Wild Honey Nepal 

Wild Honey Nepal which is also known as Cliff Honey or Mad Honey which is expensive in price and benefits is high. Wild honey is produced by Apis Laboriosa bees which are normally found in the cliff and large trees in the mountain range of Nepal. Apis Laboriosa is the world’s largest honey bee which is only found in the wild. 

Cliff honey is harvested from the wild jungle which is made in the tough and dangerous zone. Honeycombs of wild bees are extracted by the local Gurung people of the Himalayan region. Wild bees are also known as Apis Laboriosa honey are extracted once a year only. One month a year, giant Himalayan bees, the biggest bees in the world, forage poisonous flowers, giving honey medicinal, aphrodisiac, and hallucinogen properties.

Normally, wild honey makes their hives far from the village and crowd in the wild which can’t be harmed by wild animals and others. Honey Hunting data is selected by the senior citizens of the village then only the event takes place. To harvest year after year, there won’t be total eradication of the nest from the cliff so that Apis Laboriosa bees can again work to build their comb. 

Wild Honey Nepal 

How Wild honey is Collected

Gurung’s take outrageous risks to collect the honey from the cliffside hives, but they’ve developed an almost mystical rapport with the bees, which enables them to work without any protective clothing. The precious liquid has to be eaten with great care to avoid serious intoxication. If you use it cautiously then it’s a medicine, however, taking more honey can cause serious problems. 

The honey hunting takes place far from the village. You need to walk for 1-2 days for this only purpose so taking all the good and essential supplies with you always matter. Cliff wild honey hunting in Nepal is not only basic honey but is also a yearly event among the local Gurung community. 

The rope of eulaliopsis binata which is locally known as Babio is made for the ladder along with bamboo steam. The rope is tied in the nearby tree and one experience will go down with the help of rope for Wild Honey hunting. There is not any safety belt or gears used during this event. All the experience matters here during the extraction of wild honey from the cliff. 

Harvester takes a stick with smoke in one hand and bamboo steam to start the hunt. Wild Honey is collected in the bamboo basket and taken down by the rope then only it is squeezed from the comb and uploaded into the jar. 

Health benefits of Wild Honey Nepal  

  • Cliff honey prevents cancer and heart diseases
  • Improve Immunity System of the body
  • Reduces cough and throat irritation
  • Extremely rich in antioxidants 
  • Increases athletic performance
  • Wild honey Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders
  • Assist to maintain blood sugar 
  • Antifungal and antiBacterial 
  • Nutritional values: Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C, Calcium, Amino Acid

Wild Honey Nepal Price 

Wild Honey’s price depends upon the seller, quality of product, and other factors. Wild Honey normally costs the US $ 50 for a 100 ML bottle. The reason behind this high rate is because it can’t be harvested manually and tough to harvest from the jungle. 

Wild honey price also includes all the logistics and other costs during the time of harvest so the price is slightly higher than normal honey. However, if you taste the Cliff Honey/Mad honey then you won’t get regret the product. 

How to use Wild Honey Nepal / Cliff honey / Mad honey 

  • One tablespoon daily 
  • One Tablespoon – 60 calories 
  • Use for medicine purposes only 
  • No use with alcohol 
  • Don’t drink alcohol and water after the use of wild honey 
  • Don’t give it to kids below 10 years 

Wild Honey Nepal 

Nepalese Hallucinogenic Honey Hunting 

Nepalese Hallucinogenic honey is prepared only one month in a year by the great Himalayan Cliff Bee, 3 cm long, and is red, unlike your regular golden tinted honey. Like other normal honey tastes sweet, however, wild honey is bitter in taste and not the signature sweet taste honey usually possesses. How come it has hallucinogenic properties you ask? Well, it contains grayanotoxins which cause psychoactive effects. Where does this come from? Rhododendron Flowers from which the Himalayan Cliff Bees collect their nectar. 

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