Rhino Trekking in Chitwan

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan – Jungle Walk in Chitwan is one of the most do activities among guest in Chitwan National Park. Chitwan is the best habitat of One Horn Rhino in Nepal which is the home of 650 rhinos. After a decade of the drop in population due to Nepal’s civil war, poachers how the population of rhino is on the rise. Nepal army takes cares of the national park and does the regular patrolling. Government is working together with WWF Nepal for the conservation of the national park and wild animals.

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan

Chitwan National park is the home of almost 70 % one horn rhino. You can see the great view of Rhino during trekking in the park. Mating rhino, sleeping, gazing, and resting are some of the seen scenarios one could experience during rhino trekking in Chitwan.

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan is safe and highly recommended for the guest because there is not any case registered till this date the rhino attacked the guest and other locals. Until and unless you tease them, they are safe however you should always be prepared for the worst scenario. So you should listen to your nature guide and follow the given advice.

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan

There is no any fence or particular location to see rhino in Chitwan during this jungle walk. You need to walk inside the park where the guide will take you to the possible habitat to see the rhino from the safe distance. Our experienced naturalist will take you to the heart of the jungle on the jungle trek.

When to go Rhino trekking in Chitwan – Jungle Walk in Chitwan

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan can be done through the year so in monsoon seasons rain might be the problem otherwise it’s fine. The most preferable seasons for Jungle Walk in Chitwan is September to March where other 5 months are not too bad due to rain in the forest.

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan

How the Book Rhino Trekking in Chitwan?

Rhino Trekking in Chitwan can be booked separately if you love to trek inside the national park or it comes under the package of 2 Nights 3 Days package however it’s the sort that the recommended one. For the full day jungle walk, it cost US $ 40 per person and on top of that, you need to purchase national park permit which cost US $ 17 and is valid for a day only. There is no guarantee of seeing wildlife animals during this trek but 95% of travelers can encounter rhino during this trek.

Once you book your trekking, all the essential permit, nature guide comes under it so that you don’t need to pay extra. But, you need to carry food and water during this trek inside the jungle for your need.

Write to adventurevivaan@gmail.com to book this activity or for any inquiry regarding this trip.

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