Bhai Tika

Bhai Tika

Bhai Tika is right on the day of Kartik Sukla Dwitiya next day of Mha Puja date specified earlier Yamaraj appeared before a man. His Sister requested Yamaraj to wait until the farewell puja to his brother finished. She also requests Yamara not to take away his brother until the fade of the color of Supari or Makhamali Phool (Violet colored betelnut or velvet flower) and Dubbo immortal grass, and spoiled itself Okhar (walnut) and dry the borderline of oil where her brother was sitting to perform farewell worship Bhai Puja. She knows that these things are immortal or lasting a long time.

History of Bhai Tika 

The man also said Oh God Yamaraj, I will go with you Today is my farewell day I leave this world for good” I would like you to feed delicious dishes and stay in my room until the color of Makhamali and Supari Phool (betelnut and velvet flower) and Dubo (immortal grass), Walnut (other) a become spoiled itself and borderline of oil will be dried to please Yamaraj: He agreed to spend there unless fulfilling their wishes. So saying he lead Yamaraj inside a room.

As Yama- Raj was busy taking delicious food taking advantage of the diverted attention he slammed the heavy wooden door shut, bolted it from outside, and return back to take puja and tika from his sister. He forgot to open the door. The people of Yamaloka were surprised at the prolonged absence of Yama-raj, nowhere was he to be found. They approached Lord of Yamaraj Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva visited there to request the man and his sister to release Yamaraj from his room. Lord Shiva pleased with the brave dealing of the man and blessed him to live a long life.

Bhai Tika Festival

Since that time Yamaraj gets to experience that his physical appearance is precisely at the root of his trouble during Bhai Tika. If his visitations to these earthly creatures continue to be visible to their naked eyes, they will keep on devising ways and means to stay him off. Then Lord Shiva makes his form invisible to earthly eyes or else and the creature man also cannot say how long he would live in the world. From that time Yama- Raj has not been visible to mankind, though he sees all the creatures and the creature also cannot know the date of his death.

Since that day farewell puja changed into blessing Puja or Bhai Puja( Bhai Tika ) which is the last day of the Tihar festival. On a happy day every sister of Nepal who is married or unmarried worship and blesses their brothers by placing a red mark (Tiki) on their forehead and placed a garland of velvet (Makhamali) or betelnut flower (supari Phool) and of Dubo evergreen immortal grass attached with the thread of brass (Jari). Each one placed the garland on them the garlands covered their throat and chest completely, presenting various foods, fruits, Sagun and Masala (dry fruits).

The god of death Yamaraj is prayed by the sisters in the hope of their brother’s longevity. They please for the good health of their brothers saying As long as the color of the Makhamali Ful or Supari Ful (velvet or betelnut flower and Dubo grass does not fade away please let us our brothers remain alive.” The brothers then, in turn, give tika to their sisters with return gifts shawls, ornaments, and Dakshina (cash money) to the value of the sister’s presents.

Foods in Bhai Tika 

In Bhai Tika, sisters offer food items in four plates separately in one plate they put Sagun combined of egg and fish (single) not broken, meat (fried or curry, chicken or mutton ) bara fritter cake (bread of pulse) circular or like bangle and curd or wine. On another plate, they put sweetmeats like Sel, Puri, Peda, Khajuri, Barfi, Panjabi, Laddu, and Anusara (in a local name).

In another tray, they put fruits like Apple, Pineapple, Banana, Orange, Pomegranate, Papaya, Green Coconut, Plums, Custard apple, Maosmi, Shaddock (Bhogate), Citron (Bimara), Hog plums and Pears, etc. On another plate they put Masala and Pan, Masala is a combination packet of Chestnut, Cashew Nut, Currant, Pistache, Cloves, Groundnut, Betelnut, Cardamom, Chocolate, and Misri (circular of sugar). Pan is a combination packet of sweet preparation inside betel leaves, wrapped by betel leaves and lied by inserting cloves (Lwang).

If Durga Puja is a festival of sacrifice and meat. Bhai Tika festival is also called the festival of fruits and sweetmeats. Fruits are naturally endowed with varying medicinal properties adequately. It processes a large variety of vitamins such as A.B. C.D. etc and is gifted with vitamin A inadequate quantity Fruits give stability and vigor to the nerves, veinous and muscular systems. Those sensitive to blood pressure and hypertension may resort to an abundant intake of fruits as not contain such fat substances as in meat and milk which is responsible for the growth of cholesterol in the blood leading to a massive heart attack.

Those worrying unnecessarily about obesity must take fruits in large quantities to reduce overweight. Those who want to live a long life should avoid meat and fat substances and take more fruits in large quantities. So that’s the main reason to avoid meats during the time of Bhai Tika.

Tihar festival ends with a grand feast and gambling. After ended the Rana ruled in Nepal in 2007 B. S. Gambling was prohibited openly in the street of Kathmandu Valley during the Tihar festival, with the collapse of the Rana regime.

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