Best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal

October to December is the Best time to visit Nepal where you can enjoy the best view of the surroundings. The climate stays dry until about April. January and February can be exceptionally chilly, particularly around evening time, however, it will remunerate you with inconceivable scenes and calmer trekking trails as there are fewer guests. Pre-summer is a wonderful time to go as the rhododendrons burst into blossom. From May, warmth and mugginess levels work until the point when the rainstorm downpours land in June and the mists cloud the transcendent mountain sees. Nepal commends celebrations all year, so there is regularly a celebration or journey occurring – approach your authority for more subtle elements as the dates frequently change from year to year.

Visiting Nepal in December – February

From late December through to February, Nepal’s climate is wonderful amid the day yet temperatures drop altogether around evening time; particularly in the mountains. January is the coldest month, however, fewer guests result in calmer touring openings. Numerous inns and hotels offer chimneys, covers and high temp water jugs to keep you comfortable.

Visiting Nepal in March-May

Walk denotes the start of spring when temperatures increment and rhododendrons sprout. Days are longer amid March and April, making them ideal for trekking, despite the fact that temperatures are as yet cool during the evening. It’s a mainstream time to travel, so plan well ahead of time. May is one of the hottest months of the year, however, will bring cloud and showers before the rainstorm arrives.

Visiting Nepal in June – August

The storm season happens from June through to August. Days are warm (up to 30°C), wet and with high stickiness. Because of Nepal’s geography, rains frequently happen during the evening, bringing about a delightful morning view. In spite of the fact that we’d educate against trekking as of now concerning year, city touring is as yet conceivable and calmer than pinnacle periods.

Visiting Nepal in September – November

As the rainstorm scatters in September, Nepal invites delightful clear skies, natural air, and mind-boggling sees. October and November are two of the greatest months to visit as dry days make trekking less demanding and offer great permeability. The verdant scenes following the downpours are perfect for picture takers.

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