Hotel in Gorakshep

Hotel in Gorakshep

Looking for Hotel in Gorakshep then here is the list of hotels in Gorakshep. Accommodation in Gorakshep during Everest Base Camp Trek is basic and often busy throughout the year. Gorak shep or Gorakshep lies in the height of 5164 meters from the sea level. Gorakshep lies above the frozen lake covered with sand and stones. The last staying point of Everest Base Camp Trek is Gorakshep. Trekkers stay in this place and hike towards base camp and Kalapatthar to see the magnificent sunrise or sunset.

If you are trekking for the first time in Nepal then be prepared to stay in the basic accommodation. The hotels of Gorakshep are basic and limited facilities. You need to share your room with other trekkers if there are plenty of guests. And in some cases, you also need to lay down in the hotel dining facility. So, booking your hotel in Gorakshep in advance is always appreciated.

Hotel in Gorakshep
Basic room in Gorakshep

Hotel Everest Inn Gorakshep

Everest Inn hotel is also can be part of your hiking. The hotel is in Gorekshep with very basic services. The food is good here and the rooms are simple. A friendly hotel owner makes your stay memorable.

Yeti Resort Gorakshep

Yeti Resort Gorakshep is another accommodation you can find during your trek. Yeti Resort is a basic resort with basic amenities. You can see the amazing view of mountains from the room. Wi-Fi of the hotel is good but you need to pay extra to use this facility. Friendly staffs and mountain view from the room is the strongest part of this hotel.

Snow Land Highest Inn Gorakshep

Hotel Snow Land lies in the highest point of 5180 meters of Gorekshep. It has 4 single 24 double basic standard rooms with the best mountain view. Besides this, they also do have a group room where you can stay in budget on a sharing basis.

Himalayan lodge Gorakshep

Himalayan lodge in Gorekshep is another option you can find during your visit. Like other accommodation, this hotel also has basic rooms. Private rooms and the common rooms can be found here. You can opt for rooms as per your budget.

Buddha Lodge Gorakshep

Buddha Lodge is another property in Gorekshep with 42 beds. You can enjoy the bakery item in Buddha Lodge during your trek. The hotel offers basic room amenities. You can enjoy the great mountain view from the hotel.

Hotel in Gorakshep FAQS

Can I book a Gorakshep hotel online?

Yes, we can assist you to book the hotel in Gorakshep online. Booking your accommodation in advance makes your night stay comfortable in the altitude.

Is wifi available in the Gorakshep?

Yes, hotels in Gorakshep offer paid wifi services. Charges of wifi are very expensive so ask the hotel owner regarding the rates of it in advance.

Do I need to pay for charging?

Yes, you need to pay for everything you use in Gorakshep. There is no power grid facility in this area so everything is dependent upon solar power.

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