Thailand Tour Package from Nepal

Thailand tour package from Nepal or Bangkok Tour or Pattaya is the most selling holiday packages in Nepal. Best Bangkok, Pattaya, Thailand holiday tour package is perfect for a couple and families. Thailand is popular for tropical glorious beaches, exotic foods, golden temples, nightlife, amazing resorts, and more.

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The Land of Smiles is another name of Thailand because of the friendly and cheerful Thai people. Travelers really enjoy traveling in Thailand because of the cheerful people and awesome hospitality. The wonderful scenery because of Thailand and the tropical weather year-round another reason to visit Thailand. You can enjoy different types of activities because of its highly developed tourist infrastructure which still makes Thailand one of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia. Thailand is situated in Southeast Asia; it shares borders with Myanmar to the west and Laos to the Northeast and Cambodia to the southeast and Malaysia to the south.

20th most populous country Thailand has a population of just about 67 million which makes it one of the populous countries in the world. Bangkok itself has a population of 8 million population which shows the high density of population-focused in the country capital. Bangkok is a Thai name that means green in English. However, the official name of the city is one of the longest names in the world.

Thailand Tour Package from Nepal

Thailand is best renowned for its peninsula with beaches and its islands. But the majority of Thailand rests far away from the beach. There’s a large central plain area where Bangkok is located. The northern part of Thailand is mountainous and the eastern portion of Thailand consists of a low hilly Plateau.

Thailand does have two major rivers: The Chao Phraya River and The Mekong River. Its tributaries and have a huge impact on life in Thailand.  These major rivers allow for wet rice cultivation and also served as major transportation routes throughout the centuries.

The geographical position of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand (the historical name of Siam) is a country in Southeast Asia, located in the southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula and in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula. It borders in the east with Cambodia and Laos, in the west with Myanmar (Burma), and in the south with Malaysia, washed by the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The territory of the country is 514 thousand square meters. km., slightly inferior to France.

Geographically, Thailand can be divided into six main regions:
1. The central part is the Chaopraya River Valley (Bangkok, Ayutthaya);
2. The north-eastern plateau is the poorest region due to frequent floods (Khao Yai);
3. Northern mountainous region (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mehongson);
4. The east coast of the Pacific Ocean (Pattaya, Rayong, Ko Samet, Ko Chang, Chanthaburi);
5. The western mountainous region with an abundance of rivers and tropical forests, located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand (Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin, Cha-am);
6. The southern region adjacent to Malaysia also called the rain forest region, is washed from the west by the Indian Ocean, and in the east by the Pacific (Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta).

Currency of Thailand

Currency is Thai Baht. 1 baht consists of 100 satangs. Coins of 25 satangs (small yellow coin), 50 satangs (large yellow coin), 1 baht (small nickel coin), and 5 baht (large nickel coin) are issued. Paper bills are issued in denominations of 500 baht (purple), 100 baht (red), 50 baht (blue), 20 baht (green), 10 baht (brown).

When exchanging currency in hotels, as a rule, they offer an unprofitable rate, so change the currency at banks or exchange points. Banks are open from 8-30 to 15-30, exchange offices, as a rule, until 21-00, 22-00.
The Thai baht rate is about 37 baht per US dollar (data for June 1999).
Most stores and restaurants accept the most well-known credit cards as a means of payment. “Visa”, “American Express”, “Diners Club”. Traveler’s checks in US dollars are also accepted.

Customs restrictions of Thailand

Prohibited items.
Any kind of drugs (opium, morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc.), obscene literature, and pornography are strictly prohibited from importing into Thailand.
Firearms and ammunition can only be imported with a permit issued by the Police Department and local registration authorities.
Personal things.
It is allowed to import a reasonable amount of wearable items and toiletries, as well as professional tools.
Photo and video equipment.
Duty-free import of one photo and video camera is allowed. It is allowed to import duty-free up to five films to the camera and up to three cassettes for a video camera.
Tobacco and alcohol.
Tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, smoking tobacco) with a total weight of up to 250 gr. It is not subject to customs duty, while the number of cigarettes imported must not exceed 200 pcs. It is allowed to import duty-free no more than 1 liter of alcoholic beverages.
A reasonable amount of household appliances is exempted from import duty, imported by the owner in connection with a change of residence.
Plants and animals.
It is forbidden to import certain types of fruits, vegetables, and plants. Authorization to import animals by air can be obtained at the airport. It is necessary to provide certificates of vaccination of animals.
Export of antiques and works of art from Thailand.
From Thailand, the export of images of the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas, or their fragments (with the exception of worshipers of the Buddha in connection with cultural events or for scientific purposes) is prohibited. An export license must be obtained from the Department of Fine Arts.
To export antiques or works of art, regardless of whether they are originals or reproductions, you must obtain a license to export from the Department of Fine Arts.

Things to do in Thailand

Thailand offers plenty of activities to do on your trip to Thailand tour package from Nepal. It depends on whom you are traveling with and what types of activities you are interested in. Here goes the list of activities you can enjoy in the Thailand Holiday Tour from Nepal.

  • Shopping in Thailand
  • Clothes
  • Thai Silk
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Spices
  • Thai Alcohol
  • Visit the Grand Palace
  • Thai Massage
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • Street Food
  • Night Food
  • Thai Coconut Drink
  • Full Moon Party
  • Nana Plaza
  • Sea Food Experience

Best time to visit Thailand from Nepal

Looking for the best time to visit Thailand from Nepal then there are few things to take into consideration before fixing your schedule. Choosing the wrong season can be a nightmare in your tropical dream vacation country. To avoid disappointing scenarios and make the best of your trip, here goes the idea about the high and low seasons in Thailand. And what to expect from each season so that you won’t be surprised once you arrive at the land of smiles.

June July & August are considered low season which is among the monsoon season in Thailand, where the weather would be humid & rainy. In these three months visiting Thailand is not a bad idea due to many facts. Although it’s monsoon season and can be rainy but not like September since you can have many sunny days or sunny breaks even if it rains. So you can stay on schedule visit the temples, do your street shopping, have your street food and enjoy the capital of Thailand without any bad weather obstacles.

In low season the prices of tours are much cheaper than in high season so you saving, but the waves in the Andaman sea are high so you can experience some rough speed boat rides till you arrive at your destined island. For backpacker’s low season is more preferable to the high season after all they like to save money and enjoy a lot and the hotels will give much more affordable rates. All in all, these three months are good to save money and enjoy Thailand every time or day the weather gives you a break.

November December and January are considered the high season in Thailand and December till mid-January are considered the peak season for tourists where many travels to Thailand for a new year and Christmas celebrations. The weather is dry and cool the atmosphere is great and the beaches are wonderful to swim in. The island tours are perfect every day and the waves are so smooth so that you can barely feel the speed boat ride. Your schedule can go very smoothly in these months and you can enjoy almost everything in Thailand in this season.

Everything will be at higher rates, the hotels you may pay double rates and most of them will be booked due to the high season. The shopping will be so crowded and bargaining will not give you too many results like the low season. The nightlife’s other story high prices crowded bars and walking streets, sometimes even you cannot find a sit to drink a beer. All in all, it is the perfect weather to be in Thailand, but beware you are paying much higher prices for everything and it’s the most crowded time of the year so if you like private bars or calm beaches then it’s not your season.

March, April, and May are the hottest seasons in Thailand where in April the temperature can reach 40 degrees. So all in all if you like hot humid weather, this is the time and if you wanna participate in Thai new year’s festival that held almost for 3 days which is called Songkran the water festival, where due to the hot weather people play with watering each other, it’s a fun time to be in Thailand.

September till Mid-October is the real heavy rainy season most of the day’s thunderstorms monsoon winds and crazy weather. That’s why I call this the bad season, where you will barely do a thing in Thailand it’s the lowest season where heavy rain can cause bad traffic that can kill your day and let you stay in your hotel. After all, it’s not recommended to experience Thailand in these months unless you like spending most of your time in your hotel room or closed malls.

In conclusion, you can visit Thailand in high or low season and it’s up to you which one you like but we assure you will enjoy both.

How to Reach Thailand from Nepal?

The best way to reach Thailand from Nepal is by flight. Flight from Kathmandu to Thailand is one and the only mode of transport to reach this tropical country. There is a daily direct flight from Kathmandu to Thailand. Thai Lion, Nepal Airlines, Thai Airways are some of the major airlines which operate a flight from Kathmandu to Thailand.

Kathmandu to Thailand ticket starts from Rs 20000 per person in the special fare on budget airlines. You can take 7 kg hand carry in the ticket price. And for extra luggage, you need to pay extra. And no meals will be offered on the flight in the mentioned budget airfare.

Thailand Honeymoon Tour Package from Nepal

Looking for a Thailand Honeymoon tour package then we offer to customize a Thailand tour as per your requirements. Thailand is one of the perfect countries where a couple can enjoy the beautiful beaches, nightlife, food, landscapes, weather, and more during their honeymoon trip to Thailand. It doesn’t matter, it’s your budget tour or a luxury tour, you can enjoy Thailand with your loved one.

We offer a special deal and discounts n the Thailand Honeymoon tour package. Get ready for Thailand’s honeymoon tour with your partner which can be included different touristic attractions with Vivaan Adventure Pvt Ltd.

Hotel in Thailand

Thailand is one of the cheapest countries where accommodation is cheaper compared to other countries. Not only the price, but the standard of the hotel is also good with modern amenities.

It depends upon your budget and the package option that you choose to stay in during your Thailand holiday. Normally we will quote our package from 3-star accommodation up to 5-star hotels and resorts.

The hotel in Thailand is booked with breakfast in the package so you will obtain a complimentary breakfast in your package. A wide range of selections is the best in this room reservation. Either Indian breakfast or continental breakfast, you can enjoy yourself in the hotel the next morning of your stay.

Thailand Visa Requirement of Nepalese

Nepalese citizens need to obtain a Thailand visa in advance to visit. Please note that you must be in possession of the following if you wish to visit Thailand:

  1. A valid passport.

You will need a passport valid for at least 6 months following your departure date. It is also recommended that your valid passport have at least 2 remaining unused pages for any necessary entry and exit stamps that may be issued.

  1. A confirmed travel itinerary
  2. Proof of funds and accommodation.

About Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand, which in Thai is more correctly called Krun Thep. And if we say quite right, then we get the longest city name in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records: “Krun Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahintarayutthaya Mahadilok Phop Nopparat Ratchathani Burir Udomratchanianvet Mahasatan Amon Piman Avatatatatukat. Impressive title, isn’t it?

And this name means in translation into Russian “the city of angels, the great city, the city of eternal treasure, the impregnable city of God Indra, the majestic capital of the world endowed with nine precious stones, a happy city full of abundance, the grandiose Royal Palace, reminiscent of a divine abode, where reincarnated reigns God, a city donated by Indra and built by Visvakarma.

The population of Bangkok 8.2 million people. Bangkok is located in close proximity to the sea, but not quite on its shore. From the east, the city goes around the Chauphray River.

Bangkok is a rapidly growing economic center of Southeast Asia, which will soon be able to compete with its noble economic neighbor – Singapore. Nevertheless, this does not prevent the capital of Thailand from being a major tourist center.

The city has something to show. For example, there are many monasteries in the historical part of the city, the most famous of which is Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), the palace of the King and Viceroy of Thailand on an island on the Chauphray River.

Another monastery – Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) is considered one of the holiest places in Thailand and a beautiful temple. Chinese ceramics, bronze-iron ornaments, magnificent multi-colored stained-glass windows, frescoes, statues – all this attracts many tourists. Bangkok can offer a wide range of entertainment and services – from wellness massage to transvestite shows. It should be remembered.

Phuket Island, Thailand

Phuket is an island in the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean, located off the southwestern coast of Thailand (the largest area in the country). Despite its small size (50 km from north to south, and about 20 km from west to east), the island is known to millions of tourists outside the country. Along with Indonesian Bali and Pattaya here in Thailand, Phuket is confidently included in the rating of the most popular beach resorts in Southeast Asia.

The island is connected to the mainland of Thailand by two bridges, and along Sarasin, they go to the mainland, and along Thao Thep Krasatri to the island, so there are no problems connecting the island with the mainland. In addition, for the convenience of arriving in Phuket, there is an international airport and port.

The capital of the island of the same name with its name is somewhat remote from the coast. Nevertheless, resort areas are located directly along the seashore, most in the west. You can relax in Phuket, like on the entire coast of Thailand, almost all year round, but it is especially actively filled with tourists, its population is growing by an order of magnitude. The largest resort coastal city of Phuket is Patong.

Phuket also has its own Victory Day. Here he is celebrated on March 13, on the day of the retreat in 1785 of the Burmese forces after almost an annual resistance of the island. On this day, magnificent and colorful demonstrations are held here with the offering of wreaths and flowers to the monument of local heroes – the sisters Ing and Muk. It is very interesting to visit a huge local aquarium. Food lovers will appreciate the many festivals and festivals, accompanied by the creation of amazing dishes.

Phuket Holidays

Phuket can be called a low-mountain or hilly island. The highest point above sea level is the Twelve Reed Peak (Mai Thao Sip Song), its height is 529 m. The highest-quality beaches of the island are located in its western part. Laem Promhtep (Cape Brahma) is a popular sunset destination for lovers of romantic views. Phuket Holidays in general, will be very interesting to nature lovers: here you can see rainforests, Nai Yang National Park, where sea turtles live, Yao Yai and Yao Noi islands, where sea gypsies who are engaged in fishing live. But first of all, Phuket is magnificent beaches with white sand, comfortable hotels, a variety of entertainment, diving, water skiing, and an unforgettable atmosphere of an exotic island. It is very difficult to enjoy the variety of days and nightlife in Phuket at a time, but you can try to do it with a tour of our company!

Tours to Phuket

Tours to Phuket are popular from late autumn to early spring. You can already get a last-minute tour to Phuket to catch the vegetarian festival, which is traditionally held on the island, for a long fall, or you can book a ticket to Phuket for the New Year holidays. At the same time, Phuket, like the whole of Thailand, compares favorably with a wide range of prices: tours to cheap hotels and apartments for a week and long tours to Phuket with exclusive service in the best hotels of the resort – you can always choose what is most suitable for you. You can get more detailed information about the cost of tours to Phuket, as well as prices for simple and last-minute trips to Thailand on our website in the “Tours” section or at our company offices.

FAQS – Thailand tour package from Nepal

What is the best time to travel to Thailand from Nepal?

November to April is the perfect time to travel to Thailand from Nepal. The weather of Thailand remains cool and dry in the mentioned months. You can enjoy the pleasant outdoor activities, water sports, sightseeing in the mentioned time frame.

Is visa on arrival for Nepalese nationals in Thailand?

No, Nepalese nationals need to take a visa in advance to visit Thailand. We can arrange the visa process for you to visit Thailand from Nepal.

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