Sex Tourism in Nepal: Real or Fake!

Sex Tourism in Nepal

Looking for the existence of Sex Tourism in Nepal or Red light area in Nepal then you don’t see any sign of it in Nepal. Buying sex in Nepal is punishable and can take you up to 10 years behind the bar. Nepal is a secular country with a majority of the Hindu population.

More than 80 % of people in Nepal are Hindu where women are compared with lord Laxmi. There is some debate going on in Nepali politics regarding the establishment of Sex Tourism in Nepal in some particular areas of the country.

It can thrive the quest tourist and local who are interest in such activities. Besides that, it also can help to boost the country’s economy like Thailand is doing on its own. The particular idea is largely criticized by the citizens.

A couple of months ago, the CM of Gandaki province proposed to open and organize the sex workers of the region by offering them identity cards. Which shows that there are some sexual trade activities going on behind the curtain.

During the 15 years of the Nepalese civil war, numbers of women are involved in the sex business to sustain their lives. Sex is always an easy business in terms of revenue over the globe. Once the people are in this industry, it’s tough for them to come out of it.

Sex Tourism in Nepal – Possible Areas 

Here below are some of the suspicious places inside Kathmandu Valley. These places are mentioned in my blog post because Nepal police have a track record of the sexual activities in these places.

Thamel: Being a tourist hub, Thamel comes in the top list of sex tourism in Nepal. There are few massage parlor in the town who are selling sex under the banner of massage. Besides this, there is some night bar who are somehow involved in such activities.

But the involvement of the Dance bar is low. There used to be police raid in such places but the arrangement is rare now compared to a few years ago. But if you are looking for nightlife in Thamel then there are plenty of Club, Dance Bar, Dohori and pubs in the town for entertainment.

Sundhara: Sundhara is popular for the cheap guest house which lies in the heart of Kathmandu. The popular landmark, Dharahara is being destroyed in the earthquake of 2015.

It is believed that there, some sex trade will happen in the hotel and around the nearby in Sundhara. This statement is also been justified by the arrest of the couple from the hotel by a police raid.

Gongabu Bus Park: Gongabu Bus Park is the largest bus park of Nepal which connects the other cities with the capital. Thousands of people use this bus station to reach their destination. Guesthouse, narrow road is used to bargain the sex for the sex workers.

Baglung Bus Park Pokhara: Besides Kathmandu, Pokhara bus park is one of the fertile areas for prostitution. There are also some records where police discovered an underage child who was forced to work as a prostitution while raiding.

Many girls from the ruler village are lured to the beautiful town and forced to work as a sex worker in Pokhara. Which is discovered by different reports and investigations.

Pokhara is one of the beautiful cities in Nepal. Which has plenty of things to attract visitors to towrds it. To name some, Lake, Paragliding, Trekking, Sightseeing, Bunjy Jump, Zipper Flyer are some.

Due to the police’s high movement in such location, the trade is highly decreased these days according to different reports.


Every nation has some sex trade between two partner’s mutual understanding but Sex Tourism is a different term. So Nepal does not welcome any tourist who is seeking for Sex Tourism in Nepal. The punishable act is strictly monitored by the Nepal Police and other stakeholders.


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