Chhabdi Barahi Temple

Chhabdi Barahi Temple is situated in a hilly forest of Tanahun. It is said that Dhor and Chhabdi are sisters. Near Chhabdi Barahi Temple there is a river named Chhabdi Khola with a small wooden bridge over the river. There is a Chhabdi faat a wide-open space of land without cultivation and a pond near Chhabdi Barahi temple. There is a small temple of Bhimsen where the sacrifice of five different animals and birds (Panchabali) takes place in Aswin. Late King Mahendra renovated the temple in the 2015 BS.

Chhabdi Barahi Temple

However, no animal sacrifice takes place during Aunsi, Ekadashi, and the month of Shrawan in Chhabdi Barahi Temple. Menstruating women are strictly warned to enter the temple. There are plenty of shops around the temple where you can have a meal and give a try for a local taste after your worship is over.

Besides worshipping, now a day’s Chhabdi Barahi Temple is also a picnic destination among the youths. Visiting the temple and at the same time, you can spend your quality time with your friends here. You don’t need to bother searching Black Goat and Pigeons are available to buy here if you are planning to devote it to the temple. The good things are that you also can buy the head of Goat, Hen, Sheep, Duck here after it’s been sacrificed. You also can enjoy the waterfall in the temple premises which is on the backside of the temple.

How to Reach Chhabdi Barahi Temple?  

Chhabdi Barahi Temple lies in Tanahun district. You need to travel approx 10 KM from Damauli to reach the temple. If you are traveling from Kathmandu or Pokhara then the major town is Damauli where you need to take an alternative road to reach the temple. The road to reach the temple is blacked topped and goes through a different village.

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