Chitlang is one of the Newari settlements which lies in Makawanpur District. Chitlang village is surrounded by green lush forest from all the side. Chitlang is a village of greenery and Newari heritage. You can find the Newari heritage sites, house, temples during your tour to Chitlang.

The center of attraction of Chitlang is also a Pear Garden where thousands of people visits. Chitlang settlement is from Lichchhavi era which is also the trade route between India and Tibet. Besides that, the first car which entered Kathmandu by carrying men is also via Chitlang. So, Chitlang village is also the part of the history of Nepal.

about chitlang

Chitlang offers the fantastic weather condition compared to Kathmandu, Hetauda or any other major city surroundings. Days are normally warm and nights are cold in Chitlang. You can enjoy the fresh air of Chitlang during your tour to Chitlang. Chitlang is also known as the organic village among people. Chitlang is one of the source of vegetable and fruits of Kathmandu.

Chitlang is renowned for the Goat Cheese, Kulekhani Hydropower Dam and hiking around besides only Newari Settlement.