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Kanchenjunga Height

Kanchenjunga Height is 8,586 Meter (28,169 ft) from the sea level. Kanchenjunga is the third tallest mountain in terms of height in the world. Kanchenjunga Mountain lies in the border of Nepal and India. Where the expedition is mainly done from the Nepal side. Indian side expedition is banned in 2000 by the government of India. There are only 3 successful expeditions happened from the Indian side till this date.

Kanchenjunga Height

It was believed that Kanchenjunga Mountain is the tallest mountain the world till 1852. But the survey from the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India in 1849 came to the conclusion that Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world. In 1856, it was declared that Mount Kanchenjunga height is the third highest in the world.

The first summiteers of ascending the height of Mount Kanchenjunga was Joe Brown and Geroge Band from the British Expedition in 25th May 1955. The brothers Hermann, Adolf and Robert Schlagintweit explained the local name Kanchinj√≠nga. Meaning “the five treasures of the high snow” referring to its five peaks.

Kanchenjunga Height

Climbing Routes of Mount Kanchenjunga

Mainly there are four climbing routes to reach the summit of Kanchenjunga, three from the Nepal side and one from the northeastern side of India which lies in Sikkim. After the banned from the government of India, Nepal side is only used for an expedition.

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