Baikuntha Taal Madi

Baikuntha Taal Madi

Baikuntha Taal Madi is one of the tourist attractions of Chitwan. Baikuntha Taal Madi is the place for the water lover. The natural water spring offers a great feeling for the visitors. Baikuntha Taal is approx 55 KM far from Bharatpur, Chitwan. It takes approx 2 and a half hours to reach this lake.

Baikuntha Taal Madi

You need to hike for 30 minutes to reach Baikuntha Taal from Madi road. Chepang village is also the attraction of this place. Along with Chepang, there is also a Gandharva community. You also can enjoy the local hospitality nearby the village by staying in the homestay. Typical local meals are the best to eat during your visit to Baikuntha Taal Madi.

You can beat the heat during the summer visiting this place. Often teen is the visitors of Baikuntha Taal Madi. A dry picnic on the lakeside is the best you can have with family and friends. Baikuntha Taal is far comparatively Lamo Jharna, Jalbire.

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