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Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar ( 3,440 meters) is a tourist center and the most popular transit point in the Khumbu region. This hilly settlement is shaped like a horse nose and is located in an unconventional location. In addition to a wealth of hotels and accommodations, Namche has three small museums, a stupa, a temple, several bakeries (cafes) and many stock-rich shops. Here, hikers can use modern communication facilities to stay in touch with the outside world.

The Namche Market is the gateway to the Everest Base Camp Trek. Namche Village is known for its view of the snowy peaks and is considered to be the richest area in Nepal. In fact, it is the intersection of hiking routes, where different Mount Everest hiking routes are separated.

10 Interesting facts about Namche Bazar

1. The administrative center

Namche is the historical capital and administrative center of the Khumbu region. In addition to the headquarters of the Sagarmatha National Park and the military camp, there are many Nepalese officials, a police checkpoint and a bank. In addition, Namche is the center of Sherpa culture and can be extended to have an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

Namche Bazar

2. The first adaptation point

Namche Bazar is a major transit station. For hikers and climbers, if you are going to Everest Base Camp Trek, they will spend a few days adapting to the environment. You can visit the nearby Kund ( Khunde ), there is Hillary Clinton Hospital ( Hillary Hospital ) and Kun Rong ( Khumjung ) location, where you can see the Hillary School ( Hillary School ). There is a scalp that is said to be a snowman in a monastery in Kunming. The village has modern communication equipment such as the Internet, mobile phones and landlines.

Namche Bazar

3. The transition from the trading station to the tourist center

Traditionally, the Nanchi Market is a trading post where locals exchange yak cheese and butter for low-altitude agricultural products. However, 1953 Nian Edmund  Sir Hillary ( Edmund Hillary ) and Danxin  Norgay ( Tenzing Norgay after) the successful ascent of Mount Everest. With climbers and hikers flock to the south pool, where the situation has Permanent change.

Namche Bazar

4. Weather and climate

Winter is cold and dry, and summer is warm in the Namche market. On average, July has the highest temperature of around 11.7 ° C, while the coldest month of the year is January with an average temperature of -0.8 ° C.

Namche Bazar

5. Information Center

The Sagarmatha National Park Visitor Centre is located at the top of the village of Tengboche, where there are some special photos of the wildlife in the area and important information about them.

Namche Bazar

6. Sherpa Museum

The Sherpa Museum in Nanchi is located above the village near Tengbosh Trail, which is rich in Sherpa adventures, Sherpa culture, and crafts development information. You can also see the Sherpa’s Hall of Fame, which is the summit of Mount Everest, including photos of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa.

Namche Bazar

7. Other major attractions of Namche Bazar

The treatment center, Nanchi Library, and Nanchi Temple are also attractive to the Nanchi Market. The main streets of the village are also lined with Tibetan-owned handicraft stalls and shops.

Namche Bazar

8. Saturday market in Namche Village

Namche Bazaar offers the cheapest option to buy any hiking or climbing equipment you might miss. As the name suggests, the Saturday market offers a variety of climbing equipment every morning. It also attracts a variety of merchants from all over Tibet and local to sell goods in the region, such as soap, butter, vegetables, and other products.

Namche Bazar

9. Syangboche Airport

On a hill overlooking Namche Bazar, it is Syangboche Airport, an unpaved airstrip with no commercial license and no facilities. There are no scheduled services, most of the planes landing and leaving at Syangboche are helicopters or charter flights from Lukla, Kathmandu.

Namche Bazar

10. Honorary visit

1985 Nian 10 months, former US President Jimmy Carter ( Jimmy Carter ) and his wife, Rosalyn ( Rosalynn ) king of Birendra Bikram Shah Dev (while riding Birendra Bikram Shah Dev ) Lieutenant private helicopter visit to South Che Bazaar ( Namche Bazaar ).

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