibyza Lounge & Disco Theque

Another popular club in Kathmandu, Thamel is Ibyza Lounge & Disco Theque. Located in the heart of Thamel, Narsing Chowk, this is a fine place to enjoy the floor with quality music with your friends. The dance floor is quite narrow compared to LOD but the medium floor makes your night amazing with live DJ music. Ibyza Lounge & Disco Theque invites a world-renowned DJ in the club for Nepalese clients to enjoy the music.

Ibyza Lounge & Disco Theque Entry Fee: Free but charge on some special occasion.

Location: Thamel

Club Fahrenheit Kathmandu

Club Fahrenheit is a newly opened dance club in Thamel. It is located at the back gate of Chhaya Center and the entrance of the Fairfield Marriott Hotel. This club can accept a large number of guests in the club in terms of parking and other facilities. You need to few amounts to enter the Club Fahrenheit.

Club Fahrenheit Kathmandu Entry Fee: Rs 500 on weekend

Location: Thamel

Privé Nepal

Prive Nepal is the only club that is located inside 5 start hotel in Nepal. Prive Nepal is located in Solteemode inside Hotel Soltee. In-house guests and casino players of the hotel also can enjoy the club.

The Victory Lounge 

Victory Club is located in Durbar Marg which is also known as a prime place of Kathmandu, Nepal. The location of the club is perfect so that you can take a cab from your doorstep.

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