Things to do in Chitwan National Park

Looking for Things to do in Chitwan National Park during your visit to Sauraha, Chitwan. We have listed Things to do in Chitwan National Park activities according to the popularity of the visitors. Either it is the short activates or the whole day, it comes in our list of activities to do in Sauraha, Chitwan.

Sauraha is the third famous tourist destination according to the NTB visitors survey. Sauraha, Chitwan received thousands of travelers daily to fulfill the quest of jungle excursion. Now let’s jump down into the list of activities done in Chitwan National Park.

Elephant Safari Chitwan

Elephant Safari and Chitwan National Park are like synonyms. People who visit Sauraha main quest is to take a ride of Elephant Back Safari and explore the Jungle. Elephant Safari ride is 1.5 Hours long. You need to adjust 4 people in one elephant during the jungle excursion. Watching the wild animals from the top of Elephant is one of the great experience you can have in Chitwan.

Jeep Safari Chitwan

Jeep Safari in Chitwan is gaining popularity day by day. You can explore the Jungle by an open hooded Jeep for 4 Hours at least. If you want to explore the jungle deep inside then this is the best way to do it. There will be together 10 people in one jeep which will be doing on sharing basis. If you want to go for reserve jeep safari then also it is available but the price goes up.

Jungle Walk Chitwan

If you don’t want to explore the jungle by Elephant and Jeep then Jungle Walk is the best way to explore the habitat of Wild. You can set the limit of a walk go for it. You can explore the wild animals, different reptiles, birds and other many more durin the Jungle walk in Chitwan.

Bird Watching Chitwan

Chitwan National Park is the home of 543 species of birds. Different birds come to Chitwan from around the world. It is also called that Chitwan is the paradise of birds.

Elephant Breeding Center Chitwan

Elephant Breeding Center is one of the must-see places in Chitwan. It was established in 2044 BS from a few elephants. You can reach this place within 10 min drive from Sauraha. It will be closed in the day time so you need to visit it either in Morning or in the Evening.

Tharu Culture Program Chitwan

Elephant Bath

Tharu Village Tour

Mustard Field Tour

Crocodile Breeding Center Chitwan

Sunset View from Rapti River

Tharu Cultural Museum

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