Lukla Airport of Nepal

Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport (LUC) of Nepal is also known as Tenzing Hillary Airport which lies in Solukhumbu district of eastern Nepal. Lukla Airport and World Dangerous airport are similar to the world due to its geographic location and weather condition. Daily flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is operated by different airlines. And to the alternative of this, now you also can find via Ramechhap airport to reach Lukla.

Lukla Airport is also too important for the trekkers who are planning to hike in the world’s best trekking route, Everest Base Camp. Khumbu Region trekking is possible and easy by the flight to Lukla Airport from Kathmandu. If you want to skip the flight and do the trek then you need to allocate extra week so there is not any alternative of Lukla Airport.

History of Lukla Airport

The establishment of Lukla Airport credit goes to Sir Edmund Hillary who is also known as the first Mt Everest climber along with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. Lukla Airport was built in 1964 with an effort of Edmund Hillary by purchasing lands of locals investing the US $ 2650 from his own pocket. Until 2001, the runway of Lukla Airport was not blacktopped. After 2001, the runway of the Airport was paved which makes easy to land and take off for the flights.

To tribute the contribution of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, the government of Nepal officially named the Lukla Airport name by Tenzing – Hillary Airport in 2008. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa are the first two people who were successful to scale the world’s highest mountain on May 29, 1953. Since the development of Lukla Airport, it helps to boost the economy of the Khumbu Region people.

Lukla Airport

Thousands of trekkers visit Khumbu Region to fulfill their quest to see Mt Everest (8848) and enjoy the trek in one of the best trekking routes in the world.

World Dangerous Airport – Lukla Airport

Situated in the height of 2860 Meters or 1727 Feet from the sea level with only a length of 527 Meters, it makes one of the toughest airports in the world. This is not only the region to make Lukla one of the world dangerous airports. Frequent weather change is also another region to make Tenzing – Hillary Airport as one of the dangerous airports in the world list.

Pilots are trained to see and runway and land instead of the automated techniques used in Europe and America. There are no chances of overshoot for the pilot during landing in the Tenzing – Hillary Airport. Nested in the lap of a mighty mountain, a small mistake can end your life in the Himalayan country.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) sets a new rule to cure the accidents and only allows land for small airplanes and helicopters in Lukla. Only trained pilots under STOLport and doing 100 flights under the certified instructor are allowed to fly aircraft in Lukla Airport.

And Lukla airport is different than other airports because the runway is a 15-degree slope which word as speed controller during landing. And during take-off, it helps to gain speed for aircraft in the short runway.

Tenzing – Hillary Airport, Lukla Today

The global recognizing of Nepal and the adventure tourist is growing rapidly day by day. The small runway and the parking facility still make today the world dangerous airport. There are no chances of runway expansion due to its geographical location. The traffic pressure is increasing day after day and the capacity and the weather limitation do not allow more flights.

Lukla Airport can be accessed by small aircraft and choppers to this day and the future will also remain the same. There is 3 major airlines company who operates a daily flight from Kathmandu/Ramechhap to Lukla.

Tara Air is one of the leading operator company in Lukla till today. They do have 6 aircraft to operate flight to the remote area of Nepal. And if you are looking for comfort and safety then Summit is operating flights with their new aircraft. The double engine airplane makes your flight comfortable and safe.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) a couple of years ago banned the single-engine aircraft to fly in Nepal to ensure the safety of passengers. Lukla airport goes receive thousands of passengers in March, April, May, and September, October, November. These 6 months are major trekking and expedition season in Nepal.

And if you want to travel in luxury then you can take a helicopter ride to Lukla from Kathmandu. You can Helicopter on charter or sharing basis in Kathmandu. The major helicopter company who fly to Lukla are as below:

  • Simrik Helicopter
  • Air Dynasty
  • Kailash Helicopter
  • Mountain Helicopter
  • Heli Everest
  • Summit Helicopter
  • Manang Air
  • Altitude Air

Lukla Airport Weather Report

Lukla weather is unpredictable. It changes within a minute so that it makes it World Dangerous airport in the world. The hilly region airport is tough to make a flight due to its landing alternative option. If the flight is not able to land in Lukla airport, they need to come either in Kathmandu airport or in Manthali Airport which is located in Ramechhap.

Heavy rainfall and thick cloud make the flight cancellation during Summer season and during winter, snowfall and fog make the operator to postpone the flight. Flights go to take off from only one direction and if the entering window gets obstructed by the fog then the pilot needs to return back to the base station.

Visual Flight Rules (VFR) is still used in the Lukla Airport. The wind is another major reason to cancel the flight to Lukla.

Weather Chart of Lukla Airport


Average High Temperature

Average Low Temperature


– 0.50 Degrees

-18 Degrees


1.90 Degrees

-16.30 Degrees


4.70 Degrees

-12.10 Degrees


8.40 Degrees

– 7.40 Degrees


11.70 Degrees

3.3 Degrees


15 Degrees

02 Degrees


4.40 Degrees

3.90 Degrees


13.30 Degrees

3.30 Degrees


11.40 Degrees

1 Degrees


8.9 Degrees

-6.75 Degrees


5.6 Degrees

-11.70 Degrees


3.3 Degrees

-16.10 Degrees

Hotels nearby Lukla Airport

There is plenty of hotel accommodation available nearby Lukla Airport. The choice is yours if you wish to stay in budget accommodation or a luxury one. Hotel accommodation starts from US $ 5 per room up to US $ 100 per night. Air condition, Hot Shower, Luxury Beds are some of the amenities you can find the Lukla Hotel.

If you are traveling in trekking seasons then we suggest you make a reservation in advance so that you don’t need to the road around searching the hotel. Most of the hotel offer room with dinner and breakfast in the price. Before making a reservation, ask the hotel owner regarding the cost includes.

And the all hotel and guest house don’t offer hot water for shower, make sure your ones include in the room cost. Starting a trek with a hot shower and ending your trekking with a hot shower and leaving the dust in Khumbu Region is very important.

Don’t compare the room of Kathmandu or of your country during the trekking area. Most of the rooms are basic and the amenities they offer are basic. Almost hotels in Lukla and other areas of the trekking region are operated by family members. If you want to upgrade your stay then you need to pay a large amount as an upgrade charge.

On this note, here goes the list of Hotel near Lukla airport:

  • Hikers Inn Lukla
  • Khumbu Lodge and Restaurant
  • Hotel Lama
  • Hilltop Lodge and Restaurant
  • Yeti Mountain Home
  • La Villa Sherpani Lukla

ATM, Hospital, and Restaurant in Lukla

Lukla is a mountain area, there are not any modern items missing. Either it’s AMT for withdrawing money for trekking or basic medical facility if you get sick. Lukla is ready to serve you as your need. This small mountain town has to offer a lot for trekkers. Major Banks of Nepal like Nepal Bank, Rashtriya Banijya Bank, Nepal Investment Bank offer their services from Lukla to make travelers and local ease.

Evening meals can be enjoyed in the restaurants in Lukla then in your hotel. There is a number of restaurants who offer different menus. You also can enjoy the Starbucks coffee in Lukla if you are a coffee lover. Waiting for your flight to Lukla and enjoy coffee is a fun thing you can experience in Lukla.

If you forget to purchase your medicine in Kathmandu for the trek then Lukla is the place where you can find medicine. You also can find medicine on the way to trek but the price varies then Lukla. All goods are carried in the back of animals and men of the trekking routes so that meals and goods are expensive.


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