Best time to visit Bardia National Park

Best time to visit Bardia National ParkBest time to visit Bardia National Park is from September to December and Late February to May. There is very high chance to see Royal Bengal Tiger in Bardia National Park in these months. Bardia National Park is one of the best playgrounds for Royal Bengal Tiger which lies in Terai region for Far Western Region of Nepal. A temperature in September to November remains clam however in December, it will get foggy. March to May weather temperature raises high which goes up to 40 degrees.

Seeing tiger in normal in Bardia but you should always pick the best time to visit Bardia National Park and plan accordingly. Besides royal Bengal tiger, you also can find One Horn Rhino in the national park. Dolphins in Babai valley is another attraction of this place. Travelers can experience Fishing in Bardia but you need to obtain a fishing permit to do it. Compared to Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park is less developed and you only receive limited facilities. Hotel is not too modern and wifi in the hotel is rare so you will feel yourself in the jungle during your stay in Bardia.

Jeep Drive inside the Jungle, Elephant Safari, Village Tour, Elephant Breeding Center, Jungle Walk, Bird Watching are some of the major activities you can do in Bardia National Park. Beside the above mentioned months, other months are not the best time to visit Bardia National Park.

Reaching Bardia National Park is quite expensive for travelers. The nearest airport to Bardia is Nepaljung airport. You need to travel approx 80KM from the airport to reach Bardia. Another way is to travel by bus which takes approx 12 HRS to reach from Kathmandu/ Pokhara. You will be dropped off in the place called Ambassa where you need to travel 18 KM more to reach the Park.

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